Connery/Indar is broken

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  1. Puppy

    It's not broken. They focus on TR more then you attack us, making it so we can't defend with all our troops and then we also get pushed back. It's TR's fault we can't hold up as well when NC attack. :/
  2. Puppy

    hen TR attack us and that warpgates us and then we both have more trouble pushing out. It's how it's been going.
  3. BadLizzard

    I harbor no ill feelings towards 666, I think everyone's heart just sinks a little when we start seeing the tag at bases, because we know there is never just one of them, I actually really really enjoy some of the slug fests that I have had against them (I made a TR account on Connery to get in on some of those huge fights, and it's a blast!)
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  4. Hosp

    They're a large social club which can't do much in an even match, but boy do they ghost hexes like champs.
  5. Wren

    The jingoism in this thread is cute

    But pop imbalance is an actual problem that affects everyone.

    Cant 'join' them, because then you run out of people to shoot

    Cant fight them head on, because you're outnumbered and dieing over and over reduces not only certs and xp, but fun.

    Ghost cap on other continents, while isnt fun either if you dont have someone to shoot at, is at least a way to progress your character.

    Perhaps 666 should close recruitment, and suggest people roll VS, to even the factions out.

    Though 666 hasnt ever done anything as 'jerk'ish like FIST the other day camping the hill above the VS warpgate with 10 Annihilator heavies.
  6. Peebuddy

    Put Vs in the north, get the 4th empire. All is well in the Connery universe
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  7. BadLizzard

    I was there for that, I think they could have capped the continent if they had taken that platoon off the high rocks and actually capped the point, but they were content to camp the air and armor trying to leave the WG and we held the bases with infantry.
  8. Doktor Fink

    Hah, even though everyone is spouting how horrible the SE is, I find that its actually perfect for what my (and the other) outfits do. Sure, its kind of difficult fighting in the canyon, but when on defense you at least have the benefit of cover. Attackers from North and west do not have that advantage, and can easily be stopped before our gate. Tawrich is easily held, and I have never seen the TR put up a massive fight after being crushed between the WG and Tawrich.
    The NE is incredibly vulnerable to any push we do, and we can easily take Mao and hold it against NC. Kind of vital, Mao is. Most people don't realize it.

    I don't think the continent is broken because us VS have less numbers, though more is appreciated. What we need more of is less solo play, and more platoon play.

    *shameless advertising for my Connery outfit TPLR
  9. Ozrik

    Agreed server pop is the main problem. Although one mega server would be great, its unlikely to happen. Easier to drop 1/2 the servers they have now and merge.
  10. Kenok

    Oh man, lord forbid we have moments where we almost cap a continent. it should stay neutral forever. we get pushed back all the time.

    In all seriousness, devil dogs are the most organized and fun group ive had the pleasure of playing with. We resolve drama efficiently and work together. Dont diss without trying them first. They are the reason i log in every day. They arent elitist, they are proud. Everyone is welcome to join the ranks. I will fight alongside any of them anyday as well as our allied outfits that support our operations. Shoutout to CCG!
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  11. Tricky

    NC have pop during off hours on Connery? Are you new here? Even before the warpgates swapped the NC generally had pop advantage during off hours. You can't blame the 666 or the CCG or anyone specific, thats just silly. Pop is pop, props to anyone who takes advantage of it and it doesn't mean it's the games fault.
  12. Valaska

    Well just hold on here, I never really see the Vanu making small squad tactics... I actually see the TR doing that much more than the VS, and the TR's main strategy is to get every outfit together and Prowler/Lib roll them around the continent with a lot of weight behind them, and that is fine as you even see small teams of TR running around...

    But I don't see the VS win a single fight unless they have an army of Mag's and Scythe's behind them mate... Yeah I'm sorry about you guys being ridiculously low on numbers, but what numbers you do have don't fight on their own and only engage when you outnumber defending forces anyways, because the NC are always and I mean -ALWAYS- more worried about the TR.

    At any rate, TR guys most of you have kept classy in this thread, good on you and yeah we felt this pain for a bit there too, it is really crappy that a warp gate has this much power but that's the nature of Indar guys...The wheel keeps spinning, or in this case the warp-gate.

    Oh also, holla to CCG and the other NC units, you guys did great and I love seeing the CCG armored angels covering my hammer squads. All you other guys too, great job, except for those KODY guys, that is my name in real life and that creeps the ever living bajeezus out of me, seriously guys, seriously...
  13. Whalenator

    I don't understand how you could expect an outfit with more than two thousand active players to micromanage how Squad Leaders treat their squads. Most of them are pretty loose, I admit: "Go here, do this". But we still have plenty who incorporate small-squad tactics, mobile cover and other real-life tactics into the battlefield. So saying we're unorganized is rubbish; if you're looking for an unorganized Outfit turn your attention to DVS or any blue-lion-esque open-invitation-group.

    So I mean if you guys want to nerf cooperation...
  14. jshaw


    on another note i like how TR finally admits the northern warpgate is OP instead of the usual "lol l2p noob"
  15. Ryekir

    Anyone who has actually played with us knows that we never send our entire force to one location. The only exceptions to this would be the occasional kick-off to a Saturday operation where all drop on the crown to take it in five minutes, or when we nearly have the enemy warp-gated (and there is no where else to send our guys anyway). However, to an outside observer it may appear that we are "zerging" simply because there are a bunch of people with the [666] tag in the area.

    I played PS1 on NC/Markov and never joined the Devil Dogs because I also had the impression that it was just a giant disorganized zerg and it seemed to get a bad rep from people for some reason, but they also got **** done. So when I saw some of those names I recognized from ~10 years ago playing during beta I decided to hook up and play with them, and was completely surprised by how organized it was while still maintaining it's primary focus of just having fun!

    Appearances can be deceiving. I encourage anyone who is the least bit curious to roll with us for a little while and experience for yourself; if it turns out to not be a good fit for you, then go ahead and move on, there will be no hard feelings here.

    What you may see as us running away is actually us redeploying to help our brothers and sisters who are having trouble in another area, or a strategic retreat.

    What you may see as one of our pilots trying to rob you of XP is probably just one of our infantry guys deconstructing his aircraft after using it to catch up to his squad, because it served it's purpose.

    What you may see as a zerg is likely just one of our platoons all converging on one location to deal with the overwhelming threat that is there.

    What you may see as immature behavior by our members in the chat, well that's probably someone being immature on the chat, but that is not representative of our outfit. We get a lot of new people every day, and sometimes these things do happen, but this type of behavior is discouraged and dealt with swiftly (assuming we know about it).

    What you may see as us being rude to you and kicking you out of our vehicles is really just us making room for the rest of our full squad to get in.

    Whenever I team-kill someone, even if it wasn't my fault (perhaps the guy ran right into my line of fire while unloading on an enemy), as long as I am able to do so, I always send them a little message to apologize for it. We as players, and an outfit have nothing but respect for the other players, regardless of what outfit they are in, or what faction they are playing. Sure, there may be a few bad apples that make it in, but we weed those out.
  16. Ryekir

    Hacking and exploiting is most certainly against our Code of Conduct, and if you present proof of this happening by any of out members to myself or any of the other officers, it will be dealt with quickly and that member will be booted out the door.

    That crash exploit was very annoying and affected us as well; when you crashed, we crashed too. I am not aware of any Devil Dog ever using that exploit (and if they did, that would be an instant ban), and it's more likely that someone else used the exploit and since you saw some [666] tags in the area you assumed it was us (when in fact all of us were just as pissed off as you). Hell, it could have been someone on your own team that did it.