As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

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  1. Darthbob509

    I no longer have desync issues. I have fixed it by removing easy tune 6. Theres a bunch of other programs that cause conflicts within the game. Try disabling stuff you dont need through MSCOFIG.

    Hope it helps
  2. BrokenTed

    Update: Tried my NC alt on Conner, game works fine, switch back to Miller = lag hell. Think that p much rules out any local issues...
  3. willowstyle

    got the pb 1 day, but no pb for 3 days.
  4. Xiaobaozha

    Update from tonight....utterly unplayable :-( !!!

    Tried reverting to earlier nvidia drivers, yet another validation of files, both from steam side and PS2.

    Nothing I have tried has made any difference...

    I have now uninstalled from Steam and will re-install outside of Steam.
  5. OmegaPREDATOR

    My experience of desync seems to come from a limited internet connection (now it's better), so when my connexion was under a threshold (don't ask how many), or stop for few secondes, trouble start and it's seems the movement interpollation work but no update of real position is made.

    For me it's only connexion trouble. Try take a look of your connexion bandwidth when desync appen, it may be one of the main problem.
  6. Xiaobaozha

    Update from this morning....

    I re-installed 320.49 drivers

    I re-installed the game from PS2 installer, not through steam. I now only launch using PS2 launcher not through steam.

    So far today I run without desync and without ctd, lag etc.

    Framerates are consistent and fluid.

    I have not tried running while Mumble is in use.

    I am much happier....fingers crossed...
  7. Xiaobaozha

    Joy this morning, sadness this evening. De-sync is back.

    Ticket submitted.
  8. Foxhunter10

    This is my Story:
    Im playing Planetside 2 from february, without any issue. My pc is strong, the game runs at 50 fps all the time (high settings), without major issues with Lag.
    The last week until the present day, i'm suffering a massive lag issue, where the icons of the map (vehicles, allies, enemies) moves eratically. The time to open a console to change the class, its like 5 to 8 seconds... also after selecting the new class, it takes the same time to change the character.
    The game is running with good fps, but its impossible to play... people teleporting, the map is unredeable and every action I made tooks like 5 to 8 seconds to perform it. (pressing "E" to open consoles, or entering in a vehicle or changeing map, etc)
    Other online games in my pc are running great, this problem is with Planetside 2 only.
    Also I test other servers, and this issue still occurs. Right now im playing in Mattherson

    Customer Service: TSR-Jesse S try to help me with this, he said:It's entirely possible you're experiencing the result of a corrupt game-file. Run your Planetside 2 Launchpad and log in, but do not press play. Click on the Advanced Tools icon (looks like a hexagon surrounding a wrench) in the lower left and then choose the option to open game directory. In the window/folder that comes up, locate, make backups of, and delete the following files


    Once these files are deleted, close the Planetside 2 window/folder and go back to the Launchpad > Advanced Tools/Settings menu. Click on the Validate Game Assets menu option and then press the green Validate button to have the Launchpad check your game files, and download any missing or corrupt files.

    After reading that this was my response:
    I delete those files and validate for the new ones as you tell me. After doing this, the "teleport" issue stops (not totally), the people moves around me normally, the map was readable again... but the LAG continues.
    The time to enter in a console and change class still like 5 to 8 seconds, same if I wanna enter/leave a vehicle.
    I explore a little in battle, and my shots takes time to hit the target. (using the sniper I shot 3 times to the head of an enemy and he does not realize he was taking damage, I was aiming perfectly in the head due to my target stand stills. After some seconds, he died magically like a heart attack), sometimes I see a little teleport issue but was almost unnoticeable, and does not occurs always.
    I think the problem is you say before "a corrupt game-file" so... Im going to unistall the game and install it again to see if this issue get fixed....
    After unistall and install the game again, in a diferent folder, the issue continues. =(

    If this extra information helps, cool:
    -Im playing from Argentina
    -This issue starts after a couple of days using "reduce Imput Lag" option

    Sorry for my english, if somebody needs a DxDiag, just send me a message.
  9. technopredator

    If PS2 were an airplane we should be calling: " Mayday Mayday! we're going down!, we're going down !!!"
  10. fractalmoe

    Earlier today no problem.
    Tonight, logged in, no warpgate loading issue, but about 3 minutes into playing, while flying around, stuff started desyncing -- big lag spikes on the server. I was watching my ping all the while so I know it's not my network connection (at least to the web in general). Logged out, exited, logged back in, and then it took the warpgate like a full 30-40 seconds to load. Logged out, logged back in, no warpgate loading issue.

    So it seems to me it's stuff happening server side. Hopefully they'll get it resolved soon. Who wants to bet it's just some failing disk(s) in their server array. Disk queues gone loco.
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  11. Xiaobaozha

    Exactly the same for me on Cobalt (EU) but also Mattherson (I started a new character just to make test comparisons between servers and location.
  12. Nepau

    Weirdest thing I had happen to me this weekend..

    I was driving my magrider when a Friendly harraser ended up running into me, causing us both toe imideadtly explode. At the time the Harrasser was Lagging quite a bit (He would move a little then suddenly jump ahead a meter or 2. I'm thinking that the physics engin was interpriting his lag in a way that caused it to think the collision had far more energy then it should have, allowing it to cause us both to die.
  13. Nepau

    As a quick question. Have you tried running an Alt on Miller as well? Doing that could also help elimiate it being a character specific issue.
  14. KaiserSouse

    I get this too when there is a lot of fighting going on. Not so much where there are a lot of PEOPLE...but as the action picks up I see more and more moonwalking players and flying/spinning/both tanks. The instant I leave the heavy fighting everything goes back to normal.

    Its acting like the server has a hard time updating so many clients at once. The rubber-banding and whatnot gives it away.

    EDIT: and no I dont have anything odd installed on my machine. Fresh install of Win7 and the only thing other than Steam on it is Symantec Endpoint Protection...which I always disable when gaming.
  15. sladuog

    This has happened to me quite a few times.

    I've been experiencing this "desync" issue since at least Saturday 06-07-13. In high population areas (more than a couple of squads total players) on both Ceres and Mattherson servers. The game is essentially unplayable. There has been no change to the bandwidth of my connection to these servers to my knowledge, but I have not investigated this thoroughly. The issue is as Xiaobaozha describes. Video of TR alt on Ceres. Ignore the silliness in comms and look at the minimap.

    Is there any way to investigate or improve connection quality to servers?

    I also noticed a rather large amount of lag (rubberbanding) on individual players ever since I started trying to kill people with the flaregun, which was the day it came out, so whenever that was. Individual players would continue to move in a direction for a short period of time, then move to an updated position. There was no collision during the lag spikes, because I saw people begin to fire at me, strafe towards, and indeed through a nearby wall, then warp back to an updated position outside of the wall. I received several /tells during this period accusing me of hacking, lagging, warping, etc. I decided to just stop playing for a while since the experience was not fun for any of us.
  16. Call-Me-Kenneth

    this is incredible... can we at least get a free transfer to the servers that DO work?

    i have hundreds of hours invested in Mattherson, and i cant play there. when i move to a west coast server is perfect! but i have nothing to play with...

    i mean, i do get all the stuff that i PAID for, that's fine, but they have no certs at all...
  17. Xiaobaozha

    The tech support guys have been helpful to date but nothing suggested made any difference over the weekend and on Monday....

    I then go away with work for a couple of day...

    Last night I log on...there is a patch...the game runs perfectly, no lag, no de-sync.

    Either this was entirely server side from the beginning, or relating to the O2/BE routing issue that they admitted to over the weekend (however this would only explain the issue on Cobalt not Mattherson.

    Custom PC recently published an article on MMO and asserted that de-sync issues are largely, if not solely server side.

    I would be interested if anyone else has seen this issue correct itself in the last 24 hours?
  18. Droopy The Dog

    Just an FYI, be* broadband routing to some of the EU servers got fubar'd a couple of weeks ago as part of changes after being bought by sky. It got fixed a couple of days ago and my game's been fine since. Don't know if everyone here's on be* or the same problem has affected other ISPs, but in this instance SOE may not be to blame.
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  19. Xiaobaozha

    I have to agree that this is definitely a prime candidate to explain my experience over the last week. I guess the size of the environment and number of players makes this a more likely scenario?

    That being said, if I am to believe the Custom PC article on MMO (and they talked about the PS2 de-sync specifically) then the ISP routing issue would explain the dramatic increase in lag but perhaps not the de-sync issue?
  20. Foxhunter10

    Issue fixed seconds ago, thx!!