Are the VS getting screwed with this Anniversary Pack?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Demigan

    Shouldn't it tip people off that a suppression weapon is thought off as less useful than other weapons in PS2? In general the Lasher hasn't been thought off as good by most players and people don't like it for that reason. Just imagine if we had an G2A system that worked like that! Oh wait...
  2. Plastikfrosch

    the only purpose of the lasher is to give you a weapon lock.
    the lasher is not a 1o1 weapon. i love to run into VS HAs with the lasher because it does not really matter which class you play or which weapon you are using, you will kill them. BUT its a good group weapon and if used in groups it is a fantastic weapon to suppress enemys. So, in case of the lasher a more coordinated gameplay is important while the jackhammer and the chaingun are made for lonewolf-rambo-cqc-gameplay.

    But to be honest: the only thing that really bothers me about the third AE-bundle is: its AGAIN a HA oriented bundle. 1. AE: launchers / 2. AE: NS15M / 3. AE: HA specific weapons
    Ok, Ok, they will give us funny med/engy-tools, but why not AE ARs or carbines?? why not special AE versions of the medic shield generator thing or Mana-Turrets??? A special jetpack that will let you cause a little rainbow behind you and play the nyan cat melody??? something not HA related!!!!!
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  3. Plastikfrosch

    I only say: EM6 with extended mag
    --> no other primary weapon in this game can cause as many damage without reloading as the em6 (its also easyer to controll than the gauss saw with comp and grip) and i would take a bet, that 3 EM6 users can kill any target faster that tries to enter a room than 3 Lasher users will ever be able to do.
  4. Foxirus

    I wonder why the VS have to go the longest with underpowered things before the developers fix it? Look at ZOE, Its been a peice of crap for the last 3 years. I think the last update the lasher got was back in 2013? What is this horrible trend of neglect the VS have been getting?
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  5. Foxirus

    There is a reason they are making it heavy assault dedicated. Currently, Heavy Assault is the most played class in planetside 2. It accounts for the majority of most players playtime. It is only natural the DBG wants to capitalize on this knowledge in the hopes that Heavy Mains will jump for something newer.
  6. Goretzu

    Like the Pounder which is basically the other good suppresive weapon, it has a small amout of splash and a good RoF.

    The splash helps you keep people from even moving into a firing position and allows better and safer advancement of friendlies.

    If you don't understand how good the Lasher is that can only mean you never play against VS, but you must play against Pounders occasionally........ do you think that is a rubbish suppresive weapon too? :confused:

    Again I don't believe that is true, the Lasher is a force multiplier when used in larger numbers, if anything it is probably the VS that would "gain" the most from this...... far from being "shafted".

    Where as the JH is just a flexible shotgun, deadly certainly, but no more so than other types, just a bit more flexible.

    I missed the patch notes where the Gatekeeper became an infantry weapon..... I suspect they may nerf it now! :eek: :p
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  7. FieldMarshall

    People are so caught up in 1v1 weapon statistics that they forget about the value of fun.
    The Lasher is (imo) the most fun and unique weapon in the game. VS doesent get screwed over at all.
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  8. SanPelicano

    Both of them have the same splashdmg stat. 75 and 25 at 3 m
  9. Gundem

    Yes snowflake, you know why?



    If you want cool mechanics, then you should have played VS.
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  10. Daigons

    Maybe if the room occupants are under 10% life and are stumbling around after a flash bang or EM pulse grenade. You'll probably get better and faster results with tossing a C4 brick into the room.
  11. Gundem

    Yes, we also think the Pounders are bad at suppressing.
  12. Nody

    You know what the difference is? The Pounder being locked down greatly boosting fire speed and reload rate because no one gives a damn about an unlocked Pounder.
  13. stalkish

    If it doesnt boost K/D it isnt fun.

    That sound about right?
  14. Zombo

    it's an awesome tool for using the marker implant and blindly firing at a capture point, or enemy spawn sunderer
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  15. stalkish

    This is why the devs dont EVER want to release ES weapons.

    You lot and your ******* ******** and whinning all the time, just shut the **** up already.
    We might get some nice stuff then.......:(
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  16. Goretzu

    Do you think anything IS good at suppressing? If so what? Please list NC, VS and TR options! :)

    There are better locked-down certainly, but they are still ok when not, but usually when you're talking about suppressing you can lock-down.
  17. Gundem

    No, not really, and that's the entire point of this thread I think. The Lasher is supposed to be a suppression weapon, but suppression isn't a valid tactic in PS2, so it invalidates the Lasher conceptually. Thus, the OP feels like the VS are loosing out, because the AE weapon they get is generally inferior to the ones the TR and NC get. Which consequently, makes the OP feel like he or she is wasting money if he/she mains VS.
  18. Goretzu

    Well if you really think there are NO suppression weapons in the game that is your opinion, I think you're wrong and we disagree, not much else to say really.

    Personally I see people using suppression all the time in PS2 and making use of Lashers and Pounders to their full extent in that context (the Fracture 1.0 was the best suppression weapon that has existed in PS2).
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  19. LodeTria

    I'm looking forward to auraxiuming a new lasher, I've already done the normal one and still use it sometimes when I have my Lancer Loadout.

    I'm also looking forward to using in Chaingun in live combat scenarios since VR is meh and I don't think you can equip the BRRT on trial.

    I don't really care about the Jackhammer, Although I'll look at it if I feel like it.
  20. Demigan

    To be fair, their weapons have also been in OP state for incredible lengths of time. ZOE was OP from the start, it was just one of those things that people only realised was OP when they started using it the right way.

    I think VS might have the most UP weapons atm that need fixing, but all factions have something to say in the regard of things that needed fixing.

    TR has had trouble at long-range AV for the longest time with only the Anchor Prowler having any real long-range capabilities (and the Striker when it was OP). It's only with the Gatekeeper that this has been rectified, they just went too far with it. TR also had things like the Banshee, which got nerfed too hard. It went from a weapon that could decimate 4 people to an entire squad with one magazine to the worst AI gun of them all. It was too good, but making it almost less useful than it's AA counterparts isn't the way to go.

    NC seems to be the underdog in many things. Now I've mained NC for the longest so I have to admit that there will be some bias there, but the Vanguard simply isn't the powerhouse people often think it is. The shield is good, definitely, but the Vanguard simply has the hardest time getting an advantage through tactics or moving across terrain. If the infantry weapons arsenal of NC wasn't as diverse I wouldn't have been surprised if NC would simply have stopped functioning as a faction altogether. There's only one thing that really seems OP on NC, and that's the Ravens that should have needed a nerf years ago. High accuracy through semi-guided missiles, incredible damage as well as great sustainability? Too good. It's the same problem with the Gatekeeper actually.

    VS has had tons of OP weapons, most were eventually nerfed too hard. PPA was simply too good at long range, and similar to the Gatekeeper and Ravens had too much accuracy, damage and sustainability all mixed in one weapon. Only difference is that it's an AI weapon rather than AV. Then it got nerfed to the ground and is now worse off at almost any range compared to both other equivalents.
    ZOE was OP as hell. It's speed and power increase were too high compared to it's drawbacks. Now it's more a "shoot me" neon light with more drawbacks than advantages.
    Lancer/Vortex is still OP in groups as it suffers a similar system to AA: not so good alone but too good the more people use it. And what are it's main properties? Just like 75% of the other OP things on the list: high accuracy coupled with good damage (for infantry that is).
    Betelguese? A weapon with great sustainability, accuracy, damage and speed mounted on the extra bulletspongy HA? Ofcourse that's not OP... And mind you the 0,75 ADS was far from the biggest attribute here.
    Anyone remember the old Saron? An AV sniper rifle with... Great accuracy, damage and sustainability. Seriously when will the dev's and players learn what makes a weapon OP? Dial it down already! All weapons that combine these traits are simply OP! Just about the only VS weapon that didn't stay OP for long.