As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

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  1. Biff!

    OK - maybe I need to eat a little crow here:

    Looks like things are working properly with my new system overall. I'm even running the CPU OC'd at 4.2 GHz.

    Despite checking the Wi-fi connection numerous times, it indeed looks like this is actually a wi-fi issue and that I'm getting big delays at certain times from the router. I'm not sure why this is, but it may have to do with periodic interference from either my cordless phone, another laptop in the house, or perhaps even a neighbor.

    Sooo.... for those of you with this problem, I would really stress that you investigate your internet connection, as this looks like it could be the root of my de-sync issues. I'll report back later if this is NOT the case, but right now it's looking like it is.
  2. wwwyzzerrdd

    i never play on wifi and the problem is still there, so i doubt thats the case.

    the only variables in the equation are SOE's constant patches. i was fine for months and one day this just started happening, never changed a thing on my end. whether or not it happens on any given day seems like a 50/50 chance.

    i log in for 5 minutes and see if its happening or not, and if it is, just give up and try the coin-flip tomorrow, good times.
  3. wwwyzzerrdd

    ok well after reading this whole thread about a week ago, i went into my BIOS and turned off "turbo boost," something 'on' by default, that gave my base clock an extra 1-2 hz.

    it didnt SOLVE the problem, but it mitigated it. it still popped up randomly, but a lot less often.

    NOW with GU07 its happening consistently after being logged in for no more than a few minutes. games totally unplayable again, yay.

    why isn't this an issue with every other online game i ever played on this machine?
  4. Vachek

    Yup, have been able to play since the last patch after 1-2 months of this bug, now its back with GU7 ...
  5. Kazzah

    Had a case of random damage with no hit noise and no visible cause today just after stepping out of a spawn room on Esamir. This was after today's patch. First time I can recall it ever happening to me.
  6. TFeldt

    I was hit by warping today for the first time ever. The game would run perfectly for a handful of minutes, then desync and I'd get flying sundies, teleporting flashes and moonwalking players. I felt a sudden urge to queue up Lucy in the sky with diamonds on spotify.

    Now I know this will be supremely unhelpful, I also understand that -all- of you have done this multiple times and it didn't help you. But I restarted the game 8 times, every single time I got desynced within 10 minutes. I rebooted my computer and boom, desync issues gone. They haven't returned since. I don't know what this means, I don't know what went wrong the first time I booted, I'm just putting it out there for whatever it's worth.
  7. BigBlackenstein

    Couldn't be any happier that I canceled my account and stopped playing this POS. I send my regards and condolences to those who WANT to play what is a pretty decent game but can't. You have my best of wishes, for you will need them. I am here to make sure that SOE's Planetside 2 branch can't overlook a 1,000+ Reply thread. A thread that has spawned numerous workarounds to things that weren't their responsibility to fix in the first place. Can you imagine some other big companies providing this level of support about their products?
    *Sarcasm Inbound - Loaded Hot*

    Remington Complaint: "Yes hi, it appears that every time I fire your rifle, the stock comes completely off."
    Remington Response: "Well, could you slap a little duct tape on, continue your faithful support by feeding us money, and wait for us to think about maybe fixing it?"

    Ford Complaint: "Hello, I just bought your new model of truck, and my door occasionally will fall off while driving."
    Ford Response: "Is there anyway you could fix it, were kind of busy adding new trim options to that very line of truck."

    These are just some examples, albeit very exaggerated, but I'm sure you get my point. Not a day has gone by since that fateful release of GU02 back in February that I've been able to play for more than ten minutes. To the point that I gave up. Here we are as I see, GU07, back again. Once again, best of luck to you all. I hope you find what you seek.
  8. BEcka

    I am here to second that :))
    Thanks SOE for 3 months (since the famous January "performance patch" launched in February) of this:

    Step 1. Join Game
    Step 2. You have received 12 cert points - Hell yeah Thanks for that
    Step 3. Step outside of WarpGate - WooHooo i'm playing Planetside2
    Step 4. Everything around you starts Warping - SOB
    Step 5. Quit Game

    Step 6. New patch - Get excited
    Step 7. Hope for a FIX to end the 3 month old warping bug

    Step 8. New patch is useless repeat from Step. 1
  9. Portal

    I have reliably solved this issue by returning my i5-750 to stock clock with disabled turbo and speedstep. Anything else is hit and miss at best but stock is solid for 2 weeks now. Sadly my fps has suffered but at least I can play.
  10. tigerchips

    I still have the problem of not being able to hit anyone after a certain amount of time. These past few days my accuracy has gone from 20% to 15-18%. I'm still using the same weapons. Now I have a framerate problem, drops every minute for a few seconds.

    This is the effect of overclocking while playing the game but I sometimes get this when not overclocking...

    I'm getting tanks lifting up in the air whether overclocked or not...

    I've been getting that lag that is mentioned in this thread but only occasionally (while not overclocked).

    This must be very embarrassing for the devs who can't seem to find the problem.
  11. Vachek

    I've been nice about this but this is down right asinine. This bug has been around for months, MONTHS!. Maybe a bank or utility company it is acceptable to have a crippling issue for months, give no information about it, and still expect your customers to pay. Keep going the route you are, I promise you, everyone has a limit, you will lose customers.
  12. SpaciousBox

    Hey guys,

    Exact same issue as those stated here. Started about 2-3 weeks ago, though I had been taking a break from Planetside for a few months before that. I get:

    Rubber-banding (everyone bouncing about including vehicles. Friends tell me I am the one rubber-banding on their screens, though of course everything else is fine for them)
    Huge drop in FPS usually after the Rubberbanding has begun, though sometimes on it's own. By "huge drop" I am talking about anything from a few frames a second, to a single frame every 2-3 seconds. This issue usually goes anyway after a minute.
    Graphical Glitches with buildings where all the buildings flick on and off as I walk about. Very strange to witness, often cured by leaving whatever building I am presently in, but it usually causes FPS issues too.

    I also occasionally shoot people who do not take damage, though I put that as a separate issue as it may just be me being rubbish, rather than associated to the overall troubles.

    I have updated graphics drivers, checked my hardware for faults, and done a whole bunch of other things that you are suggested to try. It was only today that I found this thread, though am pretty much getting to the point where I will not be playing Planetside for much longer. I can get anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours gameplay before issues begin. I have a reasonably strong PC running an i7, 6gb memory, and an Nvidia GTX250.

    With so many of you seeming to have similar issues (and having them much longer than mine) I worry for the likelihood of a fix.
  13. Vikingo

    I have been hit with this issue to now. GU8 was fine for a few days, I even experienced the game to be a bit smoother, then after one of the smaller patches things went weird, flickering, infantry, tanks etc all flying around like a cloud of insects then the game freezes.
    This seem to happen when I find some bigger fights.
    I even got some G30 error message......
    Also it varies, sometimes I can play for an hour and sometimes 15 min.
    This is really upsetting as I am a paying subscriber and right now I can not really play.

    Having skimmed through this whole thread it doesnt seem like a fix have been found.

    AMD Phenom II X6
    Geforce GTX 560 TI
    Windows 7 64
  14. wwwyzzerrdd

    this is bull i've tried everything in this thread and this one
    to solve this issue which has existed for me since february. i just finished a 20-reply conversation with support, the last reply:

    "The problem you're encountering is not a problem with your system per se, but some sort of compatibility issue that keeps cropping up with a few select players. While you may have seen a lot of people experiencing this, the number of people who encounter it compared to the number of people actually playing PlanetSide 2 is very small which is why you do not see it in the top known issues knowledgebase article."

    great, thanks support. "a few select players" ....they have no idea how to solve this, or when they're going to solve this. **** it, and **** them. I've never seen such a gamebreaking thing last so long from any other online gaming company. I've got better, stabler games to play.
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  15. BigBlackenstein

    Absolutely A-F***ing-Mazing SOE. All this time. All this time, you still leave it to the silence. I only came back here because I had a random twinge caused by the amount of money that was put into this game from my end. Not to mention your way of acknowledging my patience for your staff in not hastily requesting a refund, that when you failed to even come up with a decent answer, after three weeks, you said I waited too long to ask for one. Yes, I've better things to do in my day than stay here and harass SOE, lord knows they don't even check this thread. But it only takes a few minutes to ensure that all of us who can't play, or got jacked out of refunds aren't forgotten.
  16. tigerchips

    I was going to say this game is probably as bad as BF3, then I tried playing BF3 and couldn't get the game to start at all... this the future of online multiplayer, I hope not.
  17. BigBlackenstein

    Well, this is the future of big companies I guess. I mean, as long as the profit hamster keeps running, why upgrade his wheel right? I'm not so naive to ignorantly shout that the future is indie, but they're certainly a step in the right direction. I'd rather dump graphical glory any day for gameplay. Sadly, PS2 now fails to provide either for me, as it is my BF3. Sure, I could start the game and stare at the main menu, but that's more patronizing in my opinion than it not starting at all. Not to mention, you know, the staff I once praised and tried to give the benefit the doubt. But hey, back to the point, why should any company care. Every contract between consumer and business ensures that your money will always disappear into the black void of industry if you're not careful.

    Guess I should thank Planetside and SOE. They taught me a valuable lesson, or more, cemented one I was in the midst of learning. F*** Micro-transactions, subscriptions, and DLC. (Note, all of the above is my opinion, not fact.) More on topic besides ensuring that this issue stays known, for those new to the thread, you may want to check . I mean, as you can see a couple posts above, not a miracle cure, but hey, if you're lucky, Sony Gods will shine upon thee, and grant thee admittance into the realm of their profit margin.
  18. BigBlackenstein

    Oh man, Game of Thrones and the 4-Month anniversary of GU02 and it's great glory today? Gonna be a sweet Sunday. Sound off with your enlistment date if you still have this bug!
    Enlisted In The Warp Program: February 2nd, 2013.
    *Sorry for a double post, but this couldn't go un-celebrated I feel.* Sure this thread will get locked at some point, guess you can blame me if it does. Even though this problem is still very relevant, and has been taken down of their top known issues board.
  19. WheezyMatt

    Could be relevant, I'm getting buffer overflows from what looks like TCPIP packets
  20. Kapi

    The desync issues disappeared a few weeks ago for me, but they have now returned with the latest patch.