Connery/Indar is broken

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  1. Sexx

    The problem is only partially ginormous outfit sizes, its mostly that SOE refuses to implement something for continent population caps that actually works.

    I really don't think they give a crap about this issue at all and don't realize how frustrating it is to play against.
  2. Peebuddy

    It's quite comical, despite the lowsy WG the Tr are holding on average more continents then when we owned the north. The Nc can't even lock Indar for Christ sake with these numbers and they're willing to lose everything as they keep banging their heads against our WG.

    I think the WGs should be shifted on a per server basis to who ever consistently has the lowest pop. That faction should own the norther WG because of the natural pop boom that goes with it. It would probably been the greatest tool insuring even pops
  3. phungus420

    Note how even with double the population of the other two factions, NC still can't take Indar. TR was able to hold out for 40 days with Indar's conquest intact against that until the warp gate swap, and NC even with the numerical advantage just can't get it done.

    VS on Connery are pretty organized. I wol't be surprised if they manage to take Indar in their first week of owning the north gate after the next switch. Too bad for them with their population they will never be able to hold it for more then a day.

    I really hope they balance out the warpgate positions before another full rotation. While having the north gate, and thus unlimited resources is great, it sucks not being there and having to wait an hour for enough resources to spawn another mosquito.
  4. ToggleSwitch

    I'm kiddin and just messin with ya Dread. I would think that when any factions main force (zerg) is geared towards one direction - it inevitably leaves it's flank(s) and back-side weak... and since the VS population on Connery (at least when I log on) is low it would only seem logical for them to attack these weak unprotected areas.

    Nothing like cappin a main base with just a few peeps.
  5. LuNaTIcFrEAk


    You might consider what the RRT does as "ghost capping" and if you never respond to us, you might be right. But if you come to resecure, you will find a squad of capable warriors waiting to fight back. We will fight tooth and nail, often against overwhelming odds, until we are pushed out or the enemy gives up. Usually, we wind up drawing an enemy force twice our size with full complements of air and armor, and get rolled. This is our job, you see. But for some reason, WE are the ones called the zerg. I laugh at this hypocrisy. When our mission is accomplished, we redeploy and go on our next objective. We are a fast moving, hard hitting, small unit that's at the complete beck and call of command. When we receive an order, we follow it immediately, no matter the circumstances.


    Rovingdeth, thats great and all if you are fighting a comparable force. But when you doing this against the Connrey VS who have less than half your population is just being ***holes
  6. Soujyo

    Yet the NC have still not once since rotation cont locked indar from the TR due to the absolute poop design of the Arc Bioengineering hex that is neatly tucked right behind the TR warpgate. With a tower full of turrets of which you can't approach due to being out of bounds, and even with the insane number of resources NC dumped trying to push the "Herpa-Derp" deployfest TR had with prowlers tucked in the same boundary could not break it.

    Heck I took out a good 12+ tanks myself with my vanguard using the tiny bit of wiggle room we had in that bottle neck to repair still they kept flooding out. The volume of air that came raining down like a red waterfall spewing fire never once faltered even with an immense amount of AA in the area.

    Which of course might have had something to do with TR owning ~90% of the turf on the other 2 conts with which to go farm 190+ resources every 5 min from to feed their ridiculous blitz they were sending out of the warp gate.

    No one could loop around to sneak in or get troops in from any direction aside from the bottleneck and the raw forces needed to do that versus the rather large TR pop even when NC had a good advantage could not hold that assault up and keep VS in check as well.

    The fact that you're on the forums trying to drum up support is hilarious when TR had Indar on connery for over 2 months, I think NC took it a total of one maybe two times in that period for less than a day. I recall plenty of nights seeing the map locked in 3 red continents, actually a typical weekend scenario for TR since they zerg out from friday - sunday.

    Last weekend for example TR had ~60% of the pop for indar, ~75% for Esa, and like ~55% on Amerish and owned all 3 for several hours of Friday and Saturday.
  7. Daimond

    Well they are not kids and such as they accept no one under age of 19, only reason I joined back up with them is a few friends that use to know from PS1 got back to gether with them, so a few of us rejoined.
    I think most the bad rep, stems from the late days of PS1, where all the good players left, and were left with people that could not realy command anything.
    Even I and many others left a few years into PS1 and created our own Outfit, we made jokes of them at times. It is hard to control and command on that scale, when thoughs people that can leave or not on, things just goto do what you want, like in off hours :)
    Currently not as bad in PS2 right now, but over time that could change again, or like others when they get board of this game for lack of deapth right now.
  8. Peebuddy

    It is, I'll admit, a ***** of a place to try and take when defended. There isn't even a road, just open bumpy hillside sandwiched inbetween two out-of-bounds overlooked by a hilltop. I remember the day the patch came and the Nc were trying so hard to get through that pass, I almost wanted to hand them blindfolds and cigaretts first. Didn't see one galaxy though, not saying it would have won the day but it would have been better than trying to run through that valley of death.
  9. Antivide

    Zerging, huh? Bring your outfit around. We don't roll with the Zerg nor do we herd them around like TR. 666 looks for fights, we don't look for easy captures. If your faction decides to give up when we do ops it's your own damn fault.
  10. Sebastien

    That WG isn't lousy. Wait till you're in the canyons.
  11. Dreadnaught Wrex

    Well I have seen us stop half way into the map between VS and TR then move north and attack the NC. And the VS instead of attacking north too, push into us. Most of the time the NC out number us too. only at like 4 in the morning (I live on the east coast.) do vanu out number the other two factions.
  12. Onchas

    I regularly find myself in a leadership role in 666 and we often go out of our way to find fights where we are outnumbered. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. What sets us apart from some of the other notable Outfits in the game is that we measure our success by whether or not we had fun doing it, not by the K/D ratio or the amount of the map taken. We encourage guys to try crazy, out-of-the box silliness. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Much of the time it ends in a hilariously terrible way with many people getting blown up at once.

    At the leadership level, we're constantly concerned with the morale of the players in our outfit. What makes the Devil Dogs so much fun to be part of is that even when we're getting pushed back hard, we're still willing to fight on. As a group, we find it as much fun to be on the losing end of a desperate defence as being the tip of the spear that lances into an opponent.

    666 is one of the few online organizations I've been a part of where the primary driving factor is the question: "are you guys having fun, or do you want to do something else?" We're big enough that we can have a plurality of approaches to playing the game.
    If you're interested in having an awesome K/D ratio, 666 is not the place for you. If you're interested in organization, coordination, and trying to think your way around a battlefield, 666 is a great place for you.

    The operations that have pushed Indar lately have not been the results of any one outfit. We actively try to work with and coordinate with other Outfits -- some days this works better than others. There's a lot of effort made to coordinate with CCG, for example, at least on the leadership level. Both outfits have at times dropped what we were doing and redeployed en masse to assist the other.

    Having that many opponents suddenly drop on your heads is not an easy thing to deal with, and I have no doubt it has left many of our TR and VS brothers so frustrated and demoralized that they've simply logged off. But I'm left wondering if someone else's morale (and maybe moral) failings is actually the fault of any particular outfit. I can certainly see why it's easier to blame someone else rather than put the time and effort into building something of your own.

    I haven't encountered very many large VS outfits (but I'm seeing more organization on their side now), but there are a number of very good units on the TR side. I have a great deal of respect for TRG and TxR. They are worthy opponents and fights with them is a desperate slugfest. If I ever go to an SOE event I look forward to sitting down with guys from those Outfits and having a beer.

    Yes, the Devil Dogs (tag 666), is one of the largest outfits in the game, but it's for a reason. This is not an overnight success. Our leadership has been at this for a long time. The results is one of the largest, best organized Outfits Planetside 1 or 2 has seen. Despite the longevity as an outfit, we're a constantly evolving entity. The skill level and experience of leaders and players who are online at any one time ebbs and flows just like any other gaming guild/squad/outfit. What we have that few others have is a culture, a community, and a resilience in our structure that's hard to match. We keep it that way by never taking it for granted and always working to maintain and build on it; by always focusing on having fun.
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  13. RovingDeath

    I feel for you on the population man, I really do. If you look at my stats you will see that the majority of my kills are against TR. I would love to see more VS on this server for a more even fight. I've been on Connery since release, like many other Devil Dogs. I don't think it's fair to blame us for population imbalance. It sucks, I know, but so many people here resort to petty namecalling when they could devote their time to working a solution. Fair fights are what most people look for, but with massive population imbalance, that often is not possible.

    Rose tinted glasses? Maybe. But I try to see the best in humanity.
  14. Armored Gorilla

    Lol don't tell him to Bring his outfit lol They can only field like a MAX of maybe 2 squads. He loved bumping our recruiting forum and not his own until recently where they all got deleted lol
  15. Borderline

    One of these threads starts up every few weeks. I'll leave the same comment I always do.

    Being a large outfit, the 666 will always be accused of "zerging" during OPs. Enemy players don't see that the entire NC front line has 666 in support. They don't see our teamspeak server, our chain of command, or that our ops leaders spend more time directing platoons on the map screen then playing for themselves. All enemy players see is that when they loose territory, the 666 are around and when they gain territory, its the 666 defending.

    So open invite to all of you. If you want to see why we don't consider ourselves a zerg, stop by our forums and fill out an application. Don't be too surprised if you end up sticking around.

    This is against our code of conduct. We will remove players that can't respect their opponents. Please visit our forums with proof of this type of behavior so we can deal with it.

    Taking advantage of your population weakness is hardly being ***holes. This is war after all, and we are out to win. Still, while you may see a lot of 666 tags where you are fighting, we deploy the bulk of our forces against the biggest threat.

    I rarely find myself fighting VS during ops though. You can check my kill charts through my signature. 69% of my kills are TR.

    Edit: In fact, it seems a lot of us are like that. I just checked the top 20 names on this list: Devil Dogs

    and only 1 had an even split between TR/VS. Most were over 60% TR, with one or two over 70%.
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  16. rumblepit

    lol this only happens on connery when they have pop on us, or when they beg the vs to help them.other than that 666 is a great cert farm.
  17. rumblepit

    im sure having outfit members use the crash exploit is against the code of conduct, aswell as hackers but it happens right? lol you recruit 50% of the server your gonna have hackers, exploiters,and teabagers making your outfit look bad 24 7.
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  18. Borderline

    Any form of exploiting is against the code, and yes bad apples will make it into the outfit. Please help us remove them. We don't want them any more then you do.
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  19. BigMacDeez

  20. rumblepit

    im sure you dont. lol but you have had quite a few have you not? there was a time when ever anyone confronted 666 on connery they would crash and come back to find the base they were defending captured. i heard all about the problems this caused the 666, and im sure it was handled. but now you have lost all respect on connery do to your recruiting. bad apples can destroy a outfit. ccg another zerg up and coming ,works with you guys right? well they are full of bad apples so to speak, open recruiting has filled their ranks full of hackers. just another zerg outfit with 0 respect on connery.
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