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  1. Machen Augur

    On Fippy Darkpaw on 1/21, we encountered instance crashes on both Sep3 and Sep4 raids, mid event (two different instances/zones.) Nothing we could see in the log files that corresponded with the crash, but in both cases it was about 20-30 minutes into the encounter. In both cases we were able to do the raid successfully the second attempt with no crash.
  2. Orbital101 Augur

    I just did To the Brave Go the Spoils and the very first mobs dropped a Remnant of Brain Matter which made my really happy thinking the best but then not so much because then 2 Broken Necklace and one Bokon Hood dropped which are the set that is dropping from trash in the static version of Sul.

    Now If you look at the Remnant of Brain matter lore... its says part of the collection Parts is Parts... If you look in the achievement... There is no achievement named Parts is Parts. Broken Necklace is also named Parts is Parts. The Broken Necklace should be named Raiments of Rot or the achievements renamed and the Remnant of Brain Matter renamed to An Ounce of Fetid Flesh. Looking at my extra from the Fetid set they seem to all be named Parts is Parts.

    If you look at the Bokon Hood lore it says The Bokon Way which is from Raiments of Rot... If you look in the achievements window... There is no The Bokon way achievement. so ya... dont expect things to work out if no one knows where they belong.
  3. Dropfast Augur

    I see what the problem is now with the Emblazoned Belt of Boromas. It was changed from a "focus" effect on the weaponmaster belt to a "worn" effect on the Emblazoned Belt of Boromas. As a worn effect it does nothing. It needs to be changed back to a focus effect is all to fix it. Please don't forget this Devs!
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  4. Zabal Journeyman

    Tried PoHate tonight instead of PoFear. 41 guild members zoned in at 6:45PM EST. We killed 1 mob and instantly the emotes began. I couldn't show the exact text last time because the emotes don't go to chat and hence don't go to logs. Tonight, though, I took screenshots:




    No one had any lockout timers for PoHate beforehand. In the span of a few minutes, most of the raid was kicked from zone and unable to zone back in.

    Whatever you broke on Wednesday, we would appreciate it if you fixed it. Without PoFear and PoHate, our choice of raid targets is limited. I know that every raiding guild on Xegony farms these zones for the TBM armor. At least I expected this to happen tonight so we were able to go do other events, but I shouldn't have to plan targets based off of what zone is broken that night. This expansion has been out for 2 months now.

    Who designed the new armor system but never bothered to actually make a suit of it? That's the only explanation I can see as to how you can make the system but completely forget ears, rings, charm, primary, secondary, and range. You made a BP, said, 'Hey, it works. Job well done.' and moved on to other things, right? Not that it's any surprise when the system never even made it into Beta. In this expansion, what has actually worked as intended? Charge $140 for premium and give folks a broken mount. Armor system that doesn't work and is inferior to previous armor sets. Spells that are meant to evolve with progression. And on top of all of that, what task hasn't been broken yet? I ask that because asking which tasks have been broken is a much, much longer list. Now folks had 2 months to flood the economy with alt currency, only to have you break half the Partisans and increase the reward on the other 3 higher then any other mission? Why is there two sets of vendors for the TBM armor system, 1 in PoTran and 1 in PoHealth? What does that help other then to confuse players? As to date, there's at least 10 guilds that have beaten TBM and they were only able to aug out their gear fully on Wednesday. So FINALLY classes can actually start evaluating their actual stat caps and numbers. Every zone is rehashed areas from other areas ingame yet has any collectable collection functioned properly yet?

    I get it. Your bottom line hasn't been affected so why should you care? Why else would you tell us that you wouldn't release the expansion if it wasn't ready and then go ahead and release it when it's obviously not ready? Well, I'm not Furor. I don't have any great threat to make. I don't even expect you guys to listen. I know that once RoI and other major guilds start complaining, then something will happen. I just know that it's getting harder and harder for me to do my job as a raid leader when you guys can't even keep the game functioning. Thanks for ruining the guild's weekend. I'll watch the test forum for updates as to when you guys plan on fixing anything.
  5. Kaliko Augur

    They are talking about the raid, but i've beaten the group mission with warrior, cleric, rogue and 2 monks, wizard np.
  6. Stell_CT Elder

    Thanks for looking into this. My post on this forum was made before we finished giving out loot from the chest on that attempt. Figured to mention that for a time frame in case you have logs you can look through. We will be able to let you know again on Monday.
  7. Randragon Augur

    Warpeace wrote;

    Anashti's Lightest Feathers as well. Bug reported in game.
  8. Axxius Augur

    But have you killed High Bokon Boromas? ;)
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  9. Ksenija Elder

    Visage of the Daft Trickster does not go into Illusion keyring
  10. Prathun Developer

    This has been fixed internally.
    Also, I checked for any focus effect that is attached to an item as a worn effect and the query return no results.
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  11. Prathun Developer

    After some difficulty, yes. ;) As of this morning, a more challenging but also killable version of High Bokon Boromas should be available for you.
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  12. Dropfast Augur

    Awesome, thanks guys. I think ya just misunderstood meh but as long as it's working now it's no matter.

    I was talking about the Girdle of the Weaponmaster. That same effect "Boon of the Seeress" was originally on the Girdle of the Weaponmaster as a "Focus" effect and has always worked in that form. When you guys added "Boon of the Seeress" to the new belts from Crypt of Sul, it was changed to a "Worn" effect. As a worn effect, it was not working at all.
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  13. Kaloha New Member

    Please fix Plane of Fear and Hate revisited raids, they're broken!! Nearly my entire guild (no previous lockouts) was booted from Hate on Sunday due to this lock out bug..I'm planing to raid it again this coming Sunday, I really hope a hotfix gets put in to address these issues!
  14. Dropfast Augur

    It was done today Kaloha :cool:
  15. Kaloha New Member

    oh ya? Nice, must have missed the post stating a fix....Thank you Dev's if it is in fact fixed :)
  16. Prathun Developer

    Yep! This was fixed internally on 1/25 and Live Copied this morning. Please see the Hotfix Notes for more details. Let us know if you notice any problems.
  17. Prathun Developer

    I think I understood you correctly. :)

    I checked the Emblazoned Belt of Boromas on Live servers. As you reported, it has the Boon of the Seeress attached as a (Worn) effect, which doesn't work. I compared this to the same item on our Beta server, and found that it was attached as a Focus Effect because Dzarn fixed it already. I then queried the DB for all focus effects attached to items as worn effects, and was pleased to find that there were no results.
  18. Brudal Augur

    Are there any versions of "Fate Rewards the Bold", the partisan task in Demiplane of Decay that can be completed?
  19. Dropfast Augur

    Ah cool! So I take it this will go live on next real patch. Thanks so much, you just made hundreds of melee happy campers :cool:
  20. Prathun Developer

    I believe the issue that prevents reaching the third step of Fate Rewards the Bold affects every version of the Heroic Adventure.

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