All three factions can agree about the cloak.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by sinez, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Daejin

    The big problem I have with cloaking, is how you can't increase the maximum duration of the cloak. (I know, there's a mythical Stalker Cloak that bypasses this problem, but...Vids or didn't happen.) As it stands, I can easily go around the corner, cloak, crouch, wait. However, I can't stay cloaked for more than a few seconds, so I have to quickly move (And be seen) or simply wait until it runs out and try to 1v5 the enemy.

    Don't get me wrong, I had a session earlier that allowed me a long kill streak as I ran around a base knifing, hacking and blowing crap up. (Gotta love it when 4 enemy Mossies dock to repair right infront of a hacked AA turret you're in. At the top of the base no less.) I even got in the anti-vehicle turrets and scored a kill or two on their tanks, got 3 sunderers and had the enemy blow up their own turrets trying to get me, leaving just before they do.

    The class can be great fun, and wreck havoc. I was able to play ring-around-the-rosie until the generator blew up, but as an Infiltrator with the scout rifle (20+100 ammo) I can't take part in sustained combat. Every equip terminal at the base was still behind an impassable (to infiltrators) shield. So, I ran outa ammo in both my rifle and pistol and eventually died. (Happened 4-6 times. Can't remember.) I could still have ruined the enemy team's concentration and effectiveness if I was able to stealth for even 1-2 seconds longer, but I didn't have the time to cloak, run out and around the corner and let my 1 or 2 pursuers run past me. I also didn't have time to uncloak, wait for 1-2 seconds, then re-cloak with a little more energy.
  2. Skeith

    might as well give infs infinite cloak since it's basically useless at close range imo
  3. Daejin

    The mythical Stalker Cloak that I mentioned is supposed to give us just that.
  4. Phaser Rave

    I've never felt paranoid about enemy infiltrators lurking near, only afar. I'm not clear on the exact HP values, but relative to the weapons the enemies use and the rate at which they mow me down with them, I'd have to say that having a better cloak would even out this extra-squishiness. The current cloak is useful, can't imagine sniping without it, but at times it feels like I might as well not even use it.
  5. Skeith

    the "mythical" stalker cloaking you guys are waiting like a gift from the sky will remove our primary weapon

    the cloak will still be crappy and the fact that we have no means to defend ourselves once inside the enemy base will remain

    dont hope that the stalker would fix our problems because it would not
  6. PlayerOneSVK

  7. Mantic0r3

    They should at least ponder reducing the cloaking noise or the de-cloaking speed when you engage. As it is now you more than often dead before shooting your first bullet when detected.
  8. TRick Shot

    Can someone please clarify something for me? I don't normally play infiltrator so I'm uncertain:

    There was a guy on my faction this evening with a seemingly infinite cloak, from which he was able to fire his sniper rifle without de cloaking. Is this a top tier cert or was he hacking his bum off?

    I have it on video, just wasn't sure so I've not re encoded and uploaded yet.
  9. PanzerGoddess

    -1 To the post, I think the cloak is fine. But hey thats my to your all factions can agree post....dont assume you speak for everyone.
  10. Skeith

    Care to explain why do you think it's fine?
  11. ExcalCk

    I've seen this a couple of times, as well as, cloaked infil running around a biolab shooting full auto rifle destroying one person after another. I'm guessing it's a hack or a bug exploit.
  12. zimmit_Vanu_Helios

    all ive played is the vanu infiltrator and i own fools. i have no idea why everyone is whining. id agree we need some better pistols but i mess with peoples heads so much its funny.
  13. Daejin

    No hope left in me. It's jus', for a player like myself, I would almost not even need the primary weapon if the cloak would last 5 seconds longer. With Perma-Cloak, unless you're are STUPID visible while croutch-walking, I can easily get into the enemy turrets and score 10-50 kills in under a minute depending on the location and activity of the enemy. (Gotta love Sundies parked in perfect view of a AV turret. Killed 40 people trying to get the Sundy alone, and another 20 that were left after it went boom.)
  14. iller

    Model != Collision Hull
    And even if you turned the Collision hull off for every other player, it wouldn't allow the the INF to do that because the Hull is still enabled for the Server, and the INF's Client. I don't know where you got the idea that it would be turned off for everything. It would still be calculated, but the data wouldn't be sent to any other Clients.
  15. TwoSkies

    Cloaking still requires finesse, it's not a ninja-vanish smoke bomb. Use it to move across terrain and avoid being spotted. Thermal picking up cloaked guys is fine for obvious reasons, "remember thou art mortal". Get into a concealed position and then overwatch, that way you can let your cloak recharge. This works for scout rifles or scopes.

    Don't pray for deus ex machina from the Devs. I've personally broken cover, run up a hill, and jumped a 3-man squad from behind. It's possible, but you have to read the situation correctly and use cloak appropriately.
  16. Iced

    Yeah the Devs need to follow TF2's lead on the cloak. It's nearly impossible to sneak into a well defended tech plant to get at the generator to bring down the shields around the SVU. Even if I don't bump into anyone and stay well away from all enemies its just so crowded that someone notices me every time. Because you have a clearly defined outline around an "invisible" infiltrator. This affects gameplay quite a bit in the case I mentioned, it is really easy to hold tech plants with small numbers against a vast stream of enemies.
  17. Chrislocho

    tbh, I have been having so much fun confusing people, a trick to do is, when spotted... run in one direction while cloaking, then after you cloak up, swing in the opposite direction. People often track you in their sights and when you suddenly change directions they lose sight of you.
    But yes.... the cloak is a bit crap right now tbh :p maybe increase invisibility by say 5%? think tha'll do IMO
  18. Black Mamba

    The only way this ever can happen is if the other guys aren't paying any attention at all. I've walked up behind enemies lines, shot five people in the head, and left without even getting shot at, but none of them were paying attention. Try getting the drop on 3 of them from behind when they are actually aware of their surroundings and youll be lucky to get one of them to half HP before your ventilated. I shouldn't be able to easily spot an infiltrator in cloak, crouched and not moving and shoot them in the head so easily
  19. Daejin

    Y'know... After readin' all this hate against the Infiltrator's Cloak, (I know, I take part in it too... Just so fun) I'm goin' to try and make a video that compiles some of my gameplay as an infiltrator. I'll even *attempt* to add commentary on it, with what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and maybe even little tips and tricks.

    If anyone with actual experience in the recording, editing and over-all video department, wants to help, or do their own I urge them to do so, but as it is right now, the cloak is VERY USEFUL, but not OVERPOWERED. (I still demand Stalker Cloak. Period.)
  20. Durrn

    I love every part of the infiltrator class from infiltrating to cqc to sniping. Obviously the situation dictates how to approach as well as my options for taking a few people down. But i think the cloak is perfect. It s just enough to go unnoticed by those who arnt looking for you, granted you have the compitence to intelligently choose your path and how effectivly you use your tools, but also not so too much so that not just anyone who lacks the capacity to sneak can roam about or hide with no chance of anyone noticing.

    As a sniper i think its great, again based on the premis said sniper intelligently chooses where and when to snipe from, and although the infiltrator class lacks the power to stand up in CQC if you use what you got and intelligently plan accordingly you can be effective in combat.

    I think the way the infiltrator class and cloaking is set up is to be challenging so that not everyone can pull it off effectively, to wheen out those who suck at it so there is more room for those that do not need to be totally invisible, in any situation, to effectively use the class.

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