Test Discussion GU 57: Light Mid-range Adjustments

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Tunso, Jan 26, 2016.

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  1. Tunso Developer

    There are infinite melee rotations you can use that put out full melee DPS and still allow you to have an infinite ranged rotation. Despite being technically "ranged" abilities, Ram and Impact function as linking abilities of sorts and are allowed to cause Melee scale damage when used at melee range. Ram and Impact have always traditionally caused more damage (causing an extra damage tick) when used from point blank range.

    So combos like:
    • Ram, Whip Trash, Whip Thrash, Impact, Chainsaw (repeat)
    will result in Melee damage and still allow you to use the classic Ranged infinite combo.
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  2. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    And how did u know that exactly? Let me gusse assuming like u assume everything ? I only stated its hard because I know some people won't be able to clip as fast as me or u

    Don't u start making assumptions
  3. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    Hey tunso , any idea word about inspiration place ?
  4. Delta796th Loyal Player


    J/K ;)
  5. Tunso Developer

    Re-arranging a tree is a ton of work and since its not directly AM related, not likely to happen right now.
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  6. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    I got you , thank you for replying back !
  7. Kuroki Honoo Committed Player

    You said it was hard while I had 4+ people that said it was easy and picked it up. You said you couldn't do it on a controller and all of us are using controllers. You said you were gonna make a video showing it, and you still haven't. What have you done beneficial to this thread besides complain about a rotation that everyone else can do besides you and complain about HL being overnerfed constantly, like honestly, I really want to hear your response.
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  8. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    Again u CLEARLY don't know me and u don't know how much work I have done .

    Where were u all these threads that have been made about HL ?

    Where were you when HL was garbage and we tried to fix it ?

    Did u know all lantern people in this forms Come together in one discussion that we have made long time ago ?

    Did you know we have been sending messages to the devs about how to make HL good again ?

    Where were u last month when we made suggestions ?

    How come you just showed up yesturday out of no where asking for a nerf ?

    Again don't ASSUME stuff if u don't know anything

    Done talking to you because again U DONT SEE THE BIG PIC
  9. Kuroki Honoo Committed Player

    What would the full trees look like for running that? I keep getting like 1-2 power points short of getting a full range rotation while going down for chainsaw.
  10. Kuroki Honoo Committed Player

    And you answered none of the questions >.> instead you just gave proof that you've done nothing but complain *thumbs up*
  11. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    I appreciate you taking time to reply. I dont wanna sound harsh but just things are getting really frustrating at times with these updates.

    Id really rather be able to deal melee level damage at 5-6m with the current standard Ranged rotation : Fan>Impact>LB>MG>Ram>Fam; and when I wanna go full melee in raids up in boss's face Im just including Light Claws in the rotation. Along with that Id wanna be able to have enough Power Points to be able to get the 2 dps Iconic Innates, Inspiration and LightBarrier and a Robot Sidekick.

    With your proposed melee rotation Id still be moved right in adds' faces to deal melee level damage instead being at 4-6 meters and I wont be able to spec Inspiration if I want to spec enough powers for an Infinite ranged rotation. The whole situation is less than ideal in many ways.
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  12. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    What I think Fadi is talking about is that Light now other than the start of combat cannot use a trinket. With the new utility belts all my toons have 2 trinkets I can rotate and get extra damage out of, during a boss fight I will not be able to do such a thing with Light as it will lower my DPS numbers.

    Tunso, please explain how this is acceptable for Light?
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  13. Greenchain Well-Known Player

    C'mon Man....

    Kuno and several others are actually doing parses and videos. He took time to show me and others what he was doing that was exceeding the Tunso Test expectations. The worst thing that could have happened to HL was for this to NOT have been found and "exploited" after it went live. This would have resulted in the mother of all nerfs without the ability for retesting and proper correction.

    I like and agree with your idea of PP reallocation. I'd like to see Tunso say this is, isn't or could happen with X circumstances. I want the range rotations to scale correctly at melee range. I want to keep the grace period even if it is only for interrupts. I want the damage potential buffed correctly.

    This isn't meant to be an entirely "big picture" pass. Hopefully we can get at least some of the things we need while we have Tunso's attention. He's already shown the willingness to make changes outside of just mid range adjustments. What got tested and used this weekend wasn't based on the correct build so we don't know what that rotation should actually be parsing.

    We've got 30 pages in less than six days. Very few contain usable data we just found out. Questioning the process is one thing. But let's leave out the personal attacks. Bring up ideas, ask how someone did that or why they did that instead of this, and post your own data showing your different results. Maybe you and MeB are pming data to Tunso but I do not recall seeing any documented results from you two but you both seem to have no problem attacking others trying to work within the system.

    I don't honestly think anyone here is trying to torpedo HL because they are an Ice or Gadgets fan and don't want competition. HL has some issue common to other powersets (interrupts & Celestial) and unique to itself (PP allocation). We've got to work together in a calm and rational manner to get these issues addressed and not look like rabid fanboys. For the record, HL is my first love and first power in this game. I do play other powers but will never consider them my main. This is how I can objectively see where HL is failing in comparison to say Ice as that is one of my toons and why many of my posts compare the two. I want HL fixed correctly and I believe you do also but we also need to go about it the right way.
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  14. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I agree with what you state about Light needing a melee rotation at 4-7M range.

    By adjusting the interruption window it removes Inspiration clipping to produce higher damage in mid range. The inspiration buff would still make powers in melee range stronger than the buffed Light damage due to the buff being a group orientated and not a self buff. But oh well.

    Tunso with the update coming to the interruption window can you please provide melee damage to the range rotations.
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  15. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    In using Inspiration pre casted while running in the halls towards adds just like Ice dps use their Chill effects.
    Im a little ashamed to admit but Ive switched my Celestial toon to an IceCream just for those. xD

    Props to Kuroki for finding the clipping exploit but thats not why I want to be able to keep Inspiration.
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  16. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Light Blast and its 35% health damage modifier...

    When using Light Blast in a combo can it produce bigger ticks when the enemy health is below 35% when at melee range only. Please.

    I ask this as with the Ram/Impact higher damage this might boost Light enough when in melee range to produce closer to Melee damage using the range rotation.

    If not, please provide Light a rotation that can be used at 4-7M. The rotation you listed above requires a lunge and closer to the 0-4M range, which is not fair considering Power Point allocation.
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  17. Kuroki Honoo Committed Player

    True, I didn't think about that since Tunso testing doesn't use trinkets. I would actually like the clip the the trinkets in whenever I reset my pi's with the current rotation. Even if you stop combo'ing to pop a trinket and you can go back to AM damage then that tray ability is still used which means the clip is back.
  18. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    This is what is needed to get Light properly balanced...

    • Update Power Points location.
    • Update window to a full 3 seconds
    • Inspiration refreshes AM
    • Lower our damage numbers to account for Inspiration increase
    • Provide Light a 4-7M melee rotation that does not get Light into the 0-4M range

    That is the only way to truly balance Light and get it align with other powers. It is what I stated in the past.

    My primary request given that they would not adjust abilities were this..
    • After interrupt we can get back into combo for zero damage loss
    • Lower the ramp up time down from 4 seconds to 1.5 or 2.5 seconds
    • Provide Light a 4-7M melee rotation that does not get Light into the 0-4M range
    Pick your options and so far it looks like the later set is where we are heading. We just need the last item to make my recommendation complete and that is what I thought from the get go would fix Light. The first set of changes above is a pipe dream.
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  19. jr1nc Dedicated Player

    Tunso can you please look into claw seems to miss out on the first initial hit from a distance I understand it's a melee move but boxing hits from any spot when landed... claw doesn't hit unless I'm in melee range please look into it
    Example fan combo into claw from a distance first initial hit doesn't tick unless I'm in melee range.. as to boxing lightblast combo into boxing from a distance hits or impact combo into chainsaw from a distance hits...
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  20. Greenchain Well-Known Player

    I think we'd all be willing to wait. Patiently. Kind of...

    I get that it'd be a lot of effort mostly because you have to factor in how it effects the controller side. That said, PP allocation is a real issue with HL compared to Ice, Quantum or I think Atomic. And it does have an impact on AM utility. Hard to have a full melee rotation with out Chainsaw but to reach INS requires not getting or dropping LB or Fan, both fundamental to range rotations.

    Would swapping just two points, Lightweight and INS, be asking too much? Just spitballing here but I don't think LW is used much for debuff and having INS in its spot would make it easier to get to Chainsaw.
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