As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

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  1. sladuog

    I'm with BE. Exact same situation. Desync was terrible, then just fixed itself, including Mattherson connection.

    If this is the shape of things to come from sky-owned BE, I'll be finding another ISP in the near future. Hopefully it's just a one-off.

    Thanks for the interest anyway, nice to see you're still checking this stuff out.
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  2. Xiaobaozha

    I think the follow-up is worthwhile as I wanted to make clear that SOE Tech support were helpful.

    This is my first foray into MMO and it now seems that while of course bugs et al need to be resolved asap, sometimes the ISP needs to be checked as well! Since my earlier post, I have experienced solid server performance, no noticeable lag and no de-sync.
  3. tutubaraum

    i got the same problem
    takes ages to deploy, people and vehicles flying everywhere.
    is there a fix for it yet ?
    because i just cany play... :(
  4. sladuog

    The issue has returned, consistently, when playing in high population (>platoon total) areas. As soon as I move to an area which contains fewer players, the problem stops happening.

    Are you with be* broadband? Have you recently encountered the problem?
  5. Finestyle

    O2 / BE internet users

    I am documenting my issues in the following thread:

    This issue started (the second time for me [same thing happened for 3 days back in April]) at the start of July, when something went wrong with the routing on some of domains, it was only really brought to light because it effected streaming sites like lovefilm.
    Since then the problems that it caused for EU PS2 servers has been solved but since my main character in on Mattherson (US East) whatever they fixed didn't apply to me.

    It could be a coincidence, idk, but If you test your connections in the evening to the various servers I'm confident, because of my own findings, that you will notice you have Packet Loss to any of the East Coast PS2 servers and as a result your ping will be much higher than usual. However the West and EU servers should be fine.
    If you take a look at my thread you will also see from my tests that earlier in the day the packet loss is gone and my ping returns to normal, but then in the evening it returns, with varying degrees of severity.

    If you can download ping plotter ( its a small file and easy to use) or run tracert from cmd prompt to the East coast servers in the evening and again through the day and post your results over in the thread I linked, maybe we can get to the bottom of this.

    There are also two threads on the official o2 forums directly related to this issue, one created by Jimmeh (who is no longer an o2 user, and one more recently by myself. Feel free to head over, log in and post about your issues... The more O2/BE users that speak up the more chance of something being done about it. If you intend to post please use the thread created by me as the other one contains references to the issue that has now been fixed.

    The threads are as follows:
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  6. Xiaobaozha

    At present I am having a good experience on my Cobalt main character but have not gone back and tested my Mattheson character (only set up to test this issue). I will report back later in the week.
  7. Aardon

    I'm having the exact same issue. I just came back to the game at the start of July and started experiencing this issue. It seemed to get better for a while the last few weeks but the last two nights have been unplayable. I play an engineer just so I can get some experience from ammo and repairs. Last night I was getting /tells from people that killed me accusing me of hacking.

    My experience is exactly like the video's posted in this thread. I'd be glad to collect any information that would be helpful.
  8. Shinniok

    Same here.-
  9. patricio_z

    Same here on Waterson ...SOE needs to look into this ASAP, I have spent close to $100 on this game, which is, at this moment, unplayable
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  10. Tatwi

    This is still happening. It should be the #1 priority for "optimization", because it doesn't matter how many FPS a person is getting when it's literally impossible to interact with the world, because everything is teleporting all over.

    I reinstalled the game 2 weeks ago and played perhaps 10 times. This happened all but twice.

    Ps. I determined that it was not my internet connection or deep packet inspection causing the problem, we have a different provider using a completely different technology now.
  11. PresidentFreeman

    Well I guess I've joined this (unfortunate) club, been playing the game since it came out and only started experiencing this today.

    It's weird because the last patch I had was yesterday and I didn't notice anything then, yet when I logged in today it started happening.

    Before I dive in to read 58 pages looking for a solution, is there one for this yet?
  12. stix6029

    Also happening to me since the last update,thanks SOE !
  13. DocVolcano

    Really? I can't delete my own post? Sorry, see below.
  14. DocVolcano

    NC Matherson
    Game ran great last night. Downloaded hotfix and this is what I have had all day.

    Along with turrets not healing.
    Guns not switching fire modes.
    Switching guns causing my character to get out the gun 2-3 times.
    Not getting hitmarkers.
    Grenades not exploding.
    Jetpack not turning off.
    You get the idea.
  15. Deschain

    You should know by now, Soe updates are like an episode of
  16. Yosarian

    Totally ready for competition *sigh* I'm not getting the warping but the not registering hits thing isn't just game breaking it's keyboard breaking, like when I smash it in frustration :p
  17. daniel696

    This is problem is caused by their servers.
  18. S7rudL

    There is a tool called , use it to ping the IP of the server you play on.

    Posting the results of it together with the hardware, windows os and screenshot of the game settings would be more helpful for others to look into it and try to help you.

    It looks like lag or some sort of spikes, the player position updating does not seem to appear very fluent and constant, instead it receives a bunch of update data on the player position and then a delay.
  19. SPQG_Juba

    For anybody who uses a ASUS MB go to the "AI Suite" Settings and turn off the two sensors called 'Sensor' and 'CPU Frequency'.
    In addition it might me necessary to turn of the 'turbo unlocker' and power saving settings in the BIOS.
  20. Hypersot

    Are you sure these options are on the AI Suite? 'cause it seems I can't find them anywhere


    what good do you think disabling those two will do?

    If you really want to stop your CPU from switching frequencies and if you're the owner of an amd GPU (don't know if this can be done with nvidia too), you can go to AMD's control panel and set both cpu's min/max frequency to the same number (in my case it's 3200mhz, so I set both min and max to 3200) ... no more hiccups caused by cpu ... that is, if I understood well what you were trying to achieve by disabling all those you mentioned