Hard light combos NOT properly executing.

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by OMAAR, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. OMAAR New Player

    Lately I have been having problem with HL not executing a construct properly and instead using a weapon attack of the same button press. Example I am doing Power claw-hold square-tap triangle , what it's supposed to be is Claw-Hold claw-Ram

    What's happening is Claw-Hold claw-Bawling tap triangle attack. It doesn't happen all the time but it wasn't there before.
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  2. Sionn Committed Player

    I've been running my HL character this past week, and I noticed the same thing.
  3. Manny254 New Player

    I have noticed this as well
  4. Delta795 New Player

    I noticed this last night as well. It seems to happen to me most on a combo with a tap>hold & that the 3rd would actually be my weapon instead of last construct.

    Might be that I use this combo frequently, but seems to happen on the 3rd construct.
  5. Ray New Player

    its the server lag.... i had the same issue in PvP.... had to respec
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  6. Captain Just New Player

    Same. Happens most of the time for me when going from Ram and holding square to goto Snaptrap
  7. renzhe New Player

    My personal experience is that its not a very recent issue, but seems to have been introduced when they did the weapon combos updates (spin chop, MA, 2H etc). Now, it seems if you are not executing the construct combo at the right timing (whether via controller or keyboard), you will go into your weapon attack (whether it be melee or range) instead of the construct combo. Not really so much of server lag, just a timing issue of the construct combo. Doesn't seem to be a bug per se.
  8. Bishop New Player

    I can verify this is happening too, a relog seems the only fix.

    Examples are Power Claw into construct hold claw is replaced by weapon hold. Power ST into construct Fan is replaced by Power ST into weapon right click.

    Has occurred to me during Gates and FOS3, can't see a trigger.

  9. Bishop New Player

    30min edit locked the above.

    I dont believe timing is the issue. I've ran whole raids with certain constructs not working, and all due respect I know how to activate constructs. I can't remember the last time I activated a weapon combo instead of a construct, and the only time that would happen was if I accidentally forgot to unlock the construct.

    The kind of bug we are talking about isn't timing because as soon as you combo into the construct the weapon appears. It is too fast and fluid to be lag or timing because once I have the bug I can't get the construct, ever, and the weapon combo comes straight off the back of a power. The seamless transition gives me the idea the game is not registering the construct over the weapon combo, and I imagine for HL such a mechanic exists therefore I would look there.

  10. TheForsakenEvil Well-Known Player

    I would like to point out that, while it being the case for me, ram is executed perfectly through lag ( >20FPS) following the claw lunge. But try to do claw>hold>ram, and you will do a tap. It's a bug that stems from lag. When my FPS is <20, it doesn't always execute.
  11. OMAAR New Player

    If it happens 3 times in a row it's not a timing issue.
    Take note some of practice these things everyday. It definitely happens mostly at raids.
  12. renzhe New Player

    @Bishop, Omaar
    Apologies :oops:. I only have one HL Troller alt. Round about the time after the weapon updates went live (spin chop, MA, 2H etc), my league-mate was complaining on league chat that the HL construct combos were somehow messed up, prompting me to try it out myself, hence my comments regarding it being a timing issue.

    Because my HL Troller alt is currently only being used for inventory purposes atm (only lvl 26 but already has more SP than CR/Level :D without even bothering) .

    Per Sore's Game Update Patches:
    03/12/2013: Game Update 24 (20 Days since last update) - Inner Alert / Expanded Slots / Enhanced Mail
    02/20/2013: Game Update 23 (35 Days since last update) - Fire & Ice Revamp / Loyalty Vendor Revamp
    01/29/2013: DLC 6 Home Turf - Player Bases / LFG Chat / Instanced Bosses / Mainframes
    01/16/2013: Game Update 22 (50 Days since last update) - Weapon Clipping Adjustments / Lair Loot / Economy Tweak

    The bug would probably have been introduced either at GU22 or GU23, more likely GU22. Unless a ninja update was done to HL recently.
  13. OMAAR New Player

    It's like it's a nerf or anything, it's obviously a lag issue that sometimes happens. If they increase the window of HOLDCLAW it will be fixed.
  14. Zur-En-Arrh28 New Player

    The same has been happening to me. I'm very used to using that combo and wasn't noticing terrible lag at the time.

    It's perhaps our most used combo... so I'm certain we've all got the timing down. Something done got broke. :(

  15. Apostate Rising Dedicated Player

    hmm. i just thought i was playing rustily after hardly playing My Light character for a week or so.
  16. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    I can confirm that this is happening. From what I saw last night it was mostly happening for tap triangle constructs, but it was occasionally happening for hold square as well. I noticed this occurring mostly in high traffic areas like the gates hallway but it did happen a few times while using my friends test dummy. I thought it was because my timing was off due to being rusty but after running hundreds of rotations on the sparing targets I can say for a fact it's not my timing.
  17. Manny254 New Player

    Is it on PC or is it just plaguing the PS3.
  18. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    I can confirm this issue.
  19. OMAAR New Player

    I'm on ps3
  20. OMAAR New Player

    Please upvote, upvoting gives priority to bug fixes as what the devs said.
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