Update Bugs 01/20/2016

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Hludwolf Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Zaviere Augur

    Would be happy to contribute to this thread as soon as servers come up to check for said bugs :p
  3. Hludwolf Developer

    They are unlocked, which is why this is posted :)
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  4. kyong Augur

    Rogue usable dagger Tarantella is only 58 backstab damage.

    All other TBM daggers approaching high 70's and 80.
  5. wingnut0071 New Member

    Dichotonic paroxysm 3 does not seem to be affected by gift of deathly resolve or any dd proc :(

    so the causing great damage just doesn't happen
  6. The Riddler New Member

    No Slot 9 Augments for Charm slots STILL.. I've been waiting for this, forever.
  7. Daldolin Deathdealer New Member

    /agree, Looked all around and no love.... Where is my Type 9 for Charm?
  8. Sancus Augur

    Tried to run In Defense of Health. The first step in the task I got was "Destroy the ballistas being used against the Plane of Health 0/5." Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that any mobs spawned in the entire instance. I don't have track, but I ran around the whole thing, and even the friendly NPCs that would normally be at the zone in to plane of tranquility are missing.
  9. Sancus Augur

    Companion's Provocative Demeanor does not land on swarm pets and therefore they are generating almost no aggro. I'm able to pull aggro from EM 23 focused Remorseless Servants even after waiting 20+ seconds for them to build it up. They are no longer serving their intended function and need to be fixed.

    Best fix would to be to revert the pet changes made in the December 9th patch along with this one. Alternatively, RS pets either need a massive hate increase or Companion's Provocative Demeanor needs to be turned into an aura that functions similarly to Rathe's Strength.
  10. Krisiun Lorekeeper

    I'm way tired and can't type right now, but my necro pet (105 max aa's) cant hold aggro atm. Not sure if a nerf was intended, if so, disregard.
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  11. Fooba Elder

    The graphic change for Frigid Pike of Isolation seems to have destroyed my aug Core of Caldarius.
  12. Kongfoo Elder

    Boon of the Seeress is not working on the Emblazoned Belt of Boromas. With Force of Corruption XIV on my The Shattering Maw, I get 1686 dmg with the belt and 1667 dmg without it. That difference is just the spell damage mod. With Strike of Flames IX on my Pugnoriu, I get 1085 dmg with the belt and 1066 dmg without. The only difference is the spell damage mod again. The Boon of the Seeress effect is doing nothing.
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  13. Stonereq Journeyman

    The Duel Nerf on The Shattering Maw killed the potential the weapon had for beastlords. Both taking the 2nd aug slot and by removing the Sympathetic proc. Please change it back with either another aug slot again or re-adding the Sympathetic proc on it.
  14. Kravitz Augur

    Scent of Dusk through Scent of Dread line of spells, can these be flagged like the Malos/Tash and now Rabies line of spells so that you can regen out of combat with them? Given that quite a few mobs in recent expansions are necromancers or shadowknights, this becomes quite irritating especially if you don't have anyone around to cure it.

    I never understood why the Scent line was not flagged like Malos & Tash lines, if there is some reasoning behind it. And now Rabies over Scent line, this reasoning is beyond comprehension to me. These should have been flagged years ago when Malos and Tash were flagged for out of combat regen.

    This has been asked over the years, still wondering why these haven't been flagged yet Rabies is flagged now, awesome reasoning.
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  15. Malbro Augur

    Luclin is unstable, crashing.
  16. ~Mills~ Augur

    **** Miscellaneous****

    -Reduced the amount of aggro that summoned player pets generate via melee swings. A new AA ability named Companion's Proactive Demeanor has been added to allow summoned companions to generate more than their baseline aggro to coincide with this change.

    The issue is the added AA line Companion's Proactive Demeanor does not work for any pet except permanently summoned pets. All temporary pets be it spell pets, clicky pets, AA pets have lost the ability to hold any aggro now with this change as it is.

    Find a solution please either by making this new AA line work for any pet summoned by the player or make it so these other summoned pets have their aggro generation restored to actually be able to hold a mobs attention.
  17. Stell_CT Elder

    Just completed the Crypt of Sul RAID "Ashanti Sul Enslaver of souls" on Cazic. Her body poofed and the Augments never showed. Safe to say the fix in the patch notes didn't work.
  18. Iila Augur

  19. Wonton Apprentice

    Clicked my "Quintessence of Decay" from the Champion of the Crypt of Decay achievement. The item was consumed, and I got the "Your Spell Book has been updated!!" message along with "Spell 49226 replaced at Wonton Spell Book at slot 647.

    I'm assuming this is related to the dichotomic progression. But the spell didn't change.
    The Quintessence from the plane of health achievement lets me click it, but nothing happens and the item doesn't poof.
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    There should have also been another message, possibly in a different window, informing you your progression ability had been updated and it seems that clicking one of them updates it to the maximumrank for the achievements you have done.

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