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  1. Avair Developer

    Hello again everyone! This update marks an exciting milestone for the Stats Revamp – it’s the penultimate form of Stats Revamp! We took the previous survey, all of our notes, and all the play test results and combined them into multiple changes for this update and some medium term plans for the future. This thread is to discuss the general changes we have made and what we have left to do.

    Stats Revamp Cheat Sheet
    • Green = on track and in good shape.
    • Yellow = our current and immediate focus.
    • Orange = to be addressed later in the revamp.
    • Red = Removed
    On Track:
    • Remove Combat Rating Differential
    • Adjust where player stats come from and smooth progression
    • Adjust NPC stats
    • Revamp skill tress/skill points
    • Remove Advanced Mechanics and Weapon Mastery bonus damage
    • Remove Power Points
    • Update all power sets
    • Enhance supercharges and supercharge builders
    Ongoing and Under Review:
    • Balance powersets post-AM/WM
    • Balance and adjust roles to account for new stat numbers
    • Balance playstyles (PftT, Hybrid, Weapon)
    • Adjust ability cooldowns (for balance and combat pace)
    • Adjust ability power costs (for balance and combat pace)
    • Address content bugs and adjust specific content as needed for difficulty
    • Address powerset-specific bugs
    • Make Power -the stat- important (adjust stat points, controller PoT changes, passive power regen, weapon power regen)
    • Make Crowd Control more impactful (used less often, strategically, to greater effect)
    In The Red

    I want to take a second to comment on the red stuff in the overall checklist.

    Power Matters

    When we originally entered into the Stats Revamp we came in with the goal that we wanted to make Power, the stat, mean something and we wanted players to invest in it. Over the course of testing it has become apparent that players do not want to invest in Power. This feedback brought us back to the drawing board a little and now we have shifted our focus away from players investing in power, but instead making sure they pay attention to the power mechanic. There will be more information on this in the general balance portion of this post.

    Crowd Control Matters

    This is a thing we discussed before and we are not pursuing it to any great extent. What we have done so far is remove some amount of crowd control from abilities across power sets. You may have noticed that power sets updated later in the process actually had more crowd control left in. We went back and gave power sets updated first some of their crowd controls back. We will continue to monitor this, but do not plan further changes.

    General Balance Pass

    Now that we have all power sets updated we moved on to our general balance pass. This is the time period where we can make big changes to everything now that all the pieces are on the board. These changes include things like updating power costs over all, adding new mechanics, and adjusting UI. Here is an explanation of many of the changes we made during this general balance pass.
    • Masteries
    • Stats
    • Ability Output Update
    • Supercharges
    • Role Updates

    Masteries (final name TBD) are new skill point boxes on the stats tree page that can be gotten in order to support a specific play style. Masteries are exclusive to each other and are awaiting new icons. These are our solution to supporting the associated playstyles. Previously there were issues with increasing the effectiveness of one playstyle without increasing another. Now we have an area where we can tweak each playstyle individually, exclusive from the others.

    The current masteries are:
    • Hybrid Mastery – This mastery allows the player to gain power from attacking with their weapon, utilizing both weapons and abilities. This is how the game was originally designed and is considered the classic playstyle.
    • Weapon Mastery – This mastery increases weapon damage and allows power regeneration from weapon attacks, but decreases passive power regeneration. Players will primarily utilize weapons, with some weapon-enhancing abilities.
    • Power Mastery – This mastery significantly increases passive power regeneration. Players will not gain power from weapon attacks. This is for players who wish to play from the tray.
    Masteries should make play style choices easier to understand, balanced, and more impactful.


    We found that most players do not want to put points or invest in power. In order to adjust for this and help out might users, we have removed the power skill point option and combined it with Might. This means when you buy might, you will automagically gain power at a similar rate to what you used to. Its basically free power! This should help play from the tray users by allowing them to invest points in what they really want, might!

    We also removed defense as an option for spending skill points in. We found that tanks had too many options for spending skill points. This should not really change how defensive you are because we accounted for it in other areas.

    Ability Output Update

    We have heard your feedback on relative balance issues and have taken action! Some of the numerous pieces of feedback across the powersets were that abilities with large cast time and channel time were not attractive enough to be useful options. As we tackled that, we also took a deep look at the way we give an ability more throughput (bonuses) or less throughput based on the characteristics of the ability. For example, to calculate the damage of an ability, we would give a bonus throughput in exchange for increased cooldown on an ability. The longer the cooldown, the bigger the bonus.

    These ratios are where balance happens. These ratios are also where a large portion of the feedback tweaking happened.

    There are far too many things to explain in depth here, so I will list them in broad categories below. Essentially the goal of this portion of the update is to make each ability category a useful option for a play style or player.

    Bigger Bonus for Being/Having More Of:
    • HoT Duration
    • Healing Field Duration
    • Cast Time
    • Channel Time
    • Combo Time Length Bonus
    • Stationary Cast
    • Single Target Bonus
    • Melee Bonus
    Smaller Bonus For Being/Having More Of:
    • Power Cost
    • Cooldown
    • DoT Duration
    • Damage field duration
    We also increased the width of skinny cones. High five!


    We got a lot of feedback about how supercharges felt and the majority of the feedback was that they were not impressive and felt too frequent. We agreed and slowed down the supercharge generation, increased the max supercharge resource, and made most supercharges more powerful. Now when you use a supercharge it should be impactful and feel good.

    Role Updates

    We made a couple of significant updates to role specific functionality based on feedback from the survey and other areas.


    We got a significant amount of feedback that healers were too spammy. Heals were not big enough, and needed to be used too often for too little effect. To this end, we increased the power cost and throughput for basic heals. This is on top of the general ability updates, and together help the healer become more burst oriented and less small heal spam oriented overall.


    We spent a bit of time thinking about the tank playstyles of turtle tanking and active tanking (called by some, battle tanking). We want to support both of these options to an extent and feel that the best way to play the game is by applying the right option in the right circumstance. Most content will not require you to swap between these options, but some hardcore content might.

    To this end, we have shifted some numbers around and made some adjustments so that players can tank by turtling or by being more active, so that it is up to you. The following was done to support this:
    • Rebalanced the tank passives to account for moving defense from skill points to other places
    • Created Fortified Assault tactical mod for increased defense while active, to differentiate playstyle between those who use Fortified Block tactical mod for increase defense while blocking
    • We also plan on increasing the duration of shields to 12 seconds

    Beyond the updates that the controller power sets got, we updated the controller group weapon buff to be more powerful, and expect controller play to be impacted by the power (the stat) changes. Most of these updates happened in the power sets themselves or in general balancing.

    The Future

    As I mentioned before, this is the penultimate form of Stats Revamp. This means that from here on out there will not be giant functionality additions or huge power set changes. Now, we will be focusing on making smaller changes and balance updates, polishing powersets and content, as well as fixing bugs and usability issues. This means our focus for the future builds will be making the changes easier to understand and making sure the most recent changes hit their targets.

    For those of you who are still here, I appreciate it. Thanks for being finishers! All of you guys get 5% bonus stats when this goes live. That is, if Mepps allows it! (Mepps Edit: No.)

    I look forward to feedback and conversations about the changes we have made. Please also review the powerset specific changes in their threads. Thanks!
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • We will no longer try to make power, the stat, matter in your builds.
    • You no longer need to/can spend skill points directly in power.
    • We have added masteries so that you can specify your playstyle preference.
    • We have rebalanced all the things based on your feedback, including channels.
    • Healers should be less spammy.
    • Tanks should be more tanky, and can specify turtle vs. active.
    • Read the powerset-specific threads!
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  3. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    General Updates
    • Updated the tooltip for Block.
    • All skillpoints on characters should now be reset.
    • Executes (35%ers) and Supercharge abilities should no longer benefit from PIs, though some Supercharges may still apply them.
    • Reduced the effectiveness and trigger thresholds of Roleless Buffs.
    • Reduced player damage across the board and reduced NPC health to compensate.
    • Increased NPC damage slightly in alert and raid content.
    • Significantly increased Elite NPC stats.
    • Increased the amount of Power granted by mods, generator mods, skill points, consumables, and socket bonuses by 50%.
    • Weaponized Smash
      • General pass for new balance values.
    • Consumables
      • Rebalanced throughput values for new balance standards.
    • Flight
      • High Pressure
        • Updated animation and increased damage to match new dovetail time.
    • Iconic Abilities
      • General pass for new balance values.
      • Freezing Breath, Heat Vision, and Sonic Shout now cost 150 power per second (updated damage accordingly).
    • Movement Modes
      • General pass for new balance values.
    • PvP
      • Updated PvP stats for new damage values.
    • PvP Legends
      • Fixed an issue that caused power to drain over time while in Legends PvP.
    • Stats
      • Updated clamps for new stat curves.
      • Increased baseline Supercharge to 10000.
      • Reduced Supercharge regen by 50% and greatly increased throughput for Supercharges.
      • Reduced the amount of Restoration, Dominance, and Vitalization gained per level by half, but doubled their effectiveness.
    • Skill Points
      • Masteries (Weapon Mastery, Hybrid Mastery, and Power Mastery) are now mutually exclusive.
      • Added Hybrid Mastery and updated mastery functionality.
      • Power has been merged into Might skill points bonuses and rebalanced accordingly.
      • Power and Defense have been removed from the skill trees.
      • Updated several skill tree icons.
    • Tactical Mods
      • Updated Tank power set Supercharged Tactical Mods to grant supercharge as a percentage of the cost for the associated ability and to grant it after one second instead of five seconds. Other roles to follow.
      • Added Fortified Assault as the mirror option to Fortified Block. Fortified Assault: Increases Defense while not blocking.
    • General:
      • General pass for new balance values.
    • Atomic Blast:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Atomic Reorganization:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Geiger Beam:
      • No longer deals extra damage to enemies affected by any power interactions.
    • Neutrino Blast:
      • Now has a small heal and cost 200 base power
    • Radiation Shower:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • General:
      • General pass for new balance values.
    • Benediction:
      • Will now heal back every two seconds instead of every second and have higher Dominance and Restoration caps.
    • Cleansed Haunt:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Corrupt Benediction:
      • Will now heal back every two seconds instead of every second and have higher Dominance and Restoration caps.
    • Corrupt Smite:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Haunt:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Malediction:
      • The first tick of damage now happens when the ability is used instead of a second later.
    • Smite:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Power Interactions
      • Removed the Dazed power interaction! Crushing only!
      • The main adjustment is that Crush is now the only power interaction relevant to Earth
    • Pets will be adjusted in a future update
    • Gemstone Shield’s cost per combo ability has been increased, along with its effectiveness
    • Localized Tremor now exploits Crushing, instead of Dazed
    • Pebble Blast no longer applies Daze
    • Sand Blast no longer exploits Poison
    • Earthquake can now only be activated at 100% supercharge
    • Meteor Shower has been increased to a 100% supercharge
    • Attract:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Bioelectric Surge:
      • Now heals for more and cost 250 base power.
    • Ionic Drain:
      • No longer deals extra damage to enemies affected by power interactions.
    • Shockwave:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • General:
      • General pass for new balance values.
      • Channels now always allow retargeting.
    • Burning Determination:
      • Reduced the amount of healing.
    • Burnout:
      • Increased cost to 200 and increased heal accordingly.
    • Meteor:
      • Increased cost to 300, up from 200, and increased damage accordingly.
    • Volcanic Calamity:
      • Increased the size of the visual effects.
    • Pacing
      • A variety of Spammer options available:
        • Paralyzing Dart, Gauss Grenade, Napalm Grenade, Cryo-Foam
      • Adjusted cooldowns to account for cast time:
        • Sticky Bomb, Thermite Mine, Taser Pull, EMP Pulse
      • Stealth mechanics adjusted:
        • Now Detaunts and Surprise Attack spreads Dazing effects
    • Balance and Damage (particularly Damage Over Time)
      • Damage Over Time options available:
        • Fear Gas, Napalm Grenade, Thermite Mine, Implosion Mine, Cryo-Field
    • Reactions have been added, giving Gadgeteers more control over how they play, whether that is the choice between instant damage, Damage Over Time, or crowd control. We also created more synergy between the different ability types to encourage a variety of combinations between the different power interactions.
      • “Electroshock” reaction, stuns and deals Damage Over Time to targets:
        • Electric Gadgets VS the Dazed power interaction
        • Stasis Field VS the Electrify power interaction
      • “Freeze” reaction, encases enemies and sets up targets for other interactions:
        • Ice Gadgets VS the Frostbite power interaction
        • Implosion Mine VS the Frostbite power interaction
      • “Detonation” reaction, destroys encasements and allows some abilities to deal instant damage instead of Damage Over Time to targets:
        • Fire Gadgets VS Encasements
        • Fear Gas VS the Burning power interaction
    • Dazing Gadgets
      • Paralyzing Dart now exploits Daze only
      • Stasis Field now applies Daze and exploits Electrify
      • Fear Gas now applies Daze and exploits Burning
      • Implosion Mine now applies Daze and exploits Frostbite
    • Electric Gadgets:
      • Taser Pull now deals target area-of-effect damage, applies Electrify, and stuns in Control Role
      • Gauss Grenade now exploits Electrify
    • Ice Gadgets:
      • Cryo-Foam now has a reduced cooldown, applies Frostbite, and will encase Frostbitten targets
      • Cryo-Field’s cooldown has been reduced
    • Fire Gadgets:
      • Sticky Bomb now applies Burning
      • Napalm Grenade now exploits Burning
      • Thermite Mine now exploits Burning, and has an increased cost and cooldown
    • Debuff changes
      • Defense
        • Taser Pull
        • Cryo-Foam
      • Damage
        • Sticky Bomb
        • Paralyzing Dart
      • Healing
        • Gauss Grenade
        • Napalm Grenade
    • Photon Blast no longer exploits any power interactions
    • General:
      • Updated all abilities for new balance values.
      • Glacier Flash, Blizzard, and Freeze Ray no longer benefit from Frostbite.
      • Deep Freeze and Freeze Ray no longer inflict Crushing.
      • Channels now always allow retargeting.
    • Arctic Gust:
      • Increased cost to 200, up from 100, and increased damage accordingly.
    • Blizzard:
      • Reduced cost back to 50% and reduced damage accordingly.
    • Frost Blast:
      • Increased cost to 400, up from 300, and increased damage accordingly.
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Ice Boulder:
      • Increased cost to 300, up from 200, added knockdown, and increased damage accordingly.
    • Ice Boulder Strike:
      • Increased cost to 300, up from 200, and increased damage accordingly.
      • Now benefits from Frostbite, rather than applying it.
    • Inescapable Storm:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Shatter Restraints:
      • Increased cost to 200 and increased shield accordingly.
    • General:
      • Impact and Fan have new icons.
    • Fan:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
      • Now has unique icon instead of sharing icons with Flight abilities.
    • Impact:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
      • Now has unique icon instead of sharing icons with Flight abilities.
    • Minigun:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Ram:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Recharge:
      • Increased Controller Group Weapon Buff bonus to 20%, up from 10%.
    • Lack of Crowd Control
      • Thought Bubble returns!
      • Encasements options:
        • Thought Bubble, Cryokinesis
      • Levitation options:
        • Telekinesis, Mass Levitation
      • Stun options:
        • Psychic Shock , Telekinetic Pull, Pyrokinesis, Phantom Flames, Terror Tendrils, Mass Terror, Psychic Prison, Ambush: Sleep
      • Other options:
        • Horrific Visage
    • Pacing
      • A variety of Spammer options available:
        • Telekinesis, Telekinetic Push, Cryokinesis, Psychic Shock
      • Damage Over Time options available:
        • Telekinesis, Mass Levitation, Pyrokinesis, Phantom Flames, Psychic Prison
      • Invisibility mechanics adjusted:
        • Now Detaunts and Ambush: Pain Blast converts Daze into Terror
    • Power Interaction conversion abilities have been implemented to increase the synergy and flow between the Daze and Terror power interactions, opening up ability combinations for Mentalists. To help with this, the Burning and Frostbite power interactions have been removed.
    • Mental players will find plenty of crowd control options available in Control Role, with reduced options (but greater damage output) in Damage Role
    • Mental players will also find a variety of instant damage and Damage Over Time ability options, allowing them to stack the DOTs or burst as they please.
    • Daze interacting abilities
      • Abilities that apply Daze
        • Telekinesis now deals Damage Over Time
        • Mass Levitation now deals Damage Over Time
        • Thought Bubble now deals instant damage, targets 8 enemies, and has a reduced cooldown
      • Abilities that exploit Daze
        • Telekinetic Push
        • Telekinetic Bolt
        • Telekinetic Pull
        • Pain Blast now converts the Daze interaction to Terror
        • Pyrokinesis now converts the Daze interaction to Terror
    • Terror interacting abilities
      • Abilities that apply Terror
        • Terror Tendrils
        • Horrific Visage target count increased to 8 from 4
      • Abilities that exploit Terror
        • Psychic Shock now deals instant damage, instead of Damage Over Time
        • Phantom Flames
        • Mass Terror now deals instant damage, instead of Damage Over Time
        • Cryokinesis now converts the Terror interaction to Daze
    • Other abilities
      • Terrorize no longer exploits the Terror power interaction
      • Psychic Prison’s cost and output have been increased
      • Cryokinesis will also encase targets that are Dazed or Terrified
    • General:
      • Rebalanced all abilities to the new standards and updated tooltips with standard power interactions to use a referenced glossary.
    • Chain Gun:
      • Now works with the Empowered Channeling tactical mod.
    • Five-Barrel Minigun:
      • Now works with the Empowered Channeling tactical mod.
    • Killer Instincts
      • The head band visual effect will now show in Controller role as well as DPS role.
      • Rebalanced all abilities to the new standards and updated tooltips with standard power interactions to use a referenced glossary.
    • Particle Gun:
      • Now works with the Empowered Channeling tactical mod.
    • Pump Action Shotgun
      • Animations have been re-timed to be longer allowing for more input time and more damage.
    • Reload:
      • Increased Controller Group Weapon Buff bonus to 20%, up from 10% and now costs 300 power.
    • Railguns:
      • Now works with the Empowered Channeling tactical mod.
    • Rocket Launcher:
      • Now works with the Empowered Channeling tactical mod.
    • Damage
      • There have been changes to the way that Poison functions, and how other abilities interact with this power interaction. SEE THE OVERVIEW!
      • Chaotic Growth is now 100% Supercharge
        • This supercharge should now provide maximum damage in a single cast.
      • Carnivorous Plants is now 50% Supercharge
        • Many complained about the damage compared to other 100% supercharges. The damage was reduced to accommodate the healing portion of the ability.
    • Healing
      • There have been changes to the way that Pheromones function, and how other abilities interact with this power interaction. SEE THE OVERVIEW!
      • Bloom now provides instant healing, followed by Healing Over Time.
    • Form Changes
      • Form changes have been converted into Supercharges, to increase the passive bonuses they provide. We chose this route since, as a normal power-consuming ability, some stats must be decreased on Insectoid and Primal Wolf to keep them balanced otherwise. We also wanted these forms to be optional, instead of being the absolute most effective way to perform the role.
        • Primal Wolf: +10% Damage, +15% Critical Attack Chance, +30% Critical Attack Damage
        • Insectoid: +10% Healing, +15% Critical Healing Chance, +30% Critical Healing Magnitude
        • Gorilla: +30% Defense, +35% Damage, +35% Healing
    • Power Interactions
      • Poison and Pheromones have been reduced to a single stack, to decrease the amount of ramp up time and allow more room for other abilities or supercharges.
      • Poison and Pheromones are applied as over time effects and the remainder of the effect can be consumed as an instant effect, providing the players with more control over the Power Interactions.
      • Poison and Pheromones have been opened up and are both now available in Damage Role and Healer Role
      • Pheromone applying abilities:
        • Bloom, Cross Pollination, Metabolism, Flourish
      • Pheromone consuming abilities:
        • Blossom, Flourish
      • Poison applying abilities:
        • Briar, Serpent Call, Thorn Burst, Vine Lash
      • Poison consuming abilities:
        • Harvest, Savage Growth
      • Poison exploiting abilities:
        • Voracious Plants
    • Damage abilities
      • Savage Growth now deals instant damage and consumes remaining Poison for additional damage. No Healer Role effects.
      • Harvest now deals Damage Over Time and consumes remaining Poison effects for additional instant damage.
      • Thorn Burst now deals instant damage and trailing Damage Over Time. No more Shield effects.
    • Healing abilities
      • Blossom now consumes remaining Pheromones for instant group healing.
      • Flourish gives Healing Over Time and consumes remaining Pheromone effects for additional instant healing.
    • General:
      • General pass for new balance values.
      • Increased the potency of the group weapon buff on Controller burst power heals, and slightly reduced power healing.
      • Executes and Supercharges should generally no longer benefit from PIs.
      • Supercharge costs and throughput have been increased.
      • Channels now always allow retargeting
    • Temporal Extortion:
      • Increased power cost to 300 and increased group buff.
    • Timeshift:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • General:
      • General pass for new balance values.
      • Channels now always allow retargeting.
    • Berserk:
      • Increased buff duration.
    • Dreadful Blast:
      • Increased the cost of the combo portions to 150, up from 100, and increased damage accordingly.
    • Eviscerating Chain:
      • No longer benefits from PI.
    • Frenzy:
      • Can now cast while moving.
      • Increased starting cost to 150, up from 100. Increased combo cost to 50, up from 35. Increased damage accordingly.
    • Infuriate:
      • Increased crit bonus and max healing.
    • Ire:
      • Increased cost to 200 and increased heal accordingly.
    • Outrage:
      • Hold combo now deals increased damage when used after the tap combo.
      • Increased the cost of the combo portions to 150, up from 100, and increased damage accordingly.
    • Plasma Retch:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Ragebringer:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • Remorseless Recovery:
      • Reduced healing (healing is no longer treated as using shield values).
    • General:
      • General pass for new balance values.
      • Polymorph and Baleful Transmogrification CC effects can no longer be broken by solo and duo NPCs.
    • Arbiter of Destiny:
      • Reduced cost to 50%.
    • Final Ruin:
      • No longer benefits from PI.
    • Grand Summoning:
      • Increased duration to 30s, up from 20s.
    • Rejuvenate:
      • Increased power cost to 250, up from 150, and increased heal accordingly.
    • Soul Siphon:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    • General:
      • Updated weapon combos for new standards and clipping.
      • Fixed certain weapon attacks doing less damage than intended, which affects the following abilities:
    • Martial Arts
    • Smoke Bomb Shield
    • Sidearm Throw
    • Heavy Sidearm Throw
    • Lifting Strike Mastery
    • Magnum Round Mastery

    General Updates
    • Consumables
      • CC from consumables should now properly apply to non-boss group NPCs when used by a Tank or Controller.
    • Skill Points
      • Updated tooltip for Might skill points to be "Might and Power."
    • Tactical Mods
      • Updated Controller powerset Supercharged Tactical Mods to grant supercharge as a percentage of the cost for the associated ability, and to grant it after one second instead of five seconds. (Healer role and Iconics to follow.)
    • General:
      • In Tank Role, Molecular Charges now restore health equal to 40% Dominance, increased from 28%.
    • Atomic Combos:
      • In Tank Role, Molecular Charges now restore health equal to 40% Dominance, increased from 28%.
    • Renew:
      • Base power cost is now properly 250.
    • Reinforce visual effects update
    • Battle Drone will shield in Control Role, but still damage in Damage Role
    • Recharge's base power cost is supposed to be 300 now
    • Shapeshifting Form updates:
      • Primal Wolf form and Insectoid form critical chance passives will be corrected
      • Gorilla melee combos will be updated
        • Lunge >> Chest Pound (hold) >> Primate Roar (hold)
        • Basic 1 >> Double Fist Slam (hold)
        • Basic 2 >> Double Fist Slam (hold)
        • Basic 3 >> Gorilla Backfist (hold)
        • Basic 4 >> Double Foot Kick (hold)
        • Basic 5 >> Primate Roar (hold)
        • Double Fist Slam (hold) >> Gorilla Backfist (hold) >> Double Foot Kick (hold)
      • Form ability tooltip will be updated with the proper effects listed
    • General:
      • Channels now always allow retargeting.
    • Watcher:
      • Now passively restores a small amount of health over time to up to 8 nearby group members with the lowest health.
      • No longer casts Soul Siphon (damage), but instead uses its power exclusively for Remedy (healing).
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  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    General feedback here. Powerset-specific feedback in the powerset threads. GO!
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  5. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    (SUPER GREAT!!!!!)

    Time to get into some testing
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  6. ChillCat Loyal Player

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  7. Here2Help Devoted Player

    I have to say, I'm impressed. There's a lot of changes there that show them truly listening to the community.
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  8. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    WOW I need a new pair of pants after reading all of this. I'm so happy you guys listened with the McB/BcM feedback for celestial. Can't wait to test it.
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  9. Xibo Loyal Player

    I would like to congratulate all DCUO staff for the hard work that you are doing. Thank you very much for this.
  10. light FX Steadfast Player

    I still have some big concerns with the combo powers with play from the tray. There will be some imbalance there with the combos costing power ;)

    1 other thing i dont understand is heals being too spammy. Players cause this. They feel the need to top off everyones health when people arent taking that much dmg and are only fighting 2 weak adds. I see so many nature healers who never let their HoTs work. I watched a nature healer today do savage growth, metab, and blossom all right in a row over and over and over even tho at times the group had 90% health or more, or not even taking dmg.

    I watch sorc healers who spam rejuvenate or invocation of renewal over and over even when people arent taking dmg. They burn through a ton of power. Its the hope and pray style. Spam the heals out there and hope they hit the group at the exact right time. There are very few healers out there who do situational healing or wait for the group to actually take dmg. They spam away and thinks thats the way to heal and then come on here and say healing is too spammy :confused:

    As nature i can do the 3 powers i spoke of above all right in a row clipped, it takes all of 2 seconds to do this, and all 8 people in the group can be at 50% and jump to 100%. Is this too spammy? Look all im saying is dont change something based off bad healing behavior. All im saying is take a hard look at this and i hope u reconsider some things here.

    The tank changes sound good. People did ask for options. I specifically said i dont want to battle tank with every tank power. So i appreciate those changes. Thank you for that. Really wish PoT was not what its been changed too tho. As a player that mains a controller im not a fan of that change and never will be. Will be on test 2mor to try out as much as possible and report back. I have 1 other big concern but i will send a private pm to address that. Everything else looks pretty good tho :)
  11. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    I see a lot of good stuff here...

    1 pretty big problem though I'm not sure y'all completely accounted for...

    When you combine Power with Might your creating imbalances and/or hindering some roles for their preferred spec.


    Earth and rage tanks will prefer Precision over might ... So now they get a smaller power pool if they want to maximize damage... While Atomic and Fire will not only maximize damage but also have a larger power pool.

    Trolls will want a larger power pool but will want to spec precision because they are constantly using their weapon. So they also have a spending conflict.

    Heals in general will do most of their damage with weapons but may want more power. So also a spending conflict.

    Hard light Rage and Celestial will prefer precision but will have a smaller power pool for spending that way.

    Unless y'all are changing everything over to might right now I'm not sure I understand why y'all don't have power combines in both stats.
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  12. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Keep in mind the different masteries aren't necessarily just for DPS use. It's a good idea to test different support role set ups with different masteries and see how they impact performance.
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  13. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    It will still have the same effect... Stats are stats... So it will still be a large hindrance and in some cases and a large balance.
  14. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Not really, if im battle healing with celestial and want to focus on combo/power spam with no weapons, I'll spec into power mastery.
    Same thing with atomic. Power mastery may be the way to go if you're looking to be efficient and put out good damage.
    Rage may benefit more from the weapon mastery as opposed to the other ones. You don't really know for certain until you test the degree of difference each mastery has to offer. Stats give you a base value but the masteries shift that potential elsewhere.
  15. Angelofspeed Level 30

    I'm sorcery player and i still miss the original sorcery. And most of all i miss the Vengeance Soul aura. You shouldnt remove that. Giving a aura to all pets in group was the coolest looking thing ever.
  16. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    It sounds like combat as far as blocks, interrupts, crowd control was a tough nut to crack. That was a major concern for me, I have played in content where I could not stun anything as a DPS and not being able to do anything to stop incoming damage made it hell, not to mention having the enemy free to interrupt every single combo/rotation you try to do. Pure hell.

    Taking CC away from DPS to make trolls more important was a nice idea, It just doesnt play out well in solo/duo content. I dont really want CC effects on DPS abilities either but I dont see how you can take it away without changing alot about how combat works. Like the enemies ability to interrupt us or how frequently they attack. I want to say go alot slower, telegraph/red skull the attacks more. This would encourage more usage of blocking but you would probably increase the damage of the attacks and we would end up back at 1 hit kills and or volleys.

    I have 2 big concerns now that 1.7 has dropped.....

    #1. Now that CC is back on DPS powers...what form does it take. Are we getting back the same clunky annoying CC we have on Live? Is push-back coming back??? Push-back should be eliminated from this game(on player side). Pop up, Knock down, root are all good. I absolutely hate scatter CC effects like Panic but whatever. Will powers like Hardlight and Munitions or Mental have to put up with Push-Back once again??? Please change Push-back to ANY other CC effect....

    #2. Your calling this the Penultimate version of that just for test server?? Will there be any more iterations and tweaks once this all goes live and the rest of us get our hands on all this?? I would hope so...

    Do you now....or will you have after revamp goes live the ability to analyze the player base and see which powers are being used on which power sets and in which roles?? Do you have the ability to see which powers are being ignored?

    Im super curious to know if you have any ways to analyze player behavior in-game in any way. If so, what do you have the ability to track? It would be cool to see meta data like that on a once a month basis or something.

    For example do you know how many times Starro clamped raid was ran and completed? Compared to member version? How many different toons went through Starro raid? How many times was Starro Applied Science mission ran Vs Clamped Raid lol. How many people got *insert starro feat name here*?? How many players finished Enhanced Conquror Armor ???? (broken down by member vs non member??)

    But after revamp goes live im curious if you can track data like that. How many times have different power sets gone into an OnDuty mission and completed them. Do you have a pie chart that accurately represents what % of the player base each power set represents???? In another mmo (eve online) they call that nerd **** and it would be cool to see in DCUO.
  17. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    I hope I am not coming off as knee jerk reactive here but I have tested a bit of healing.

    You mentioned that you wanted healers to be more burst oriented. OK cool so you are further enforcing the same meta that is on live servers making HoT's a loss of efficiency in healing. That meta is Burst or Bust.
    This is going to completely shift powerset favorability to Celestial and Electric. This is because these power sets have huge burst healing output along win Celestial having Shield Rotations. This will be cemented in PvE and PvP because of the emphasis on burst and with that comes the emphasis on shielding with the power cost increase.
    PvP is a completely different subject..

    To further expand on this, the Healing Meta in relation to damage will play most effective and efficiently in this manner:
    Healing Efficiency> Maximum Healing Output>> Average Healing Per Second.

    I will post more in each post thread that has to do with healing when I have time to do so.
    Edit: I noticed the boost to restoration's stat. You made the values change while you cut resto down.
    Subsequently Dominance followed suit.
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  18. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    As a support sole, in the old system you speced into might or precision because you had so many skill points to spend to get to the bottom stats that were relevant to your role. Now you can just go straight to the stats you really want.
    For a tanks, resto (for shield strength or self heals), health, and dom can can each have 175 will points spent in them, for a total of 525.

    Of course, you do have the choice to instead either do a little more damage with your weapon (precision) or your tray powers (all power sets are now might based). The only issue here is a healer or controller that wants a larger power pool, and these were the two roles that classically needed that stat and it existed larger on their gear. Will it be large enough on ther gear going forward so they don't need to spec into it?
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  19. Korvyne Committed Player

    I like the sound of the tanking changes. Makes me want to finally test it out and concentrate more on that role, which I haven't felt like that in a long time.
  20. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Think you missed it long ago but all Powers deal Might damage. Precision damage only comes from Weapons now.
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