Are the VS getting screwed with this Anniversary Pack?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Foxirus

    For those of you who do not know, The Anniversary pack is going to include an AE version of all the ES heavy primaries, Confirmed on Reddit.

    Now, I could be wrong, And I may just be looking at the wrong stats. But as far as I can tell, The Lasher X2 has been the worst performing Empire Specific heavy weapon of all three. Feel free to correct me, As I am not sure what stats I should be looking at. In fact, The only thing it excels at is "Uniques".. What ever that is.

    Perhaps its time to give the lasher its old ability of having a burn effect, Cause right now its a joke compared to the other two...
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  2. ronjahn

    No they are not getting screwed. They are getting exactly the same package that NC and TR are getting.

    The lasher is the most effective suppression weapon in the game. While it lacks the head to head killing power it is a beast for assists, suppression, and cheese killing people who are hiding around a corner.
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  3. Foxirus

    Nice! Care to show me some stats on its suppression ability? Because I am having a hard time seeing how being able to do 25 damage to someone within a 3m radius of the projectile hit point is good suppression.

    "Oh! Its doing bad at killing because its only meant to be a suppression weapon! This weapon is only meant to deal with enemies who are hiding around a corner. You're dead if they come out and just shoot you though." Yeah, Good luck trying to sell me that argument.

    I don't feel that its balanced and I do indeed feel that we're getting screwed here. According to your argument, The only use our weapon has is pissing people off that are within 3m of an entrance.. Never mind the fact when firing it you become the biggest "Shoot here" sign in all of planetside. I gain all the aggro when I use the lasher..
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  4. FateJH

    Is this topic about the Anniversary Pack or the Lasher?
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  5. Nody

    Or the heavies can simply spam rockets and achieve the same thing with more killing power and no chance of griefing themselves to a weapon lock from lashing friendlies as the missile goes out...
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  6. Foxirus

    Its about both. We are buying a weapon here, I want as much usability out of mine as the TR and NC are getting from theirs. Right now, According to pretty much everyone, The only purpose of the lasher is suppression. Thats not a useful weapon and I can't see myself using it for anything that would actually help me or my allies. You know.. It might be a good suppression weapon if it worked off a heat mechanic, But since I have to reload, Thats more than enough time for them to step out of that corner and just mow me down.
  7. FateJH

    Except hitting enemies who are behind cove (as long as there is a near-surface).
    So you're discontent that you have to treat it like a normal weapon from time to time?

    If you're unhappy with its suppression capabilities, just shoot your enemies in the face with it, then you'll be under no pretenses of it being a weapon of awkward functionality. Like the Jackhmmer is a glorified shotgun, and the MCG is a glorified SMG, treat the Lasher like a glorified LMG.
  8. Goretzu

    It is a good and unique suppression weapon (the closest thing to it is the Pounder and the NC have nothing comparable), and if you take extended mags you don't have to reload (well occasionally).

    I rarely use shotguns and rarely use the normal JH, so I won't get much use out of that AE-wise (in fact I'll almost certainly get more use out of the AE-MCG and AE-Lasher), but it is what it is.

    If you look at the stats it is performing similarly to the MCG, although it isn't perhaps pulled as much, so it clearly is reasonably deadly.

    7540 - Lasher X2 | Q4 KPH | Daily Average: 29.21
    7528 - NC05 Jackhammer | Q4 KPH | Daily Average: 37.14
    7533 - T7 Mini-Chaingun | Q4 KPH | Daily Average: 32.06

    7540 - Lasher X2 | Q4 KPU | Daily Average: 8.90
    7528 - NC05 Jackhammer | Q4 KPU | Daily Average: 11.14
    7533 - T7 Mini-Chaingun | Q4 KPU | Daily Average: 11.55

    7540 - Lasher X2 | Uniques | Daily Average: 830.67
    7528 - NC05 Jackhammer | Uniques | Daily Average: 716.92
    7533 - T7 Mini-Chaingun | Uniques | Daily Average: 1035.58

    They'd never allow massive deadliness on a suppressive weapon, because they did that once before with the Lasher 2.0 in PS1 which turned every server purple and still goes down and the most insane "rebalance" (or more correctly imbalance) in MMO history!
  9. Foxirus

    A glorified LMG? In that sense every single other LMG in this game is better than the lasher. It has NOTHING that it would be superior to. This is not the case with the Chaingun and the JackHammer. I'm discontent that the times I DO treat it like a normal weapon, it is outclassed by literally every other weapon you could have possible chosen to use minus side arms and rocket launchers, Again, This is not the case with the chaingun and the jackhammer.
  10. Cheetoh

    The lasher is pretty good at making new players flee from cover in a panic, but experienced players know the splash damage is weak.

    It takes multiple players with a lasher to do any good, and that's the problem I have with suppression in general with this game.

    AA is similar.
  11. Foxirus

    Its a good suppressive weapon? Why don't the stats show that? It is NOT a good suppressive weapon because not only does it suppress the enemies, But also the allies. Unlike the chaingun or jackhammer, You can't directly aim at a body and hit it without hitting any friendlies within 3m. At least the jackhammer can do this within a set range.
  12. FateJH

    Which of its stat do you want to be the one that demonstrates "suppression" and how do you wish it be tracked?
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  13. WetPatch

    The GateKeeper which everyone says is rubbish at AI has better splash damage stats than the Lasher.
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  14. Gundem

    inb4 here come both the vanu plebs who hate the Lasher and the non-vanu plebs who think it's balanced.

    I for one, enjoy it for the *pewpewpew disco fureh* aspect of it, as all true followers of the Vanu should. But I also understand that in reality, it's a piece of garbage that needs a major overhaul. As has been argued to death in the past before, "Suppression" is not a valid tactic in PS2, and "Area Denial", the other aspect of the Lasher, is better performed by other weapons.
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  15. Foxirus

    Thats what I would like you to tell me. Right now you are trying to tell me that the Lasher is fine because it can "Suppress" things. Any weapon that can shoot can suppress things. The chaingun for example, ALl they have to do is keep firing through the door, And you can bet your *** no enemy is going to come through it while they are shooting. The lasher? Any player who knows that the lasher sucks at killing head to head is going to rush that explosive damage. Try rushing a Jackhammer or a Chaingun.

    In otherwords, You are saying its fine based on your opinion that its a suppression weapon. In simple words:

    I can prove the lasher is doing poorly compared to the other empire heavy specifics with stats. How can you prove to me its doing good? Thats right! (Billy Mays here) Outside of you saying "Its a good weapon", You cannot prove its a good weapon and you are simply spouting an opinion.
  16. Flag

    More like NC gets the juicy stuff more so than that VS gets shafted. MCG is neat, but not the most amazing weapon.

    Jackhammer on the other hand... This will lead to an increase of them on the battlefield.. *groan*
  17. ColonelChingles

    Uniques means the number of different characters who use the weapon.

    In other words, the Lasher is more popular of a weapon than the Jackhammer. Hard to argue that something isn't good if many people are using it. This is even more surprising given that VS populations tend to be lower than the NC as well.
  18. FateJH

    That wasn't a challenge, that was a request. At the moment, you appear to be trying to associate "suppressing" with "killing" and that's leaving you dissastisfied. The closest we'd probably have to a suppression stat might be assists and even that doesn't count. Suppression doesn't exclude the possibility of the enemy falling back and getting away; its goal is to force the enemy from doing something lightly, typically physically positioning himself somewhere. You are correct that I don't have a statistic to point to (well, Q4a look decent but that's insubstantial) and it bothers me as well. That does, however, mean that we can not guage how good it is at suppressing so there's no way to say that it's either a good weapon or a bad weapon. It's just a weapon that is supposed to do something, albeit something we don't surrently measure.

    Without a metric, even the OP's suggestion of a purist definition of the lashing mechanic would be useless. We'd never be able to guess how well it works. There might be some unseen statistic that tracks when splash, and not direct hits, have killed someone, but I don't know what it is (or whether it'd even be relevant for reasons I already brought up). I don't have the first clue how we would track something in regards to its ability to "suppress." Perhaps the same way one monitors the ability to "deter?"

    Does someone have an idea how we could measure it?
  19. Moridin6

    I like to TRY and shoot it into large groups of enemy and kill them all with VANU PARTY BALLS
    its only gone well a few times
  20. Liewec123

    i love lasher, its the only weapon in the game that lets you walk into a room of enemies, jump around spraying and take out all of them.

    i'm hoping to make a compilation vid at some point of how hilarious it is mowing down player after player without even really trying to aim.