Ragefire Exceeded Expectations - What Now?

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 26, 2015.

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  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    Hey all,

    We’re incredibly humbled by the amount of interest we’ve received over the last week regarding the Ragefire progression server. It has definitely exceeded our expectations.

    Ragefire was built to accommodate more players than the previous two progression servers combined. Looking at all historical data from EverQuest, we really felt this would be enough to meet player demand. After looking at numbers from last weekend, it’s obvious it wasn’t.

    The team is now diligently working to prep a second progression server, Lockjaw, with the same ruleset as Ragefire. We are aiming to have Lockjaw available to players as soon as possible, hopefully by this coming weekend. We’ll keep you updated on the team’s progress.


    We’re also working on expanding which zones can spawn additional versions that players can access via /pickzone. We know that overcrowding is an issue, and we’ll have a fix to roll out by end of day Wednesday.

    We’re grateful for everyone’s patience as we work to address the colossal demand for the new progression server.
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  2. Warriorgod Journeyman

    Will free server transfers be available for Lockjaw?
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  3. Draden Elder

    Pretty please?
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  4. ChloroCat New Member

    Make it 1 IP address only. Get rid of the boxers. But love Ragefire. Such memories. But those memories didn't involve boxers.
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  5. Adam of Ragefire Lorekeeper

    Thank god Roshen,

    Thanks so much for telling us about your progress.
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  6. Fendy Augur

    Is "- What Now?" a request for player input as to what we would like to see you work on next? Or was it just a lead in to the announcement of Lockjaw? Because if you want to know what we'd like to see you'll be flooded with input. Or you could just review what's already been asked for in the past few months.
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  7. Misaligned Augur

    Excellent, thank you!
  8. Machen New Member

    Will you commit to merging Ragefire and Lockjaw, or should we expect the same ultimate result as Fippy and Vulak?
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  9. O_Castitatis_Lilium Lorekeeper

    I hope you guys are going to put in a no ISboxing thing with it though, because that's what a lot of people are asking for. Sure, there are the select few that are asking for no boxers in general, but at least have it were ISbox or whatever isn't allowed on there. That's what I have seen most about on the forums for the entire weekend. I would play on the second server, so long as some of those rules were to apply.

    Edit...odd...I had more on here...I wonder why it deleted it...might have to change the batteries in my keyboard...Anyways, I wanted to thank you though, for listening this far to the player based and what they want. It is much appreciated.
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  10. fazool Augur

    Oh....an identical clone of the lawless FFA that everyone is screaming hatred about, called Ragefire, with 6-bot mage armies, intentional training and griefing......no thanks.

    Make a server that is fun to play on and I'll resub mine and my son's account. Juts more of the same....what another waste.
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  11. Nolrog Augur

    Then I hope you enjoy a several week delay in the server while they come up with a way to implement this.
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  12. Greggorr New Member

    So tired of hearing people cry about boxers. Go play P1999 if you don't want to deal with them. And yes, I will happily change to the new server, though I might give it a week for the populous to make their choice between the servers and pick the lower population of the two.
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  13. Maginus Lorekeeper

    If you lower the price of the progression server to $5 and police the crap out of the server (preferably to the extreme) I will play on lockjaw...
  14. jordune Augur

    all for this.
    please allow transfers.
  15. Trevalon Augur

    IF you do not offer free transfers this server will be doomed worse than Vulak was.

    Vulak launched a day after Fippy and still only pulled in less than half of Fippy's population.

    We have had nearly a week of Ragefire now - without free transfers this server is gonna pull even less than Vulak did.

    You HAVE to let us transfers if you want Lockjaw to work!
  16. Dobey New Member

    Instead of one healthy server, we'll now be left with two mediocre populated servers in a month or two. Oh well, fun either way.
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  17. Aiona Augur

    This will not work - only in your imagination.
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  18. Aiona Augur

    I second the question.
  19. Koschei Journeyman

    Please STOP boxing on this server, and make it know from the outset. I feel that Ragefire was slightly cheesed by people gaming the encounter mechanics with a single player with multiple characters.
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  20. Elkay Augur

    Thanks for the update and good news!

    Free server transfers?
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