Are the VS getting screwed with this Anniversary Pack?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Foxirus

    Obviously it would not be OP if it was performing the same as the other two empire weapons stat wise... What kind of logic are you even using?
  2. ColonelChingles

    I have no clue about where to find Auraxium medals, but wouldn't the same apply to the NC? I mean you would think that they would use the Jackhammer more to Aurax it...

    Well hey, it sounds like you're all having fun with it... so I fail to see the problem. :p
  3. TombsClawtooth

    How could it perform as well in 1v1 as the others while still having its current abilities to deal damage around corners, and not end up miles ahead of everything else statistically?

    Propose how you would buff it to make LMGs still preferable to the lasher for the majority of situations.
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  4. Foxirus

    So you are trying to tell me the NC has a shotgun that is better than the Jackhammer? Something that would be chosen over it in the shotgun field? Because thats basically what you are saying. How would I buff it? I would simply return its burn effect for targets that get hit by it within 3m while leaving everything else on it the same.

    The only reason it was probably OP back in planetside 1 was because not only did it have the burn effect, It also had a massive explosive radius. The current one does not have near what it used to have. It doesn't even have to do something like that, A simple buff in the velocity department would probably balance it perfectly with the other two.
  5. TombsClawtooth

    I'd have no problem with a velocity boost...

    As for picking something over the jackhammer.

    Lets look at the Baron:
    1.) More damage per shot
    2.) Equal cone of fire
    3.) More attachment options
    4.) Faster to reload if you just need to top off
    5.) Less obstruction to your field of view
    6.) Slugs
    7.) Every class, except for infiltrator, can use it

    Lets look at the AF-57 Piston:
    1.) Much more damage per shot
    2.) Much higher rate of fire
    3.) It's AUTOMATIC
    4.) It can equip slugs, and it's really nasty with slugs, even at fairly long ranges
    5.) Every class, except for infiltrator, can use it

    Between those 2 weapons, there's really no point where anyone would think "Gee I really wish I had a jackhammer instead."
    The 3 round burst is a joke. If they manage to dodge a round or an idiot friendly dives in front of you mid burst, the re-chamber time ensures you will die because you made the mistake of using that mode. You can't transition targets either, because by the time you re-chamber, you are dead. Only reason people get their panties in a bunch over the jackhammer is because they think the grass is greener on the other side, or they're remembering the absolute terror that it was in planetside 1.

    Just remember, the jackhammer is statistically inferior to every other shotgun, unless it's using 3 round burst... Which is useless the majority of the time.

    The lasher isn't an LMG, it's more like a special weapon. It has unique mechanics and fills a unique role that LMGs aren't as efficient at. I don't see people regularly spamming their LMG at random doorways hoping to get kills, meanwhile that's a valid and intended tactic for the lasher.

    Bring back the Thumper with plasma grenades as an NS weapon, and I'd say buff the splash and explosive damage of the lasher. Until then... I think it would be a very tricky weapon to keep balanced if you improved it much in killing efficiency.

    I don't want people to think I'm implying that the lasher doesn't have room for improvement. I just didn't find it lacking when I played VS for the few months when I joined planetside 2 again after a long leave from beta. I guess I could try my VS character again and see, but I think people are getting wrapped up with KPH and ignoring the abilities it provides for team play.
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  6. zaspacer

    I think most players get screwed over by Packs/Bundles. Because:
    1) if they own any item in them, they still have to pay the full amount
    2) most of them are full of inferior Weapons/Items that aren't worth owning
    3) they prey on people who are obsessed with collecting variations on things or people who need same-item-different-name items to access a Directive loophole and get a Directive done

    That is why I ignore and skip Packs/Bundles.
  7. TombsClawtooth

    The pack has no benefit for me besides the camo and the heroic boost, and I still think I'll end up buying it.
  8. Foxirus

    As long as it gets something to help improve it over what it is now, Thats all that matters. Its a joke right now compared to the other versions.
  9. orangejedi829

    I would trade you my Jackhammer for the Lasher any day - no buff needed. You seem to only want a weapon that performs well in the KPH and KPU stats anyway, so the JH is perfect for you. I'll take the Lasher, use it for its unique functions, and when I want more KPH, I'll simply use a normal gun, which the game has dozens of.
    The VS are just spoiled and don't appreciate the fact that they get guns with actual unique mechanics - something neither of the other factions get.
  10. TombsClawtooth

    Well their directive weapons get unique mechanics, and the lasher.

    Otherwise it's mostly copy-pasted TR equipment with pew pew lasers and different models, without bullet drop.

    I'm still surprised they don't have jumpjet maxes like in PS1, that should have replaced ZoE.
  11. Foxirus

    Thats right, Because having a camera rocket and a shotgun that can burst fire isn't unique or something only your faction has. Oh wait... I want the Lasher to perform evenly with the other faction weapons. Its amazing how hard you are trying to defend keeping it under powered for the simple fact it can deal a 3m explosive damage type. Wooo thats some terror right there, You might die if you stand still and let it happen... We better not buff that because that lasher could kill me if I was to stand in one place for 10 seconds while it shot at me.
  12. orangejedi829

    There are only three unique infantry weapon mechanics in the game that I know of:
    - Cooldown / infinite ammo
    - AOE damage
    - Charge-shot
    VS gets all three.
  13. orangejedi829

    You're right about the camera-guided rocket being unique. I forgot about that one because I've never once seen it actually being used in-game.
    I would not consider burst fire to be a unique feature, sorry.
    You seem to want to use the Lasher as if it were a normal gun, like the other ES heavy guns are (i.e. high KPH, KPU, etc).
    It's not, sorry. Use the Orion.
  14. Foxirus

    I see, So you think because the lasher isn't just a normal weapon, That justifies it being under powered versus the other versions? Which might I add can also be said are not "Normal" weapons?

    You say the lasher isn't a normal weapon, But whats this? It fires projectiles just like a.. Can it be? A NORMAL WEAPON?! Basically, Your entire argument on it getting raised to be the same KPU, KPH as the others is balancing on the single fact that it has a 3m blast radius.. I'm not buying that argument. Make it better.
  15. TombsClawtooth

    Why does the phoenix need do to so much less damage compared to lock on launchers when it requires skill to actually use it? As if skill is involved in using a lock on launcher when the projectile is guided for you. At least they got the swarm somewhat balanced, still think it's silly that it needs a lock to fire though.
  16. FateJH

    Are you certain you're talking about the PlanetSide Classic Lasher and not the Maelstrom? One Lasher aimed around the feet of an enemy really can't kill it with just the dispersing lash effect that well last I checked.
  17. TombsClawtooth

    I do believe you are correct, I had entirely forgotten about the cave weapons.
  18. Ximi

    Lasher is good and if u want to kill in direct combat just aim to the body as a normal LMG. Much people with Lasher aim at feet.
  19. orangejedi829

    Phoenix has far inferior KPH to the Decimator.
    Clearly it is in need of a massive buff.

    Your attempt at witty sarcasm is bad, and you should feel bad.

    Again, it sounds like the weapon you want to be using is the Orion (A 'normal' gun which cannot shoot around corners or damage 5 enemies at the same time).
  20. Nody

    Let me introduce you this weapon called a rocket launcher; it fires an explosive missile that does area damage and every heavy is going to carry it...