Are the VS getting screwed with this Anniversary Pack?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Foxirus

    Where can I find the enemies you fight? Mine aren't stupid and kill me the second I make the first jump..
  2. Foxirus

    People are probably using it to auraxium the thing and throwing it away when done. If you would mind, Can you post the stats of all three faction versions auraxium medal count? I don't know where I could find it.
  3. MikeyGeeMan

    I used the lasher and it's a nice weapon.

    But you really have to understand its unique role in the battlefield.

    It's the BEST suppressive weapon for infantry in the game.

    Let's look at the others first.

    Mcg. Up close dakka with mid to close range suppressive abilities. More a killing weapon than suppression weapon it has some versatility to play in both roles but not very strong in any.

    The nc shotty up close and personal. The nc are the only faction to not have a truly unique suppressive weapon in the game for infantry. A role the gauss saw has to play because of it. But the shotty is a killing machine and the lack of suppressive abilities are more than made up for the sheer close damage it can do.

    The lasher is a mid to long range suppressive weapon when used in groups creates areas of true denial. It can be used at longer ranges and when you get two to three on an area it really just shuts it all down. Plus it's slight arc allows you to fire from cover, big bonus being your a big Frekin target shooting disco balls of death down from above.

    as to anniversary bundle. I think all the factions got fleeced on this one.
  4. Taemien

    Problem with VS and the Lasher is that those playing HA are playing with an individual solo mindset. Which is why the Orion and BG are used so much. NC has the same issue.

    If 4-5 HAs in a squad used the Lasher (or Gauss SAW, 200 dmg x5 = TTK of instant), things would get gibbed. But that level of coordination isn't used outside organized play.
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  5. TombsClawtooth

    I'll gladly trade you my jackhammer for a lasher. You're apparently clueless on how to use it.

    Before I made the switch to NC, because PEW PEW guns weren't for me, the lasher was consistently the most usefulweapon of anything in the game IMO. Instead of being a pathetic K/D concerned COD kid, I was managing to hold back waves of enemies at choke points effectively, and scoring tons of kills in the process. I kind of regret going NC after giving TR a try recently, but OH WELL.

    The friggin Baron is a better shotgun than the jackhammer is. So what, the jackhammer gets a terrible 3 round burst mode that, more often than not, only results in killing a friendly uncontrollably. Unless you're using the burst mode, literally every other shotgun is better. And it can't even be equipped with slugs. It's a terrible weapon.

    "But it has a tight spread!" Yeah, and the baron has exactly the same spread, but more damage per shot.
  6. Gundem

    For what you normally post, I'm surprised you'd post something so illogical.

    The Lasher is pretty awful, but most VS have it because muh Lasher. It's like the mark of honor for the VS, if you don't have one you're not really a VS yet. And when we do use it, it's to unleash disco fureh upon those who would fight against the glorious Vanu, not because we actually expect to do well with it.
  7. Gundem

    Except your post itself actually answers why the Lasher is inferior. Five SAW's would insta-gib anyone who walked in the doorway, with near instant travel time you couldn't dodge it. The Area Denial aspect can easily be replicated with superior weapons by firing down a hallway.
  8. Moridin6

    im going to go ahead and say its the coolest ES weapon not strapped to a vehicle, and maybe even counting those as well.. lighting up the night with effects rarely demonstrated since the removal of physx.
    but yeah its not great for killing
  9. Imp C Bravo

    Lasher is trash. Jackhammer is amazing when played right. MCG is good pretty much always but never great. Anniversary pack doesnt make me want to buy it.
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  10. Gundem

    28 less damage per shot for a vastly slower reload(4 seconds full reload with extended magazines, Vs. 2.7 seconds with extended magazines), smaller magazine, less versatility as it completely lacks the burst function, slower RoF, and less ADS accuracy, makes the Baron somehow a totally superior shotgun? Not the mention the Jackhammer is a sexy beast, just icing on the cake.

    Totally worse then the Baron.

  11. Foxirus

    The fact you think the baron is superior to the Jackhammer makes your post irrelevant. Regardless, I would gladly take your jackhammer over the current lasher. Any weapon that can shoot can do a suppressing role and still get kills. Not the lasher though.
  12. Imp C Bravo


    plus this.
  13. Taemien

    Jackhammer or Mini Chaingun can't do this:

  14. Foxirus

    What? You mean a squad of people shooting them randomly? Yeah, They can do it better because the velocities on the other two variants have nearly double the velocity. Thats simply an outfit trolling with it, No one would use the lasher at those ranges or in that manner if they were actually trying to get kills or help their faction. Thats merely a light show.
  15. BaronX13

    Simple fact is the lasher is pretty useless for anything other than some niche fun. It's definitely a unique weapon, which I am happy for. It's definitely a weapon with a different playstyle, which is also good. That being said, there is no denying in general combat, other weapons can do what it does better, let alone it lacks in traditional combat.

    If they were going to make any change, at all, they should straight up nerf it's "bullet damage" and buff it's aoe damage, that way it's role as a suppression weapon is capitalized upon, but it's ability to do straight up combat is lessened. That being said, it would require the proper balancing otherwise it will either be incredibly overpowered, or incredibly underpowered. Truth be told, I don't trust them to balance it much better than it already is.

    Best way to think of it is this. It is a fun gun, interesting to use, but definitely isn't viable for the majority of situations. So use it for lulz, use real weapons for when you are "trying". I don't see it as such an important problem it needs tweaking at this time though.
  16. Kanil

    I think they're pretty close, really.

    The Baron shoots an extra pellet, this gives it another chance to hit at longer ranges... and I suppose also another chance to miss. I'm not sure how that all works out, but I can imagine it could favor the Baron (or possibly hurt it.)
    The Baron is more accurate when ADS walking, and less accurate when ADS crouch walking. I'm pretty sure most players are going to stand up while moving ADS, but again personal preference.
    The Jackhammer's three round burst... is definitely a personal preference. I consider it utterly worthless, but I'm sure some people swear by it.
    You can't really argue mag size or reload speed, however. It's possible the Baron reloads a little quicker when you're just topping the gun off, but the Jackhammer really comes out on top here.

    So yeah, the Jackhammer's probably better than the Baron, but if you want an accurate shotgun, you still have an option that's pretty close to the NC's top choice.

    You don't play VS but want someone that deals out splash damage? I suppose the TR have the Striker... lol...
  17. Bindlestiff

    Yep. They must feel pretty suppressed all the way over there. Absolutely no way they can go where they were going to go, at all. No way of getting to the safety of vehicles, those Vanu have that covered there. No way they can get into turrets and shoot back, nope Vanu has that angle covered as well. No way anyone at the Crown could snipe the glaring obvious shooters of the disco lights, no sir.

    What a great weapon that is the envy of the entire gaming community. Just LOOK at that co-ordinated area denial! Wonderful!!
  18. orangejedi829

    Lasher is the best ES heavy weapon because it's the only one that actually has a unique role. Jackhammer and MCG are good, but they're more or less replaceable with any other readily available 1v1-focused weapon (MCG slightly less so, but the Jackhammer is just a mag-fed Baron). The Lasher, on the other hand, is awesome because it actually does something different from every other gun in the game. Why would you want to make the Lasher just another 1v1 infantry killing gun when you can use any other number of guns for that goal?
    If the VS wants a gun that performs well in the KPH, KPU, etc stats, I would love to trade them the Jackhammer for the Lasher on my NC character, because I want weapon diversity, not a bunch of clone guns that all serve the same role.
  19. Foxirus

    So you think if the lasher was even with the other faction variants it would not be unique? It can't kill and be cool at the same time?

    Basically what I got from this entire post is: "Its okay your gun sucks. It looks cool when you shoot it, That makes it balanced!"
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  20. orangejedi829

    Lol, yep, that was my point. It's balanced cuz it looks cool.

    No, the Lasher's role is not to be a kill-farming machine like all the rest of the guns in the game are. It's meant for doing unique stuff like suppressing large groups of enemies, shooting around corners, damaging multiple targets at once, etc.
    If you gave it all of these abilities and buffed it so that it performed as well in 1v1s as the MCG/Jackhammer, it would be ludicrously OP. So it's one or the other.