Oct 10, 2012
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    I'm currently suffering from a strong anxiety disorder that has crippled my ability to socialize in the real world for 12 years. It's difficult for me to even leave the house to go outside at times.

    Because of this, depression and anxiety sort of go hand-in-hand. EQ is my escape from the torrent of medications I've taken over the years, the methods and therapy which has so far failed to improve my situation. Other than online friends, I have no friends in real life to talk to, unless you count my cats and some relatives who don't leave me alone.

    I don't seek pity. I'm merely stating the facts about myself. Even though I may be encased inside my house and inside my mind, I have found outlets. I brew my own beer, wine, and mead. I have grown many strains of mushrooms by ordering kits. In the times I can get outside, I have grown a large crop of tomatoes that at one point my family started taking bowls full daily to work to give to co-workers. I by all means have not given up, even if I've spent over a third of it watching life pass me by.

    I currently play on Povar-Quellious. My original character was on Seventh Hammer, between 2000-2004 where I amassed over 420 days played on one character (that's 8 hours a day, every day!). I quit for other things, but returned in 2009 for a short period. When I learned EverQuest became F2P I returned in 2012 and have been playing since. My main is a Paladin, named Uxtalzon. I flirt with anything female, dead or alive, NPC or player. I mostly act like Quagmire from Family Guy either for the reactions or just to make people smile.