All three factions can agree about the cloak.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by sinez, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Alcuard

    Oh cry some more, you know my bullets hur other people as well? Not to talk about my hellfire missiles.
    But just sayin, you shine quite brightly from the sky even though you think you're "invisible".
    Gotta say tho: on esamir cloaking truly is useless even without thermal since you look like a black shadow on the snow. :D
  2. sinez

    This sounds like you're fighting for us here: we all hate the cloak for exactly these reasons. It doesn't hide us, even if we're standing still and crouched.
  3. SJ_Wolf

    So what you are saying is that NVIR is OP and cloak needs a buff because it's so easy to locate cloaked players.....
  4. SJ_Wolf

    What I want is for it to be automatic but still have the delay found in pressing F first to decloak. So FIRE>>Cloak drops>>bullet fires. Not FIRE>Bullet fires as cloak drops.
  5. Skeith

    im still waiting for an explaination of why giving these things to the infiltrator would be op

    adapt is l2p,because you are sayng to those that are actually giving some useful feedback to live on with the ****** skill set that they have without even explaining them how to do it.
  6. Arsenicfrog

    Well then I could agree with you on that. Unless they remove quick knife and bring back the old style PS1 knives, OHK knife is just bad.
  7. Monnor

    Maybe its a issue from your playstyle, last time i played infiltrator(today) i was able to produce enough trouble.And this cloak was good enough.
  8. SJ_Wolf

    I can gut a deer with a dull knife successfully, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be using a sharp and clean one. Your anecdotal success is awesome and good on you for having a good run. Play more and start counting those good runs vs bad ones before you make a judgement.
  9. Monnor

    I have enough good ones,maybe you should play heavy assault , you get a godemode shild for your 1vs1.
  10. SJ_Wolf

    Actually, I do play heavy assault! It's my primary for bio labs and tech plants. Shotgun plus shield is delicious!
  11. m44v

    If the cloak was good enough is because the enemy didn't had experience with cloakers or was too busy for check if the idiot with the glass suit had a blue triangle or not.
  12. Alcuard

    Im saying that's how life is. Learn to place yourself better, or do you really think you are gonna get stronger just because you get a higher battlerank? This game is about how well you read the battlefield, not what kind of OP skills or gear you have.
  13. SJ_Wolf

    What the hell are you on about? Do you normally come into threads like a bull in a china shop ruining all decent conversation with your inane nonsense? How life is? Battlerank? OP skills? You're throwing troll darts.... By your logic the entire game is fine and nothing should be changed because "that's life and its all about how well you read the battle field"
  14. Alcuard

    There's nothing troll about what im saying, but im tired of all the ****** infiltrator players crying about them not being able to be completley invisible.
    Just saying if im fine playing infiltrator and have NO problem at all evading detection it can only mean two things: 1. im überpro (i'd say im a pretty bad infiltrator) or 2. You dont play very well.

    Just saying, i dont have any problems playing infiltrator but you obviously do. Practice and things might look up for you.
  15. Skeith


    so basically your sayng that you can infiltrate inside an enemy base

    with a cloak that makes you visible even at 3000 yards even when standing still that last only 10 seconds

    with a delay to remove your cloak wich will leave you open to bullets

    and with the crappiest short mid range weaponry in the entire game?
  16. sinez

    This guy has a point.


    Dont just tell us "practice", go on, tell us what we're doing wrong. Because I have a great deal of experiance with cloaks, of many varieties, and even with sneaking into bases WITHOUT cloaks. In the dead of night, when the entire enemy FACTION was distracted (they were trying to push down the warpgate area, in fact.) I managed to slip by the army of what was most likely ~60% new players by being... in a bush. Problem: this didnt use my cloak. Any other class could do what I did. The times I DID have to use my cloak were the most paniced and dangerous times of... running entirely through the shadow of a tree, to another brush. It, unsurprisingly, ran out before I could reach the next brush as I finally reached the destination. Three enemy players totally ignored me, because they were distracted/new. No other excuse. The cloak didnt save me, as when it was gone, I was just as invisible as I was with it. Once I got there? I had a blast. Using enemy anti vehicle turrets to laugh at a rush from behind is the second* most fun thing in this game, the MOST fun thing for an infiltrator... but it's hardly stealthy, you sorta just started firing a rocket launcher from a stationary platform. If you survive it, it's because the enemy isn't doing their job right, and no enemy liberator/main battle aircraft decided to point at you for a few seconds and instagib you (this has also happened to me before, full health turret to no health turret in a single salvo).

    If you're extreemly lucky, you can get out of the turret before it goes critical and maybe hijack another, but then it's expected. If you go to hack a terminal... woo hoo, 25 xp. Nothing acomplished besides moderate inconvenience for the enemy team, because my entire team is on the other side of the hex, and between me and them are about 50 tanks. I could, perhaps, if I was prepaired, have gotten a S-AMS Sunderer, and even got some troops moving. This is an interesting posibility, to be honest. I love it. However, I didn't have an S-AMS sunderer at the time- in fact, I didn't even have 50 certs yet, and if I did, I wouldn't be spending them on vehicles when I dont intend to drive anything besides a flash most of the time.

    If, by the logic of it being night time, someone had used their fancy INRV scope, and glanced over me on the way there? I'd be entirely screwed. I got there as much by luck as by skill. I stayed alive more by luck and player stupidity than anything else (I decloaked a few times far too close to an enemy who was actively searching for me: I was still getting used to having such a loud noise for it at the time, had just started up again).

    Perhaps I can organize something with an outfit, get a whole slew of spawns on a sundy, change the tides... right until the enemy armor notices and whipes us out anyway. It might change something. Or not. Yet to test it.

    *the most fun thing, if you're wondering, is having an ally you're healing/just revived as CM say "thanks." Feels good, man. Always v1 your medic.
  17. Blackiechan

    The most effective thing i have done as an Infiltrator is hiding in the bushes. Sometimes i am able to pull of 10 kills with 2 factions fighting around me. Using the cloak in the bushes is also effective because the outline of your body is already broken by the bush. when i do get spotted i do not complain. and i am using the suppressed TR bolt action sniper. I can honestly say with a good enough background, the cloak does just fine as a sniper. but for those who actually want to "infiltrate" is the a terrible tool.
  18. Clutcher

    I won't take a side on whether or not cloak is useless, it is useful but it is just not well balanced as many have said.
    Seasicksand has the right idea:
    1) near invisible, but you can stay that way forever if you don't move. Like Cloak&Dagger in TF2
    2) Full invisible, but faster drain and stuff, for actually moving and running quickly into a base or behind someone.
    You could even make the de-cloak sound louder, if full invisibility might seem to op...

    Moreover, it is a major issue that the effect of the cloak is dependent on your enemies graphics settings.
    Fixing this problem is of the highest priority.
  19. medbot544

    You can use cloak effectively if you know lay outs, enemy locations, use the confusion of the battle to your advantage, flanking, etc. It is not great by any stretch since it requires a whole lot of dumb luck to use it to good effect.

    It's just that killin people with what they allow me to use is the problem.

    I lose many straight up 1 v 1 fights all due to DPS.

    Buff the scouts rifles a bit and see what happens.

  20. Celebrinborn

    Cloaked inviltrators shine like a Christmas tree if you are using nightvision/thermal vision scopes. I fly a mossy with a NV scope and just fly around and kill infiltrators. If other people are also using that scope, they aren't hacking and the texture isn't glitching, they're just using a mechanic that was built into the game and is listed in the description
    Also, if you remove their player model, collision detection won't work right and you can shoot through them/they can walk through walls. Removing their material (or setting it to alpha) is what you are trying to say.
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