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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Scaramanga82, Dec 9, 2015.

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  1. Steampunk Augur

    The amount of XP has already been discussed and dismissed. Pick your next topic to whine about.
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  2. B1A2C3D6 Journeyman

    dismissed by whom? troll fanboys?
  3. Ltldogg Augur

    no thanks, let's keep the xp low, the pet mitigation/aggro as it is and enjoy a version of EQ that is the closest to classic we have had yet.
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  4. Volka New Member

    So some people like the xp change and some people hate it. That's not really the argument here. The situation is that xp gain was tuned down greatly and never mentioned prior to server launch by any developers or in any patch notes. Nor was it this way on test server when they were testing the other Phinigel changes.

    This is the type of thing that should have been mentioned up front and ahead of time (just like all the other changes that were being made specifically for this server) so that everyone was aware and could make a decision as to whether they wanted to play on Phinigel or not. It's no different than if they had just sprung all the Phinigel raid instance changes on Lockjaw and Ragefire. Some people may enjoy it, others may not, but the bottom line is, we should have been told. Many of us took advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to purchase access to the game for months in advance. We did this knowing all about the raid changes, the 90 day timer, the pet nerfs, etc. etc. You don't just leave out a major detail like this.

    With all that said, it's very clearly a marketting/cash grab situation. They loaded the market with a bunch of 4 hour potions and are pushing exp pot sales. They needed a way to make these 4 hour potions something that people might actually pay for and slowing down exp gain to a rate where you're going to be stuck in the same level for 4-6 hours is a certainly a way to accomplish that.

    A lot of this is kind of humorous in a way that it shows just how much DBG manipulates the community and lies to us blatantly. Everything from the pet nerf, which way back when Ragefire launched, they claimed they could absolutely not change pets in any way shape or form, because it would cause all pets on all servers to be nerfed and that wouldn't be fair to live server people. Yet here we are, with major pet changes that aren't hurting the live servers at all, but gutting the TLP servers. Personally I don't play a mage or necro but it's clear they have broken them with the changes. Another thing is Breeze. They've been absolutely against adding it to TLP servers claiming that a low level clarity solution wouldn't be in spirit of the classic EQ gaming experience. Well, I guess what they really meant was it's not in the spirit of classic EQ, unless DBG is selling you clarity pots on the market for $$. We should all consider ourselves firmly slapped in the face and laughed upon by DBG as they shake hands and give themselves nice holiday bonuses at our expense.
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  5. Roshen Brand Manager

    Phinigel is a fresh progression server that was set up with its own rate of experience gain.

    If you compare this to Ragefire and Lockjaw, players will notice they earn experience at a slower rate on this server. If you compare this to EverQuest at launch, players will notice that they earn experience at a much faster rate here. There are no experience penalties for class, race or hell levels on the Phinigel server (although rogues, warriors and halflings will continue to get race/class exp bonuses here like they do on all servers).

    I've updated the FAQ with this info, to help draw attention to this for new and returning players.
  6. Ltldogg Augur

    Love it and hope nothing changes unless they want to make the game even harder! This will force even more group cooperation, socializing, etc. Keep it up DBG!
  7. FurySoul Augur

    There you have it people ... let the souls shatter.

    It's ok though I have the glue you need in Fippy Darkpaw!
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    Pretty awesome of you to clear that up after you released the server.
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  9. Ltldogg Augur

    Yeah, like you wouldn't still be playing the game... :rolleyes:
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  10. FurySoul Augur

    Was that 1 day on the server giving you PTSD? There are other servers with higher exp rates. It could be the therapeutic remedy that you've been looking for. (might I suggest Fippy Darkpaw)
  11. B1A2C3D6 Journeyman

    Why was this not mentioned before now? Shouldn't this have been information people had in hand before they decided to subscribe specifically for this server? Seems quite shady to me Roshen.
  12. TL_KRONOLORD Augur

    I don't care about the XP rate whatever it is. I just think it is a scummy move and consistent with a range of DBGs past poor business practices not to even allude to the fact that this was a change that was being made or even under consideration.
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  13. B1A2C3D6 Journeyman

    no it's more like i would have never subbed in the first place without this server.
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  14. oldkracow Augur

    Are you telling me that good players didn't figure out that exp was slower after 10 kills? Why did you guys stick around if it wasn't to your liking?

    Go pick another TLP if you aren't satisfied.
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  15. Drexll Augur

    Nice of you to point that out after server release.

    Are you aware that lots of ppl on LJ/RF liquidated all their gear/assetts for Krono to be spent on this server? How many wouldnt have done that had they knows about this?

    I wouldnt have. I feel deceived. You suck.
  16. B1A2C3D6 Journeyman

    I RESUBBED SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS SERVER. YES I FIGURED IT OUT VERY FAST. YES I'M STILL NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Sorry for the caps but people don't seem to be understanding that others resubbed specifically for this server and no other reason.
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  17. Ducreux Augur

    I'd just like to point out all the times that DBG have pointed out that these are NOT classic servers when we ask about balancing and other tweak changes.

    This just seems like you guys wanted to increase exp potion sales.
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  18. oldkracow Augur

    Go handle it through a ticket to support.
    I'm sure if you only play like 30 minutes then gave up they'll hear your plea and refund you.
    Unless you played for 10+ hours then it seems like you enjoyed it.
  19. FurySoul Augur

    For those that feel slighted by DBG. If you subbed only for this server but now are not happy because you needed it your way, stop playing phinny and go play on fippy darkpaw. you should have 28/29 more days left on your account and I could put you to work and give you a krono for it. You can do whatever you want with that krono (hint hint hint). Should balance out all the trouble !
  20. Solkos Augur

    For my fellow players that would have never came back if this was announced in the first place, who do they send e-mails to get refunds to steadfast bags, EXP pots, and whatever else was bought before this unannounced huge revelation of 66% less EXP per kill was announced?

    Your argument about comparing a 12 week expansion EXP rate server to a server that had 13 months in classic is a bit of a stretch. To get an equivalent experience you would have to have ~4.3x more EXP gained than that of classic and this is not nearly that.
    Also you comparing the ~6 month unlock Ragefire/Lockjaw (which have a higher EXP rate) to Phinny ~3 month unlock which you gain EXP at 1/3 of the rate kind of proves the point of this EXP downgrade not making any sense at all on a server that was precieved to be more for casual raiders who wanted instances.

    This decision is going to lose you a lot of subs sadly and I hate to see it. I'll stick around because I have the playtime but if the server is just dead in a month and a half, it will be a bummer.
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