All three factions can agree about the cloak.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by sinez, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. sinez

    Its terrible. At max render distance (which is strangely short, limitingly so in fact), it's not at all hard to pick out. It maybe takes an extra second, but they cant shoot in that time anyhow, so you have all the time in the world to get your aim steadied on that infiltrator, despite the fact that they're standing still and crouched.

    I have pleantly of experiance in games with cloaks. From TF2 (where I actualy played at tournament level as a spy, albiet the lowest tier), where the cloaks were perfect unless you were bumped into or shot, to Tribes Ascend, where the cloak was far from perfect, but still HID you. Someone not right in your face wouldn't see you there, provided you weren't moving. And there, everyone had jetpacks, even the infiltrators.

    But here, we've got a class named the infiltrator that cant even dream of infiltration. Your cloak is only good for a distracted or inatentive foe, and when its on, you're doomed if you're caught because by the time you decloak to start shooting back, you've already at least lost your shields, if not your entire healthbar along with them.

    Hacking is good, but needs to be expanded. It's a fun feature, dont limit it! Nothing is more fun, currently, than hacking an enemy Spear turret and turning it on their own vehicles and other turrets. Thats a problem. The best thing you can do as the class that's supposed to be stealthy is commandeering a heavy artillery piece and going to town till an enemy lib/MBA sees you and fires once with rocket pods. Getting there takes a long time, durring which you're contributing nothing to your team, and it's only a realistic option at night, when the cloak is enough to fool a few more people... provided you stick to the brush and shadows, which is ultimately far more concealing than your actual cloak.

    The funniest thing of all is that we're not even the best infiltrators out of the current class selection! As most on this subforum will attest, the best class for sneaking into an enemy base is, by far, the Light Assault, as they have the advantage of mobility, the ability to use the high ground that even sniper infiltrators crave, and bypass chokepoints that the ground-based infiltrator simply cannot get through with their flimsy stealth. On top of this, the LA has C4, alowing him to destroy both things we -can- hack, and things we cant, such as vehicles (note: I havent personally tested how useful C4 is, but I -have- been blown up in a full health turret from it. That being a turret I myself hacked due to the fact that the base was practically empty.)

    I say we petition. This game calls us infiltrators, but we're hardly even snipers in our current state. We cant get to good roosts, we cant sneak past enemy lines, hell, if we try to knife someone they can kill us before our second swing, even from behind! This series has a legacy of an amazing infiltrator, who could steal enemy vehicles, raise hell for the enemy, and most of all, actually infiltrate, with a -good- cloak. We want that back.

    TL;DR: we want the ability to actually infiltrate. The Devs are good people, and I'm sure there's stuff in the pipeline... but could we at least know what it is, or if there is any at all?
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  2. gobbybobby

    I dunno man, infiltrators are always getting me by surprise! I don't notice cloaked people and when I do play as Infiltrators (not often) I have been able to do some infiltrating!

    If I find s sniper, start shooting, sometimes they go invisible and get away, I have no idea where they have gone, there invisible, I have to just spray and prey, and hope I get em, and if there a good infiltrator will kill me while I am reloading.
  3. Cer0


    I think I would be happier if they changed our class name to Sniper or Overwatch or "Please don't follow my tracer tail to my firing position". That last one is admittingly long but accurate. We are above average snipers, with claymores and a "oh snap maybe someone saw me" hide button.
  4. Ghostfox

    Depends on your level of graphics. As of right now, with everything maxed.... I have absolutely no problem spotting cloakers at any range, no matter the speed they are at.

    That said, I am ok with this level of cloak for the hunter cloak. I just hope that they add the Stalker cloak soon(the one with the functionality of the PS1 cloak) and that it is full cloak while still and visability based on movement speed.
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  5. Aktarus

    i agree , its amazing how people can see you while cloaking , sometimes it give me the feeling that im more visible while cloaking than when im not using it, and im not even talking about the noise louder than a heavy assaut gun.
    for an un-certed infiltrator i could understand it , but at least we should have a way to improve the hiding ability and not just the reload time.

    i've bought the stalker NC auto rifle because i wanted to try to play as an aggressive recon/infiltrator saboteur .... and its just not working , the gun is incredibely weak even full upgraded and everyone can easily spot you and kill you before you can even get out of the cloak mode and shoot.....
  6. SeasickSand

    I kinda agree.. Imo the infiltrator with it's cloak now, is a sniper, but it should be an INFILTRATOR. An invisible man that gets behind you with a shotgun, not just a sniper rifle. I run on low graphics tho, so i havent seen any cloaked ones as of yet( except one that thought it would be wise to come straight up to the camping man who was me). This could be solved with two cloaks:
    1) near invisible, but you can stay that way forever if you don't move. Like Cloak&Dagger in TF2
    2) Full invisible, but faster drain and stuff, for actually moving and running quickly into a base or behind someone.
    You could even make the de-cloak sound louder, if full invisibility might seem to op...
  7. gunshooter

    I have no trouble at all utilizing the cloak to get the jump on pretty much everyone I fight. The only times I really die are NOT people seeing through my cloak, it's when I lose a fight straight up, or when I get shot in the back while uncloaked.

    You really don't give the cloak enough credit. I use it extensively in CQC with the full auto unlockable rifle and I have no complaints, people don't see you unless they actually look in your direction for a prolonged period. I have no trouble running cloaked into packed enemy bases, in situations where other classes would be dead before even getting near the gates, or cloaking to flank a huge clump of infantry to throw a grenade
  8. Sifer2

    It really shouldn't be that good anyway. It was described as a way to help Snipers get into position not for real Infiltration. The real cloaking was supposed to take away your weapon but make you totally invisible. More like PS1. They probably had to delay that though cause they probably have not programmed the no primary weapon thing into it yet.
  9. Aktarus

    it should be if you choosed to sacrifice some sniping ability for close quarter sabotage , infiltration mean you are effective in crossing ennemies lines and sabotage stuff etc, wich is the total opposite of a sniper who are supposed to stay at very long range to support the teamits a complete fail and non sense as it is now.

    actually i dont trust what gunshooter say .
    im br 15 i play only aggressive and real infiltration and it just doesnt work , i bought the stalker auto rifle wich is completely broken , anything can outdmage and kill you before you can even go out of the cloak mode , im basing my statment about average players , not noobs unaware of anything ...... and the stalker auto rifle is so weak that even a light assault can still do a 180 and shoot you down before you can down he's shield....

    good / average cloakers on PS1 was a nightmare , actually a CqC infiltrator is just a useless freekill, not a danger for anybody.
  10. Warhawke


    Pick a role for infiltrators SOE. We either snipe, or we hack.. either way, get the shields to work better. Being completely cloaked while not sprinting is cool.
  11. Jaxxx

    /signed as well, I love infiltrating, but in a pitched fight Im resigned to sniping because even with a cloak Im too visibe, and with my cloak timer I can barely get into a base as it is without uncloaking.
    Going invisible and running away is mostly useless because once they know youre near they know what to look for, even if I do escape, I have no chance of geting back in.
  12. TribbleFluffer

    Dono, i played Infil yesterday at one of the battles of The Stronghold with vanu...i was pearched on a rock, right next to the road with my spotter....two vanu tanks, one MBT and one LT drove tward us firing up the road at the base behind us, me and my spotter cloaked and the tanks, plus two infantry ran right by us...i literally mean, right by us, like not 5 feet... i warned my spotter who ran behind the rock as i decloaked and unloaded a clip into the infantrys backs killing both of them then recloaking and ghosting out with my spotter, it took another Infiltrator to nail us as we where leapfrogging back to the base behind us.
  13. sinez

    Was it night time? That can help. Also, the cloak, when you're standing still, is enough for people who arent looking... and are bad. You have to be really inatentive to miss it, but I find vehicles miss it a lot more. Not sure why on that part.
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  14. TribbleFluffer

    nope, broad daylight, ontop of a rock...i think the vehicles where missing us because of the speed they move at...ive noticed its hard to spot things sometimes too, plus when we saw them coming we froze and cloaked and didnt move untill they where running behind us (not looking in our direction) before opening fire.
  15. gunshooter

    You're just tossing out tons of hyperbole here man... the 20 shot auto rifle is what you're talking about? I am TR, and I have no trouble beating everything but HA in straight up fights with the TR version. HA are still doable, but if they have fully charged shield, you run out of bullets in your clip before they die usually. If you shoot them when they don't see you though, you can kill them before they can possibly react and pop their shield with a little luck.

    It does more than enough damage to kill anyone unaware in close-med range before they can possibly react, also, which should be the majority of your targets. It's a really good weapon, does just as much damage as the other full auto weapons, the only downside to it is the small clip size. I believe the clip size is a balancing measure done consciously by SOE, because Infiltrator with a 30+ bullet automatic weapon would be insanely overpowered.

    Getting the drop on people is a very powerful tool. Obviously Infiltrator is straight up weaker than the other classes in combat, but if you get the first shot in with cloak, there is nothing stopping you from killing them all. All the time, people who would 100% have noticed me if I wasn't cloaked skip over me and end up dead for it. The only time I really get noticed is when the guy is looking straight at me for more than just a glance, or from very close range.

    Note that I definitely agree with the OP on his main point: The LA is better than us at our own role. I would like to see Infiltrators get something to set them apart. Hacking should be expanded, perhaps we could get some new weapons, or c4, etc etc. But Cloak is fine.
  16. Skeith

    we need more stuff to actually infiltrate inside the enemy base
  17. Ayfid

    I frequently spot cloaked infiltrators, even at extreme distance. You have to be incredibly inattentive to not spot a cloaked infiltrator.

    The only thing the cloak is any good for is running between cover, at night, and hoping that no one was nearby or looking too hard in your direction. Even then, it barely makes any difference.
  18. iller

    Died 5 times yesterday to long range AIRCRAFT while stealthed.

    Either they were all running ESP hax or the Stealth Texture is completely bugged. I've even crouched in dark corners or shrubbery with it on just to see how quickly I get spotted by passers-by. Sure enough it's almost instant. I definitely can't sneak out of spawn with it when being spawn camped. And the LAST thing I've ever been able to do with this ability is to actually "infiltrate" a guarded area. It didn't matter how fast, slow, or "crab-walky" I tried to be. I honestly was getting shot at sooner while in-stealth than when out of it.

    It's more of a Role-Play element right now than an actual "ability".
    Only thing that balances any of it out is the O^P headshotting from across the map.

    I'd hate to see them make this class "too N00by" by making stealth too effective like the Deadringer or most "Thief" invisibilities are. But they could do a hell of a lot better than this without crossing that threshold.

    Bottom Line for fixing this: If you're not Sprinting with it on.... then there shouldn't be ANY texture or even a player model assigned to you and the Server should completely "Cull" you from being reported to anyone's client. Not even your own teammates. This would also make it the perfect "feature" (or atleast a good starting place) for players to catch & record ESP hackers which is something this game desperately needs right now.
  19. Executioner Smough

    Stealth is completely useless as it is. Nobody but a visually-impaired twelve-year-old misses a cloaked Infiltrator.
    Maybe this class will be less broken when invisibility is actually invisibility.
  20. sinez

    I'm personally hoping that they'll give us the stalker cloak soon. That SHOULD help... but the point is, more than just that is needed. I trust these Devs, they're good people. I have nothing against them. But the SC needs to be in, and then more. We need more incentive to actually infiltrate. Hacking terminals isn't stealthy, as far as I know it immediately shows as different to the enemy team. Its still useful perhaps if well organized, I guess...

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