As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

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  1. Bennybones

    Haven't had any problems with this for a long time. Last few days it's back again. I can't play the game anymore. I simply cannot play it. Whenever there's a lot of people around the warping and latency/lag goes insane. I've checked the connection on my side, it's where it should be. And it's when it's a lot of people around.
  2. SammySide

    Has this seriously not been addressed yet? Just started getting this problem yesterday and after reading this thread I am starting to think all hope is lost and I should just quit after 8 months of playing and save myself some time trying to get it working again only to have the issue crop up every few weeks....
  3. SammySide

    After opening a support ticket and running some tests for the support staff, they respond with : "You need to contact your Internet provider and explain that you have a problem, particularly in online games, high ping, it lags and that you are also loosing packets. They are in a power to fix the issue."

    I know for a fact that my internet (ping, download speed or upload speed) has not changed one bit since I started playing this game around Xmas 2012. I run speed tests all the time and they are always the same results, never different. I am in utter disgust that the support team even tried to suggest that this was an error on my end and not theirs, clear ignorance and trying to shift the blame from themselves. This cannot be made more clear by the fact that they are refusing to see a 52 page, 1.1k thread on their general technical support forums. I have never been treated this way by a company before, through all the small bugs and imbalances in the game I still remained loyal but this.... completly insulted my intelligence. I have been gaming on this ISP with the same speed etc for at least 10 years across all platforms and all games and never have I had such bugs. This is clearly on their end with their bad programming.

    Safe to say that I will be quitting this game and cancelling my Aux 6 month membership. Still is bisbelief that a company could be this ignorant.

    Disgusting and vile. Boycotting any Sony product for the rest of my days after this.
  4. Harrik

    I've been playing this game on and off since release with no major issues, until Monday (1st Jul 13) night when all the symptoms (crazy "lag", stuff warping all over the place, the map going mental etc) kicked off.

    The game is unplayable like this.

    I've made no changes to my computer between Sunday (played 6+ hrs no issues) and Monday and there is no issue with my Internet connection.

    going to try some of the fixes listed in this thread ""
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  5. booponhead

    I'm experiencing the same issue as of the last few days, completely unplayable. My network and ISP have no problems.
  6. Ubad00d

    >came here a few months ago to express my desync issues
    >randomly fixed itself
    >back after last client fix
  7. Insane101

    Getting desync issues after latest update, although haven't been playing for a few days so may have been a previous patch.

    Will upload a video as soon as its available. None of my outfit seem to have this issue but me.
    Not running any overclocks, got:
    Core i5 3570K
    8GB RAM
    GeForce 660 Ti
  8. Raffallen

    I'm having the same exact problem, I've been with PS 2 since beta and I have never experienced this much warping and game lag before. I have a top notch gaming computer and fast internet, but that doesn't matter. Please fix this before I drop my membership and move on to less glitch filled pastures.
  9. Insane101

    Got a vid from yesterday, same is happening today!!

    I need to point out the slow load times at the beginning too, it is usually so much quicker. I am running an SSD!
  10. Foxhunter10

    Im the new one on this club, this is also happening to me!
  11. Torkaz2k14

    This needs to be addressed and worked on asap. This is happening to a lot of people and more by the day.(Try a slight overclock if you haven't already guys, worked for me)
  12. SammySide

    Bump. Still happening to me, completly unplayable. Debating setting aside a few hours on the weekend to setting up a petition to get SOE staff to get up off their *** and do something about this. Dont see why I have to spend my free time raising awareness of a problem that SOE know about and choose to ignore. Getting pissed off more and more with this, really how can a games company do this?!
  13. Luperza Community Manager

    We have some interpolation issues that we are working on as well as we did have some server crashes a few times.

    If any of you are still encountering this, please provide me with details on what happened before the issue and any details you think are relevant. Be specific. Every detail helps!

    Thanks <3 :D
  14. Xiaobaozha

    Sorry to say that you can now add me to the list. I started the week with random ctd (with and without 'planetside2.exe has stopped working' notifications). This has been ongoing for weeks now.

    The 'interpolation' desync issue started immediately following the 4th July update. I can move around at fluid framerates (circa 60) as per normal but the lag/delay on accessing terminals becomes anywhere between 5 and 20 seconds in the warpgate.

    If I try to join a battle, I see troops, vehicles and aircraft warping in and out of existence constantly. I eventually die to a seemingly random bullet or shell, even if I am inside a spawn room.

    From the beginning of the week to today, all that has changed is the 04.07 update.

    I also now get a G30 on exit.
  15. Call-Me-Kenneth

    i was doing fine till the last update, now im having this very same issue. the key to it seems to be that last 2% load that seems to take forever. if im loading the game and i see that long delay at the 98% mark, i know i cant play. stuff is completely out of sync, if i look at my map i can see airplanes and tanks warping around.

    i contacted my isp since Monday and they have ran out of things to try, so this seems to be a problem on your side. if i do a tracert to the server the hops go fine until i reach a bunch of "4.69..." addresses and the latency goes nuts.

    if i log in on mornings i can play fine, but once the server comes under heavy load my connection not only lags atrociously, but the warping starts.

    if i exit ps2 and launch any other game that's highly sensitive to latency fluctuations, it works fine... so the connection is not the problem.

    i should mention that i had this problem a month or so ago, lasted maybe 2 days and went away on its own.
  16. wwwyzzerrdd

    is this for real? this issue has been happening to people since February, exactly how much longer do you need to gather details?
  17. Jyk7

    1-2 hours of normal gameplay, any server, then I get no hitbox detection. The warping stopped for me since I reduced the max pagefile size, but my client and your server cannot agree on where the enemy's hitbox is. The only way I can land any shots is if both I and the target stand still for about three seconds.
  18. SammySide

    Exatly what has been happening to me. The game was fine untill the 2nd July (no new patch or anything I can think of, just suddenly started) and could play relativley normally during the mornings/early afternoons. As soon as it hits around 4pm GMT which is peak time for most of Europe I cannot play what-so-ever. I log into the game, warpgate stuff takes a while to load and terminals take a 5 second delay. Any jetpacks used in the WG are inconsistent and make my drop from heights even if lots of fuel left and spamming to ascend button.

    As soon as I instant action the pod seems to go through buildings and walls which leaves me inside of a building bugged (however it appears the server thinks im still where i landed as I seem to die pretty quick from anyone who saw me get out of the drop pod). Othertimes that pod will just lag and take a while to open. Once I am out, infantry tanks and air all fly around the minimap, glitch out over buildings and just generally spazzing out. I think most people are experiencing the issues that are shown within the youtube videos at the start of this thread.

    Can we please keep posts comming in about this issue as Luperza has said she will pass this thread onto other devs once more people reply. I know they havent fixed it yet and heck, they probably wont. But at least we can get some more awareness and try this last ditch effort...
  19. Keiichi25

    This happened over on Indar on Connery, near Allatum Biolab around 11:00 PM-1:00 AM on 7/5-7/6.

    Something going on around that time, made playing there literally, difficult to play. Once moving away from that area, being able to play was MUCH easier. Frame rates were literally a slide show in some parts where I couldn't do anything short of exiting the game. Nothing super graphical (IE: fireworks) was going on when I was in that area when it was bad. I logged out, came back on, went flying around, but when on the ground and after a bit of time, it made it difficult.
  20. BrokenTed

    Been having this the last couple of days, this morning was playing fine again then log back in this afternoon and stuffs flying everywhere. I have tried a full reinstall of the client but that didnt help either :(

    It feels like really heavy lag, takes 3-5 min for the platoon list to populate or to respawn etc... Other games, pingtest etc all fine, this is most frustrating >.<

    EU Miller, i7-3770, 16GB DDR3, HD7950, Win 8