Connery/Indar is broken

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  1. Blindfoldedchaos

    Watched the video, saw not many 666 tags and the fact you saw the amerish "money train" basicly its people going from one hex to another gaining certs and resorces etc. and its more than one outfit that does it,
  2. Vortok

    I saw a 3/3 CCG Lib that was running a Shredder and the pilot was doing a reasonable job of not letting ESFs sit on top of them. Automatic respect points.
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  3. rumblepit

  4. MangoPunch

    My favorite part of that video was where you don't see a single 666th member in it.
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  5. Haveck

    Wait, you actually SAW 666 devil dogs in his video? I watched like 4 times and didn't see any. the Title of the Video is so misleading as well. It implied that the Mossy was 1. actually fighting the fleet ( as apposed to hiding in the Warp gate trying for risk free kills, or fighting ground targets) and 2. that the Devil Dogs were actually there. Honestly I think NyaR is just trying to get Views on his You tube channel. He is at least a good pilot when he is outside of his Warp Gate, gotta give him props on how he handles the mossy.

    I mean no disrespect with my above comments, I just call them like I see it, and if anyone actually sees devil dogs PLEASE point them out to me ...
  6. DuckSauce

    Just want to echo all the sentiments of my fellow Devil Dogs.

    666 is a fantastic outfit and we accept players of all skill and experience levels. Never have I met a group of gamers who are so respectful and welcoming. Who value the morale of their players so highly over the completion of in-game objectives. Who are so willing to put down their own thing and train up a new player.

    There will always be something for the trolls to criticize. I definitely started as a "666 noob;" I rolled the first three Liberators I pulled trying to land and repair them, and the first time I lead a Hammer squad it was all I could do to set a waypoint and say "go to X." But my comrades didn't berate me for it; they laughed it off and -- better -- they helped me improve. No outfit I know does more to take every player it gets and make them as good as it can at whatever they enjoy most; if I have to choose between being part of the most inclusive and most fun outfit in Planetside 2 and being a member of some other group that's 'elite' enough to impress the handful of haters that flock to every thread about Connery NC, well... that's not a very difficult choice, is it?
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  7. Borderline

    Maybe I missed something, but I didn't see a single 666 tag in that whole clip. Why name us in particular?
  8. Armored Gorilla

    Guys guys. I think you scared little NyaR off.
  9. Valdorick

    HA! I'd say Indar on Connery is broken! It hasn't been red for the last week!

    All joking aside though, we have had a contested Indar for quite some time (at least any time I've been on, it's been contested), and that's not due to any single outfit, it's because we just have good fights and good players! And to anyone saying 666 is a Zergfit, I'm a Lone Wolf, I jump around the battlefield and fight where a push needs a medic, or troops need ammo, defense needs rockets, or tanks and sundies need repairs, and on every single front near the NC, I see the [666] tag. Let me repeat that.


    That's not zerging, that's strategy, that's fighting to take as much land as possible, as fast as possible. That's very opposite of the zerg, which attacks as one blob, for the exp of the base (which itself is a problem, but that's for another thread, not this one). To be sure, they might have some fringe elements that tar their name, but what large outfit doesn't? Their core group is full of good and tough opponents, and always make things interesting. Keep fighting [666], keep fighting NC and VS, the Red and Black will always be there to put up a hell of a fight!
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  10. Richy33

    Gorilla, what can we say? We are just that awesome. :D

    Edit: Thanks for the complement Valdorick! Whenever I have been on, I rarely see us all together. We normally are spread out across a continent.We just support each other when we can.
  11. DuckSauce

    Thanks for the support, Valdorick!

    Most of the TR I talk to in-game have been loving the intense fights near the TR warpgate, and so have I. When dozens of Prowlers and Vanguards face off with infantry swarming across the front lines and planes buzzing overhead, I finally get a sense that I'm getting what SOE has been selling us all along.
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  12. Shubniggurath

    Best fights since launch week!
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  13. SE7ENofN9NE

    it's almost like we are so big, every time NC does anything 'not nice', SOME PEOPLE just somehow imagine a [666] tag in front of their name lol.
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  14. Josobu

    I only really squad play with the 666th during Saturday ops. The rest of the time is all lone wolf.

    That said, the time I have spent with the 666th I have very rarely seen anybody act immature/overly trollish/rude. In which case, it immediately gets shut down with a quick word on TS.

    There will always be bad apples, especially in an outfit so large.
  15. DerpyHooves

    Look its not really any use stirring up hate threads against an outfit as a goodly number of that outfits number will show up on the forums to put their 2 cents in. The reason faction imbalance is so prevalent is because SOE did not design a metagame for planetside 2. Right now it pays to zerg and roll with the empire that has the most numbers. Now i am waiting for the eventual mod that will lock this thread :/.
  16. Lausk

    As a member of the 666th I respect the opinions and viewpoints of other players. I also appreciate the sportsmanlike conduct that we see from enemy players and competitors on a day to day basis. We have nothing but respect for the TR and VS that we go up against and enjoy the challenge that they bring to the battlefield every day.

    We run our main operation on saturday every week were we have station-cash giveaways, and run multiple streams so that we can help create a positive gameplay experience for all our members, and we appreciate the time they take to partcipate in the game and the community.

    We hope to see you all on Connery.

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  17. RobotNinja

    That's actually a pretty accurate summation.

    At least when you're fighting the 666 they don't run around yelling hateful things at everyone in chat like some outfits do. I'd name some names but they're such delicate flowers if anyone dares post anything not 100% complimentary about them they all report-bomb your posts and cry to the forum mods.
  18. LameFox

    Why the **** are people caring about this outfit? The game design basically says 'if losing, go elsewhere'. It's lousy planning, not some magical ability your enemies get by having three sixes. Turns out, apparently to the surprise of some people, that if you have an indefinite conflict you should probably find a way to prevent it from becoming indefinite misery, or it solves itself by people going away and leaving nothing for the winning side to have conflict with.
  19. Carino

    That's basically the right of it. If you're at a point where you just can't win against the enemy, then it's time to redirect your focus elsewhere. It happens all the time and since joining the 666th I see a ton of it happening. We push the TR back to their gate and pin them in the area and our focus shifts onto the TR completely. Then the VS being their push back into our territory and even to the point that they are engaging TR and NC and thus a three way fight begins. Point is that in a game like this, when you find yourself on a losing front, you need to roll out elsewhere. Win on other continents or the other areas of the continent your're currently on. But for the love of God, don't throw yourself at the enemy mindlessly. Especially an enemy that can keep you within the vicinity of your warp gate on a near daily basis, because all it gets you is dead, and me more certs.

    It's things like this that have players calling other players hackers when they are just simply better than you or the enemy is just more numerous than your allies are. So the next time you get killed, analyze how you died. What kind of gear are they rocking, what is their battle rank. What does their vehicle look like? What were you shot at with? All these things factor in on how you can get yourself better than the guy that put a round through your brain pan in game.
  20. Doom721

    Heres a nice fun fact for you, before the game came out many outfits were picking what server they were going to play on.

    A lot of the big West01 outfits went to Mattherson on TR/VS I'm talking like Azure Twilight, Black Widow Company, The Enclave etc etc.

    I saw someone from 666th post in response that they were going to Connery that "May the login que be with you" and its almost laughable because now there is a power vaccum on Mattherson because the balance we had there is minus the 666th - and on Connery where a lot of the noteable outfits from beta played, are all on Mattherson tearing up the NC while the 666th goes and just rolls over people on Connery.

    I'm bothered that they didn't come with us, I really am, DVS and 666th went to different places respectively and I'm just like WHY. WHY WHY WHY!