Are the VS getting screwed with this Anniversary Pack?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Foxirus, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Moridin6

    purple lasher balls!
    P-PPA ? :D
  2. FateJH

    I guess PPA needs to be good for something.
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  3. Dethleffs

    Anybody who doesn't like using the lasher (or JH or MCG for that matter) is getting shafted if they buy the AE pack. If that is you, don't buy the pack and don't get shafted.
  4. Gundem

    I never said that Area Denial is invalid. I said that the Lasher can't really suppress because the reality is that it's damage is inconsequential. In some games, when a target is suppressed, it looses movement speed and accuracy. This isn't the case in PS2. When I say that Suppression isn't valid, I mean the idea that you can prevent your enemy from moving forward by shooting little disco orbs of plasma at their feet in hopes that they stay rooted where they are because they somehow are afraid to get funky?

    The other form of area denial, the one that actually works, is shooting down a hallway. This actually works, because it ends with the person being denied getting filled with bullets. And there are weapons in PS2 far more suited for this form of Area Denial then the Lasher because it is centered around TTK.

    I actually think they could buff the Lasher by significantly improving it's blast radius, and then giving it massive flinch and screen shake when you are hit by it. Thus, you can actually aid your allies by reducing their combat effectiveness, which is the only way to effect the outcome of a battle in PS2. Currently, the Lasher reduces combat performance slightly by nipping at it's foes shields, which as I said, is generally to inconsequential too be of any benefit.
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  5. MorganM

    Launchers have long reload times between a single rocket. Lasher can suppress a choke-point for days with it's massive magazine.

    Sorry you guys just can't figure out how to use niche weapons but the rest of us are doing fine with them. Mini Chain Gun sucks going head to head with.. .well.. practically anything. It's basically a Lasher with no splash; it's meant to spam into crowds of dudes not go 1v1. Even the Jackhammer isn't this stellar killing machine; it's range is quite limited... again it's a niche weapon.

    Deal with it.

    What separates the scrubs like you from the good players is the ability to analyze a situation and pull the best loadout to meet the challenge. It's balanced fine when compared to the other HA specific heavy guns. Maybe you'll get good one day.
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  6. Zombo

    the only empire specific weapon i didn't get was the MCG, because i didn't like the ramp-up time, lasher and jackhammer are awesome in their niches though
  7. Goretzu

    A single Lasher isn't going to stop a Zerg and more than "a single LMG user shooting down a hallway" is! :confused:

    (a single LMG user shooting down a hallway may kill 1 or 2, but will then die to return fire - this is why NO ONE sets up like this in PS2, all crossfires and holding positions are ALWAYS set up out of direct LOS for this very reason)

    However a few Lasher just might.

    Again what exactly do you think is possible here? A (single) Lasher basically killing anything that comes through a door? THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. o_O

    Again I think the issue is you've clearly never played against the Lasher when it is used intelligently and in reasonable number, because what you're asking for it to DO is plain ridculous and monsterously imbalanced.
  8. Goretzu

    You need probably half the number of HA to suppress say a doorway with Lasher than with rockets, maybe less, just because of RoF and DPS (and discoball blindness helps too).

    I do slightly wonder if it shouldn't have been able to be taken in the RL slot however, although that might well end up as the biggest buff any PS2 faction has ever got if they did.

    The problem the Lasher faces in PS2 is that SOE made the decision NOT to have weapons like the Thumper in the game (for understandable reasons) and anything that has worked too much like the Thumper has either been nerfed massively or not made it into the game).

    They could argueably buff the Lasher if they added the Thumper, but then equally adding the Thumper would massively change the Infantry game into a PS1-type AOE spamfest.
  9. PlanktonSG

    Unless you are already outnumbered i don't see why would anyone hide in a corner if your enemy is using a lasher. You just simply walk out and shoot him unless you are in a really bad position you won't even need to use a med/restore kit after you kill him.
  10. ThreePi

    The only thing the stats show is that the Jackhammer could use a buff. Shotguns have zero utility outside their killing potential. They can't suppress, they have no sustained fire, they have low kills/mag. Literally their only usefulness is the ability to kill things at close ranges. So when I see the MCG, which has incredibly high sustained fire, much higher kills/mag, and better kill stats, that to me looks like a fundamental imbalance. And then you see people asking for Lasher buffs? The Lasher should be right below the MCG because it has similar sustained fire and kills/mag, but also has the benefit of range and splash damage.

    To suggest that the Lasher needs to be buffed to bring its KPU/KPH up to the other weapons, whilst also keeping its range and splash damage advantage is just asking for something to be OP.

    As for the Jackhammer, like I said, it needs a slight buff. I'd argue a couple more rounds in the magazine, along with the Smart Choke that the Mag Scatter got.
  11. Flag

    A mistake people here seem to make is to assume that every player always uses the best/optimal weapon when playing.
    Sometimes people don't because they don't know any better, sometimes they don't because if style points.
  12. \m/SLAYER\m/

    NC was "screwed" with Carver and with armor and with colour theme.
  13. Voodoo Bliss

    Wait, so the lasher is going to be made available for all empires?

    Please say it is so, I would love a lasher!
  14. Jubikus

    Does it really matter? ES heavy weapons are generally unused by the "pros" they are used because their uniqueness sometimes lends themselves good for certain situations but overall for most encounters all 3 are bad. Think about it like the ES max abilities one of them is the worse one of them is the best but does anyone care no because they are all crap. The ES heavy weapons are probably better than the max abilities but the principals is the same for the most part everyone is just going to use whatever LMG. However the lasher does have the most Uniques which if you dont know means the amount people use which means its the most popular out of the ES heavy weapons which if anything means VS get a better deal because more of them actually like their Heavy weapon despite its poor performance either that or more VS farm out the heavy assault directive probably a bit of both.
  15. Foxirus

    Were they? Because all the activatable knives are carbon copies of each other stat wise. Its just a knife skin with a different sound.
  16. Foxirus

    That goes both ways, its used more than the others and yet... Whats this? Its still performing the worst of all 3. I can only imagine how bad it would be stat wise if the unques were the same. Because its used more for its glorified disco show, that pads its stats to be slightly better than they actually are. Even so, its still the worst of all three.
  17. Shiaari

    The Lasher is fine. It has its role. That role is not the same role as the Jackhammer or the MCG.

    You've been told the Lasher is a suppression weapon, and it is. It also has a much longer effective range than either the MCG or Jackhammer.
  18. Foxirus

    The stats say its doing poorly and it is. Its a suppressive weapon that doesn't even manage that job well. As for its range? Its velocity is so poor that it makes its range about the same as the chain gun. It doesnt matter that Ive been told its fine, the stats say otherwise. You can keep your opinion based argument, Im not buying it.
  19. eldarfalcongravtank

    they really really need to offer another set of empire-specific heavy weapons, but this time reverse the roles:

    TR handheld Banshee: great for suppression, bad at killing
    NC clusterbomb-launching firearm: great for suppression, bad at killing
    VS shortrange plasma flamethrower weapon: great for killing at closequarters but useless beyond that

    these will complement the current Heavy Weapons (MCG, Jackhammer, Lasher) and diversify the roles a bit. so the factions wont complain about the Heavy Weapon they do not have access to anymore.
  20. Jubikus

    As a primarily TR player im just glad it wasnt Max AV weapons or ES launchers so basically ES infantry AV period granted tho the striker is worse in class i actually quite like it.