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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. spord Developer

    Hey everyone, we’re back with another set of Stats Revamp updates! This thread is for feedback specific to Electricity powers. Before testing, please read the notes for our general changes here.

    The biggest concern from Electricity players was healing output. We have increased the healing amount and power cost for the Priority Heal as well as increased the healing multipliers for any heal over time effects. These changes are not just for Electricity but all Healer power sets.

    Most of the other changes made were related to the Ability Output Update section of Avair's post. Here are a few of the changes:
    • Bioelectric Surge - Now heals for more and cost 250 base power
    • Ionic Drain - No longer deals extra damage to enemies affected by power interactions
    • The following abilities cone attacks now have a wider angle:
      • Attract, Shockwave
  2. CrappyHeals Loyal Player

    The electrified side of elec is still lacking a bit, also Electrocute, E-gen and V-bolt could all use a slight buff. A 300 power cost burst that worked off the electrified Pi would also be great.

    Elec from a dps pov is looking pretty good just needs some small changes. I'll have more after i figure out what nature is trying to be lol :D
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  3. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    Electric was fine in healing lol. It's now clear top tier healer.
    It's got everything beat.including a Cele shield and glyph rotation with AcB and Benediction up.
    It boasts 3 8 man burst heals. It has 6 30m heals and 4 max render distance heals. Flux is potent as it has a push back.
    Overcharge still stacks on itself in healer role and it's Power savvy for what you get out of it.
    It's pure heal set up is very effective and potent. More so than the other powers etas because it's burst fits the meta of the stat revamp.
    You can battle heal with Electric fairly easily with a might focused battle spec or a precious focused battle spec.
    Elec has it all. Group transducer is good and invigorate is decent.

    Edited since the above post is talking about damage.
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  4. L T Loyal Player

    Voltaic Bolt is pretty sucky in its current incarnation. When it was a super big burst with a long cool down it was great. When it was a decent burst and 6 second DOT it was good also. The useless burst and long DOT that it is now is actually worse than live. And it seems to be doing just a little more total damage than Arc Lightning does in its burst.

    In fact, all of electric's dots are weak. In a DOT loadout, it seems like all you're doing is refreshing DOTs.

    Tesla Ball now does 6 ticks of damage, which add up to less damage than the burst of tesla blast. That's just wrong.

    Arc Lightning seems to be the only way to apply electrified.
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  5. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    DEVS or anyone who knows electric like me on working on electric loadout rotation on test......i have 4 questions I need answers to about electric on test...
    1. Will mods like CRITICAL WIRED 3 and 5 percent power back (chest mod I believe) actual affect your toons performance in dps ing?
    2. I split precision and might mods evenly on my electric toon playing HYBRID on live i did the same on test ....shouldn't my weapon be hitting hard using scissor kick when i activate WIRED on test spec ing like this?
    3. Does VOLTAIC BOLT SPREAD the electrified to other enemies surrounding initial target on test like on live?
    4. which is better on test....ELECTROGENESIS or VOLTAIC BOLT?
  6. Duck X Active Player

    Electrostatic bomb and overcharge are kinda weak compared to everything else from what i noticed, and electrified side needs abit more burst aoe, maybe make electrostatic bomb benefit from electrified pi and increase the damage a bit. Also voltaic bolt electrocute and electrogenesis should get slightly buffed. Everything else is good. I would like to see more options for the healer sides of all the healer powers. Sorcery should be used as a baseline because sorcery has it all. It has many healer loadouts you can make up, i would love to see that level of costumization on every power. For example being able to choose a burst heal heavy play style or a heal over time playstyle or a mix of both like sorcery can. Also this is an idea that i would love to see being taken into concideration, making voltaic bolt a heal over time if enemies are electrified. It would add even more variety to electric healing.
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  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Feedback: I feel electric needs a bump up in base value on a few of its powers. So far compared to other powers I've tested it falls behind on parses. Hybrid has been the only way I was able to hit above 30 k and even then most I've seen was 31, while other powers are pushing 33k+ (Loadout- Electrocute, V-bolt, e-gen, arc lightning, e-burst, wired, all clipped with staff tap x3 hold x2)

    PFtT is significantly weaker too. Was barely able to get above 25 k while other powers such as fire are pushing 36.
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  8. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    But electric healing is already powerful. It's the best heal on test..
    I can understand the variety part but it's got the basics covered and then some. Hell it's range is rivals Celestial's range as well.
    It's got mid range hot and burst as well which solidifies it's Power efficiency and ensures it's a good pick for PvP. Not to mention that it has the highest base healing values. Electric is friggin set.

    Electricity also had Overcharge and Recovery added to its healing arsenal. As much as I'd love to see it have 3 more heals added.. I'm not taking a chance. Not this late in the revamp.
    I could see Voltaic Bolt being a hot, as well as Electrocute and even Tesla Ball too but that means their damage in general will go down which is something people will outrage about.
    It also may require different animations on the healing side of things as well.
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  9. Duck X Active Player

    Yea ik its powerful, i just want to have so many loadout that i wont know what to use, bc if you dont have variety the gameplay gets stale. I just dont want it to get stale thats why i love how dpsing is right now. Also making voltaic bolt a hot shouldnt affect its damage because that would mean that electrogenesis would be bad for dps but its still a good dot in dps role. Voltaic could be a heal over time in healer role strictly i dont care if it does not do damage. And in dps make it do not heal at all just straight damage. Same concept as electrogenesis.
  10. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    I totally get it lol.
    And I gotcha on that part. I thought you wanted both damage and healing.
  11. Duck X Active Player

    Na i want options for my playstyle and balance :)
  12. KenCope2007 New Player

    Can someone on test servers let me know if Elect DPS is good or bad? Does anyone have a video of themselves running a raid or an alert? My main is Elect and atm the DPS side is Abysmal. So can some say if with all these changes, that Elect at least has a fighting chance on the DPS side?
  13. L T Loyal Player

    It was really good. Now not so much. Test is still a work in progress though. Every power set seems to be getting a base vanilla attack that works pretty well so there ought to be at least some improvement vs live.
  14. krytine Loyal Player

    Ok a couple of things about the healing side.

    1. Change electrogen from the nearest ally to either the lowest health or the furthest ally preferably the furthest ally from you.
    2. Why in sam hill blue blazen are we loosing the healer animation for ionic drain when the bosses are now doing a kick ars one. Please let us keep the healer side ionic drain maybe change the dps side to it as well
  15. L T Loyal Player

    "Recovery" needs a new name.
  16. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    SIGH....on test but I HATE to admit ELECTRIC DPS is lacking in damage something is off with the Polarized side is fun as hell but why not make attract a polarized spammer and SW as electric spammer.....seriously DEVS overcharge throwing electric off....and why is it that AL is the only way to electrify for idea you can make TELSA BLAST AOE ELECTRIFY......ELECTRIFIED SIDE NEED MORE LOVE......reminder OVERCHARGE is a weird spammer...maybe make it splash damage on initial hit....
  17. Duck X Active Player

  18. Duck X Active Player

    I agree with the electro genesis part 100% its kinda annoying running around the room to put it on people the run tobthebother side so people in between get . i would preger the furthest away but lowest health wouldnt be too bad. I never really use iomic drain because its so sitational so i cant comment on it.
  19. krytine Loyal Player

    Its just the devs are changing the look of it back to how it was for dps and if you look at the final boss in usr attack is ionic drain. So why take that away from us just to give it to npc?
  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • Electroburst:
      • Increased the damage, healing, and cooldown.
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