Hard light combos NOT properly executing.

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by OMAAR, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Scion Of Society Well-Known Player

    Hmm, still no word huh?
  2. Jax Prime New Player

    This is still and Issue that does not look like its going to get resolved. Bad times.
  3. Yochanan32 Well-Known Player

    Yo Devs!

    I know this goes back to March 12, 2013 but some Hard Light Combos are not working.

    For instance:

    Snap Trap and Fan is not working. I need this to pick out individuals from a group to widdle down the group. Otherwise I am mobbed and I die.

    That is working:

    mini gun with whiptrash
    Claws with ram

    I am sure others can add to this list. I will talk about targeting on that thread.
  4. D4rkwond3r New Player

    Well Spoken! Exactly the kind of post i wanted to sub. Just before the release of SOT the nerf came! Clipping became terrible. Now in order to make snap fan combo u must actually press the skills individually from the power buttons in order to make it work.
  5. Faffen New Player

    I spent 10€ to return hl. Last week my damage in paradox was very good ( i use one hand hold snap trap fan) . This week my damage is very small.. ( sorry for my bad english im italian)
  6. Bishop New Player

    I believe I have tracked the possible bug: if you spam the inputs the commands are carried throughout the sequence therefore overriding your next command. Oddly enough this only affects my mouse commands i.e melee/range taps. I can confirm this as I have discovered that in fact I can perform the sequences successfully albeit unrepeatable here.

    Therefore I'd advise anyone having problems with performing combos due to incorrect Construct action, please suggest your Mouse hardware and I'd recommend having a check at the settings. I'm still tracking down what is disrupting mine.

  7. Yochanan32 Well-Known Player

    Bump -please provide status.
  8. Sparky Healz New Player

    Don't know if this has been addressed but I've been having issues with my weapon attacks not showing as well as encase not applying the debuff.
  9. thefirstlantern New Player

    COME ON BRO :) all this time and no response on the hard light problem? OMAAR tread has been going for over 10 months now and we only received one response from you.......
    · We are investigating. Please remember to keep posts in this thread to constructive, reproducible bug reports.
    · BOOOOOOO :-(
    · Mepps I understand there are sometime more bigger fish to fry but really it's been way toooooooo long and no fix for the HL constructs combo. I LOVE HL and it's been months and I haven't been able to DPS because snap trap fan doesn't work for me and most of the time I end up getting stuck doing snap trap 2 or 3 times in a row :-( P.S. The O's in too represents how long you haven't responded to OMAAR tread!!!!
  10. Slicknsly New Player

    i have noticed that too i first thought maybe its because all the BS interupts and knockbacks but seems im not only one having issues 'specially with comboing fan from snap trap or fan from miniguns ( i think) ill do a ranged 1h weapon attack instead
  11. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    I would like to add I have found 2 HL powers not working properly. Light weight and light blast. They will sometimes quit working on there own after 2 seconds.
  12. irishryan67 New Player

    I too have combos that won't complete. And a lot of animations like lightweight throw never work right
  13. irishryan67 New Player

    OK now my Snap Trap animation only works about 20% of the time. No joke! And probably 10%-15% of the time that I cast Spikes my power gets used, my hand goes up, but no animation and no damage is done. Sure glad I chose HL over Quantum........
  14. irishryan67 New Player

    I know I am the only one still posting, but Fan still does not come up after Snap Trap! The only time it works for me is when it throws 3 ST's (tapping triangle) in a row then the Fan comes on. I did Smallville the other day and it was working at the beginning, but after we beat the first boss it went back on the fritz. So it is not that I don't know what I am doing. In duos and solos' I can almost never get it to work. Especially if I try it after another combo. And many of the animations still work sporadically (ST, LW)
  15. Yochanan32 Well-Known Player

    I too am still not able to use the tap range for the snap trap. It works 0% of the time for me. I am starting to think this was part of a Nerf for HL powers without posting it. I press Snap Trap and click the right mouse button and nothing happens. If you can not going to fix this them edit the description of the power and take away the melee and range combos for this power.
  16. ShawtyBlaze New Player

    I have problem that when I combo snap into fan to do the precision based damage of fan, the power fan on my loadout activates instead. This happens about 80% of the time and I don't understand why.
  17. irishryan67 New Player

    Dude if you take the combos away from this power set it is useless. I can't understand why the Devs would nerf it in that way. I am not even trying to speed clip. The combo just straight up doesn't work. And the whole power set seems to be off.
  18. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    I don't know why they won't fix it
  19. irishryan67 New Player

    Well still no response. I guess its back to my Fire toon and it's longgggggggggggg casting times. Nice waste of 3 weeks worth of building a HL toon.
  20. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    I seen someone post in here HL combos work fine. That is a lie. HL powers like light blast when I troll I use it alot but, it will just quit some times after 1 second.
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