As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

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  1. wwwyzzerrdd

    posting because i've had this problem since the thread started. maybe a 50-page thread isnt enough for them. we need a 60-page thread.
  2. Rutwikgamer

    well i too have the same issues on miller server
  3. Phaze

    Unclear if warping issue still exists... because now the game crashes when I try to redeploy.

    Bumping this as well.
    I have done all the updates, work arounds and tweeks on this forum and are still having multiple issues.
    I know this game works as I ONCE had a 3 hour uninterupted session, but the constant crashing and reboots recently are very demoralizing.
    I got a 3 month sub. If I don't see any performance improvements before then I think that will be it for me.
    Kinda sucks cause it has so much potential and I really enjoyed the years of playing PS1.
  5. Biff!

    Any help here would be hugely appreciated!

    Loving this game - LOVING IT!

    For the past 3 months, I had been playing it on a purely min spec workstation laptop in low settings. Overall, was working well, though barely playable due to min spec and framerates. But, it worked - consistently.

    This past weekend - get my new system: M-itx performance package :) Super stoked on this and play PS2 fine (in ultra settings!) for the past few days.

    However, starting last night, I'm getting massive desync issues - right from the start. The game is completely unplayable. Here are my system specs:
    Bitfenix Prodigy case
    Gigabyte M-itx GA-Z77N-wifi board
    i5 3570K processor with hydro cooling
    16 gb ram
    MSI PE GTX670
    Samsung 128GB SSD (PS2 installed on this drive)
    2TB HDD

    Obviously, should be lots of power here to play this game and for the previous 3 days, no issues.

    So, starting last night, the game becomes completely unplayable as I'm hit with the desync issue - literally right from the start of loading up my character. (i.e. within 10-20 seconds of starting the game).

    I do all the tweaks in this thread, and this thread:
    WintimerTester runs a solid 1.0000 on idle: however, during PS2, it's jumping up and down a bit to above / below 1.0000 - is this the issue and if so, how do I fix it?

    Also, I don't have the Easytune software installed, and I have tweaked all the bios power and power management settings to no avail. OC'ing the processor or not OC'ing the processor makes no difference nor does tuning on / off turbo boost, etc...

    Anyone have any ideas? I have spent CASH on this game (too much!) and I really enjoy it. Super bummed that the new rig worked perfectly, then all of a sudden STOPPED working properly.

  6. CeeKay

    I am Playing on Miller and have the same problem except for the alert thing. It startet monday for no reason. Every time i get into a battle now the fps drops down to 15 fps what ends in big input lags for me.

    So the game is unplayable for me at the moment!
  7. Talon97

    I have many of the same issues.

    Screen jumps all over all whilst flickering. Input lag seems to be pretty crazy.
    It'll go from playing perfect (30-60fps+) to completely unplayable in seconds. Even without the in game situation changing (going into a big firefight etc). Sometimes It'll just happen during a convoy or when I'm not doing anything at all.

    Phenom II 940BE
    2xRadeon 6850HD

    90% of games play at 40-100+ fps on high/ultra settings... so it's a bit frustrating for me after spending real world coin to get myself started.
  8. Vorthian

    Adding my voice to those that are affected by this bug. Potential fixes within the thread do not solve the issue, and it is the first bug or balance issue which has me putting in fewer hours.
  9. Zabwe

    Also bumping this thread it has become worse since this patch, and it made the game unplayable.
    i7 2720qm
    hhd 7200 rpm
    network card: Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n COMBO PCI-E NIC
    8gb ram
  10. Brainwayne

    i dont bump cause i dont have this issue...the game just crashes every 30 minutes but there are no warping players or screen flickering
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  11. mudkipmaven

    Same issue here. I have a SUPER gaming computer, crazy fast internet with a fantastic router and modem. Tried everything listed here i.e. firewall, port configuration, restarts resets blablabla and still the same issues of porting, major lag, etc. OBVIOUSLY this is issue is on their end. The game is SO MUCH FUN but for some reason these guys can't seem to get their servers running properly. Going to lose alot of players if this keeps up.
  12. Kapi

    Biff, have you monitored other aspects of your system along with WinTimerTester to see if you can find any other variables that seem to correlate with the fluctuation of the QPC/GTC ratio? I'm mainly thinking of the clock frequency of your CPU. If you haven't done so already, then you could run CPU-Z at the same time to monitor your CPU.

    I noticed a correlation between the QPC/GTC ratio and desync issues on my computer. I haven't experienced any desync issues after I was able to stabilize the ratio, which I accomplished by removing the overclock on my CPU. I still haven't found out why the overclock is causing issues now when it hasn't caused any issues in the past. I don't have any data on what the QPC/GTC ratio was when running older versions of PS2 with my CPU overclocked, so I can't say with any certainty whether the recent patches made the ratio fluctuate or if the game just became more sensitive to fluctuations that have always been there.
  13. wwwyzzerrdd

    well it seemed to be fixed for a week or so for me, now its back. can't play for more than 5 minutes without EVERYTHING starting to warp. games broken again, wheeee. how does this **** keep popping up?
  14. vegitayo

    Well after 2 or more months the bug is still there :) and i start to think they won't fix it for a loooooooooong loooong time or never , they don't seem to care about people who can't play due de-sync issues. They will add new stuff without fixing existing bugs until the game won't be playable for anyone (there are already a lot of people who can't play due de-sync) welcome to Planetside 2.
  15. Zakuak

    Ew, this things still lurking around eh?

    I have not played much this week as I have had company over at my house( Moms on a visit 0_o). I did manage to get on long enough to patch the game and fly my Lib into a wall of death. I hope to hell the bug is not back in mass....I hoped to get a few hours in game this weekend, guess I'll see for myself here shortly.

    Seems like this game relies on something in hardware that most other game developers wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole, Could be part of SOE's "solution" to allow for so many simultaneous players in one spot at any given time. I dunno, this coming from me is pure ignorant theorizing LOL. I hope they get it handled.
  16. wwwyzzerrdd

    its really unbelievable they haven't addressed this specific issue directly, publicly.

    game was SO SMOOTH until server mergers and now this problem has been around for 2 1/2 months... they render the game completely unplayable every other patch.

    when i log in and see this **** happening after five minutes i always expect an announcement on the forums explaining why i could play the game for hours yesterday, but for less than five minutes today, and its never there.
  17. Graylin

    Ok I've been playing this game since beta and never had this problem and didn't even know it existed...until 3 days ago! I have a character on 3 servers (1 of each faction) and everyone is getting it. The fact that it's been around for months is depressing. I tried looking to see if anyone from SOE responded to this but there is just to much to go through. Has there been any feed back on this at all?
  18. Portal

    Got the everything warping/totally desynced problem 3 days ago on Miller after playing since late beta. Totally unplayable. My brothers PC runs fine so it is definitely related to my installation or account. I tried reinstalling but it didn't help. I could reinstall Windows I guess but this isn't something I am particularly fond of.
  19. vegitayo

    You cannot do anything about it :) at best you'll play about 1 hour before will start to desync again (at least in my case) so just wait for the fix... but keep in mind that people are waiting for 3+months for a fix so good luck with that.
  20. Biff!

    Interesting enough, I got to the point where I was desperate to get my PS2 fix and started freaking out! So, everything I tried - on TONS of threads - didn't work. Nothing worked.

    Yesterday, I started investigating my internet connection: checked the ISP to router speed (all good at 33Mb), checked the wireless speed (16Mb), then even brought my computer up to the router, disabled the wi-fi and plugged it straight into the router.

    I just logged on, played on Esamire (during a capture the continent event) and surprisingly everything was working pretty much normally. In fact, there was even a queue to get onto Esamire, so the continent was maxed out population wise. Everything just worked - like it had two days before. So, then I went into my BIOS and OC'd my machine from it's native 3.4GHz up to about 4.2GHz (the most that PS2 would run at stably) and had no issues.

    Then I disconnected the PC from the router, brought it back to its usual place, enabled wi-fi and again, it was working normally.


    Anyway, we'll see how tonight goes - I'll go on for (hopefully) an hour or two if everything is working OK.