All three factions can agree about the cloak.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by sinez, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. SJ_Wolf

    OMG Sony added to new certs for Infiltrators!

    Master Saboteur - Reduces cloak shimmer and cloak/decloak audio effects (does not eliminate either), Saboteur generator hacks work faster, Saboteur's can now use the sub-machine guns! Cannot equip Rifles

    Assassin - Reduces scope sway, increases breath hold length and increases ammo capacity by 1 clip. Cloak duration reduced by 20%.

    Each costs 150 certs. These certs must be equipped and cannot be used simultaneously.

    Now of course we all know I am trolling, but this is how I would fix us.
  2. sinez

    That "Saboteur" part made me so happy until you said you were trolling.....
  3. Thanatar

    i now hate you a little bit :-(

    the two things i would love to see:
    ability to attack from cloak (decloak afterwards)
    ohk with knives (implement for everyone)
    i dont think that those changes would be gamebreaking, but they would really improve gameplay for infiltrator.
  4. SJ_Wolf

    Sorry guys! But the amount of let down you both experienced was a bit of validation that my suggestions to fix the class are maybe not perfect (likely not) but definitely in the right direction!
  5. Monnor

    Please, OH PLEASE, go ingame and read something about the cloak device, if you MOVE, it will be LESS effective. Why the hell you cant learn to regard this. No first whine and want a perfect stealth.
  6. Rakimou

    1) People don't see you, if they don't expect to see you. Be somewhere people don't expect you to be.
    2) Hide in bushes. Bushes are amazing.
    3) Stand still.
  7. SJ_Wolf

    Please, OH PLEASE, go to the start of the thread and read something about what we are actually asking for .
  8. Alcuard

    Here's a fun fact: i hunt snipers all the time using thermal vision. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe the guy "finding" you is using thermal vision and thus see your body heat? The ignorance in this thread is a joke.
  9. Monnor

    You dont ask, you just whine around, if you suck with infiltrators, you want a change to make it easy for you . I met good infiltrators, they are strong enough, but most of those who choose the class just hang around on a high point and waste ammo.
  10. sinez

    I'll just respond to the last three counterarguments in a row, then, I suppose.

    Have you considered that we're complaining BECAUSE it's so USELESS due to this? This is directly adressed in the OP if I recall. We know that it's less effective when moving. The facts are, though, that it's -still- useless when you're standing still.

    Brushes ARE amazing, but limited.

    I'll respond to the third later.
  11. SJ_Wolf

    What? Who said I suck? I don't suck. Hell I enjoy the class the way it is. I made a post showing how I would change it, had you read the thread you might have seen it.
  12. LameFox

    I have no problems using the cloak now that I'm used to it. Nor do I have any problems killing pretty much everyone else who uses it, because they don't seem to have any idea when it will or won't hide them. Especially the ones who think their footsteps or yelling out 'LOOK, OVER THERE, AN ENEMY!' while they're uh... 'hiding'... won't make me go looking for a cloaked guy.

    If I had to make any adjustment to it, I'd like it to drain a bit slower if I don't move and turn off by itself when I shoot.

    Of everything the infiltrator has, by far the one that sucks the most is that detector thing.
  13. SJ_Wolf

    Those guys are few and far between. If you are one of those guys, well you are more useless to your team, than the vantage point sniper campers are to theirs.
  14. Sugarfree

    to the thread opener:

    Don't you think if SOE gave you all the stuff you are asking for infiltrator class wouldn't be a little bit OP ?
    I guess it's more the lazy gamestyle many so-called snipers are used to play in other games.
    Work for your kills, you are not a one-man-commando on killing spree during a Haloween night where NOBODY can see or touch you.

    Adapt. Evolve. Have fun ;)
  15. Skeith

    no it would not if the infiltrator had a decent cloak or could shoot while stealthed or have C4 he would be useful not op

    how having an effecttive tool to sneak inside the enemy base can make a class made for infiltrating broken?

    how being able to react when you get caught make the class broken since in CQC our weapons suck and we are fragile as hell?

    how having an effective tool to sabotage the enemy base and cause disruption make the class broken mh?

    by adding all of these perks the infiltrator will still remain weak in a direct 1v1 fight but he would be finally equipped to avoid these kind of confrontations and do his freaking job

    please avoid typing in the forums if the only thing that you can type is

    "lolol l2P inf is fine K thx"
  16. Sugarfree

    actually it's my vision of the class and I don't hate infiltrators and I generally type what I want and where I want. And generally I don't insult peeps with LOLOLOL and learn to play and blablabla. So please troll somebody else, Thank you.
    Adapt is not L2P. So your comment regarding this is kinda meh.

    Again, sorry for you to be pissed off but maybe this class can be played in another way, too.
    And if SOE would give all the thingies the threadopener has requested then infiltrator would be totally OP. There must be a balance in things.
    And these are MY 2 CENTS to this argument. You can agree, you can disagree. Just don't talk **** about L2P comments and else.
    Thank you
  17. Arsenicfrog

    Actually both would be very gamebreaking.
  18. SJ_Wolf

    What? How is pressing FIRE to decloak and then fire gamebreaking but pressing F+FIRE is not? That's silly.
    OHK for every class using knives gamebreaking? He said for everyone.....
  19. sinez

    Have you noticed that the whole idea is that we DONT WANT TO SNIPE. WE WANT TO INFILTRATE. We want the stalker cloak, where we GIVE UP our sniper rifle for a better cloak, so we can infiltrate like our job says we do.
  20. Arsenicfrog

    Firing from cloak was OP as hell when we had it in beta and OHK knives are just a bad idea that only console players want. A OHK knife with decloak on fire would just be shotty infils all over again.

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