Hard light combos NOT properly executing.

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by OMAAR, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. The Hornet New Player

    Having issues with hold claw, it's very hit-and-miss. Mostly miss.
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  2. Massah New Player

    Lately on PS4 I can start FFF and the whips animation continues, I take hands off the controller and then it auto performs the Snaptrap fan...like I clipped to fast and the game didn't register it to clip the whip, but still already had the way inputs for the Snaptrap combo Fan....in Raids I usually die as that moved me from Mid to imminent death.

    Doesn't happen all the time but enough to be frustrating.
  3. GreenNGo Well-Known Player

    This happens for me when I go from Snaptrap to Lightblast A LOT. Its really annoying especially in PvP.
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  4. The Hornet New Player

    I've experienced this as well.
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  5. Yochanan32 Well-Known Player

    Dev's aren't watching this tread I believe because the SOE symbol is on the thread and the vote count have not changed. We may need to establish a new thread or start voting on OMAARs original message. The more thumbs up the more likely it will receive attention.
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  6. Massah New Player

    Would really liked the Hold Claw fixed....very annoying to add in an extra tap claw and still sometimes not get hold claw after.

    Also, Boxing Gloves hold melee - I swear just doesn't work at all
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  7. Massah New Player

    Meant boxing gloves 5 hit not hold melee, which I was pressing melee too fast. I was expecting a hard hit...I though the boxing gloves hit harder when Fight for the light dropped...oh well.
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  8. Frankzilla Committed Player

    Im curious of why I havent seen a significant increase in my whip thrash damage. From 1400 to 1700 prec the damage is absolutely the same. Let alone the fact it hit harder when I was in t4 than it does now whats up with this was there a ninja nerf that I know nothing of.
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  9. Dj_T New Player

    Update 24 Ill never forget it I was earth btw they generally nerfed all prec in total was hitting 800 with jackhammar and 1700 using 1h spin chop update came started hitting 600 jackhammer, 1400 spin chop with same stats back then was what 800prec? (went hardlight when dlc7 came out)

    Another note ram-whip-snap-fan doesnt work my friends works fine but mines doesnt. Currently formatting ps3 now. Fan gets replaced by grenade and if done fast enough it does a extra snap-fan for no reason.
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  10. Dj_T New Player

    Other combos are also being affected


    Slow or fast fan doesnt want to come out, for some people it works for others it doesnt.Sometimes it does an extra snaptrap-fan instead

    This bug is still on as of Update 33
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  11. irishryan67 New Player

    Just give up and get another power. I moved over to Celestial DPS after TOTAL frustration with HL not working right, and I am pretty happy with it. The combos are not lightning fast but if done correctly it is a pretty darn good DPS power. I never lose out to people with stats in my range, and even beat out higher tiered people often.

    Sorry bout your HL guys, it WAS a fun power.......
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  12. Dj_T New Player

    -___- it makes no sense its a big issue, it was working fine before they touched comboing recently with the weapons and it clashed with constructs
  13. Kathiel New Player

    I have consistent issues with HOLDCLAW, no matter the timing I use it at; the rest is fine for me, but I noticed a friend of mine also has issues with going into FAN.
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  14. adan New Player

    they are working fine, i play on both ps4 and ps3, maybe pc does not execute properly. you need to give it a second you cant just mash the buttons and expect a combo, give it at least till the end ( or begining for clipping) of the animation to continue
  15. Massah New Player

    Do Fan->Construct Claw and then Hold Melee for Hold Claw...it does weapon lunge instead.
  16. Joybird Committed Player

    I'm finding that even the most basic claw>ram combo isn't working, since the ram will often just be a right-tap attack.

    Can we please fix this? It sounds like it didn't used to be a problem.

    Plus, why can't the game just never do a right-tap attack after a claw? It would seem like this should be a relatively easy fix. If it's not about the buttons we push, just use the order of the attacks. There's no reason a right-tap attack should ever follow a claw.

    HL is virtually unplayable now for a lot of people. This needs to be a priority.
  17. Nyema New Player

    Awh! Poor HL User :( Sorry. Celestial User's really don't get bugs.
  18. SrRhavin New Player

    Same problem with HL combos occurred with me.
  19. L1ghTsEvEn New Player

    I'm starting to get an issue in regards to my power usage and damage output. The numbers I was producing on the sparring target prior to the update was much higher when I had 3 less pieces and 3 less Expert mods than now. Also, my loadout finishes the sparring target much slower, and I'm not even able to get him down once before my power runs out. This isn't a complaint about other powers being more powerful, it is solely based on output of damage being lower, while the power consumption increased. I don't have pictures for reference as this was not something I expected from the update, but I also know that this is not a complaint from just me. There are other players in my league as well as other leagues that are experiencing the same issue. Hope there wasn't a secret patch released with the last update.
  20. L1ghTsEvEn New Player

    3 less pieces in regards to level 90 mogo gear.
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