Hard light combos NOT properly executing.

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by OMAAR, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We believe we have isolated the reports here to the way things work when your system drops in frame rate, or hitches.

    When your frames are delayed, your inputs will be as well, and when you're performing such fast and precise combos as above, sometimes this can be mean things don't come out right. Your combo can fail because your inputs missed the window delayed, or your tap can become a hold because the button was down when you hitched.

    It would be helpful to know more specifically two things:
    • On which system (PC, PS3, PS4) are you playing on when you experience this?
    • Where exactly in the game are you when notice - your location and even during which fights?
    • In the same fight, are certain combos impacted while others are not ?
  2. Char Well-Known Player

    I notice this a lot in the Knightsdome duo on ps3. For some reason, my frames always start dropping when I enter the hallway where the first greater envy demon is. It usually lasts until I get to the part where the 2 large groups of enemies are, and it affects pretty much any combos I do(light, rage, weapon)
  3. LlGHTSMITH New Player

    On PS3 and PS4
    Everywhere :-(
    When I start to do the combo snap trap \ fan I always end up doing snap trap 2 or 3 times before the fan comes out on one cast of my power. At first I thought it was the lag so I upgraded to VIOS and a PS4 and this problem still happens. Oh yea this also happens to me when I'm trying to do sanp trap \ lightbeam combo. If you need a in game person to show you please reach out to me

    Help me Mepps please :)

    PS3 \PS4
    103 HL troll\ dps
  4. Crimson Jonni New Player

    This is off topic but your post has the most likes ive ever seen on the forums thus far. Thats pretty cool
  5. Joybird Committed Player

    I've definitely noticed it in Prime and in Gates. Basically, if there's a lot of stuff going on, my combos stop working properly. However, it can happen at other times as well, even on a target dummy.

    Mepps, it seems to me that the issue could be resolved by having the server check what the last ability I used was. I mean, if I right click after a Claw, why doesn't the game not always do a Ram, for example? Doesn't the game know what my last action was? It doesn't seem like lag or framerate should be relevant here at all. The game should perform each action based on what the last action was. A tap-right attack should simply never happen after a Claw.

    I'm not a programming expert, but something's really wrong here. It's mostly affecting HL, but it happens elsewhere, as well. Sometimes, the two-handed hold-hold-hold combos don't work, and they'll just restart from the beginning. There are others. Combos just kind of break half way through, and reset themselves.

    Something's really wrong here. The game should know what we did last and work from that, not expect us to hit exactly the right button in exactly the right window (whatever that is). Maybe the windows just need to be extended? I'm not sure, but the whole system right now is just broken.
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  6. Brusidor New Player

    I have the same problem just after the last patch of the game on PS4.
    The combo speed is realy slow! I have to wait too much on each move to press the next button for the combo. I use to make it really fast, but now it's so slow, and it makes you lose the combo.
    Please fix it.
  7. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    You have to tap Melee several times to successfully transition from Fan back to Claws. The window seems to be so small, it´s very easy to miss it.
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  8. Cosmos Girl Well-Known Player

    Thought it was just me. I could never combos to work properly on my lantern. Most I could get was clap and claws.
  9. Brusidor New Player

    I use Ram-Snatrap-Fan for combo and it's very slow. Somethines after Fan I use claws but when im on fan it finishes so quick that doesn't give you time properly. Hope you fix it quick so I can use my Hard Light as I use to.
  10. Vex New Player

    I'm going to throw my two cents here as well. Hard Light combos not executing for me either. On my troll, Encase no longer combos into swing. I don't believe its a frame rate/lag issue as it fails in my base against sparring dummy. I have the super strength iconic node so it should give me the baseball bat construct but it doesn't. It just does regular weapon attacks. I've tried it with duel pistol, shield and hand blasters. All do the same, Entrap into normal weapon attack, no bat swing.

    When:Everywhere (base, duos, raids, alerts... literally anywhere in game)
    Specifics: It doesn't seem like all combos are broke. Boxing hold Triangle (range) into the train construct (forget the name) works for me. Grasping hand into light blast works for me as well. Light claw combos and in my case Entrap combo into Bat swing is broken.
  11. Grim931 Well-Known Player

    This is really off topic but I have to bring attention to the recent update to Hard Light, are any of you (Devs) paying attention to the threads made by people providing additional and detailed information about Hard Light? It's lack of any viable mechanic along with -many- other power deficiencies are holding it back.

    There are very well thought out and explained reasoning behind many of the promoted ideas to bring this power in line with the recent work that the developer team is doing with all other powers. The update to Earth, Electricity, and even the work being done to Gadgets is a huge slap in the face to anyone that had any hope for the update with Hard Light.

    Nothing was changed with Hard Light that affected it in a positive way. We lost a useless shield, gained a precision buff and a Power Interaction that was unneeded, all of which was done with little to no communication from the Developer in charge and we can't get any more feedback from him in the thread he created (which is now 30+ pages long...).

    Please we need feedback in those threads, people (your customers...) are getting a bit irate at this point.
  12. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I'm sometimes seeing a double train in T6 content/sometimes T5 raids. I'm on US PS4. What I mean is that I'll cast PoT(Impact) and will see two trains come out of the ring. It's not a major hindrance but my toon kinda stutters for a second then its over. This doesn't happen always. Possibly just at high traffic times. I have seen it enough to notice and report here but haven't isolated exactly when and why it would be happening.
  13. Seth Grey New Player

    EU PS3

    Oh yeah....I almost always see double trains.
    Also when I clip a power fan from a WM combo, claws construct combos do not execute half the time afterwards. It may not be a bug, perhaps there's just a narrow window for a follow up construct combo from a fan but I swear I never had trouble doing construct combos until lately....and until WM construct combos was all I did for as long as I remember.
  14. Lantern Jild New Player

    It is working like the phant triang but with impact, they took away ram x 2 and give us choo choo x2 lol
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  15. Clip New Player

    Mepps response was exactly 1 year after omaar posted this. Funny :)

    Im glad omaar had not to watch how they revamped hardlight.
  16. Jax Prime New Player

    I created a thread about the bug in Fan-cClaw and it got deleted... Is there any particular reason?

    And just for the sake of bringing it up again. When you combo from pFan to cClaw you do no damage. Is this intended?
  17. Sinister Pigeon New Player

    I've had a similar problem with fan. It feels like i have less than half of a second to execute the opening tap from weapon and from grasping hand.
  18. Sinister Pigeon New Player

    I've had my HL character for years now. It used to be f@#king awesome! Every update that's touched HL over the years seems to have done something to screw the powerset up. I remember 3 years ago, i could seemlessly combo any power in both trees. Now, i'm lucky to go a full rotation w/o a problem. I've come to avoid ST all together as it feels like there are mil secs to combo. Lately, i open w/ fan, and there's such a narrow window into claws that i hafta hold my breath, cringe, & pray when i use it. USPS3 & USPS4.
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