Why is VS so much easier?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SolemnSeraph, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. Pokebreaker

    My personal belief, is because of the bandwagoning. I've seen it in most multiplayer games that allow players to choose factions. A player initially chooses a faction based on colors, lore, etc. They play, then realize that for one reason or another, one of the other factions wins alot more often. So that new player goes through the growing pains in their initial faction (contributing to that faction seeming to be so bad as well), but then jumps to the winningest faction with their experience, as little as it may be. So now, the "bad" faction has lost another player who could have potentially become better, and actually helped improve their overall performance.

    From asking people who have BR 100's on all three factions, they do say that VS has a bit more newb-friendly starter weapons. What that translates to is, if something is newb-friendly, it is WAY easier for an experienced player, say one who has gone to BR 100 on one or two previous characters. An experienced player will be able to take full advantage of that newb-friendly weapon, making it a monster.

    I believe their are plenty of people who started off on VS, and stuck with it from the beginning, coming into their experience. However, I believe there are WAY more that jumped to VS for the aforementioned reasons. Even when watching BRAND NEW players stream the PS4 beta, I heard them say "My friends say VS is easier and they seem to win all the time, so I'm thinking of just going to VS instead", of which I try to stop them by telling them the challenge of being the underdog is more fun. Those were players who have only been playing the game for a few days/weeks.

    Don't me wrong though, there are players that can make everyone look like newbs on all three factions, because they are just flat out good (or cheating, who knows nowadays).
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  2. NinjaTurtle

    Quite why they gave NC the Gauss Saw as a starter compared to the Orion for the VS was a little odd.

    The Gauss Saww is a fantastic weapon, but not for a new player. Especially a player new to fps games. They should have made the GD-22s the NC starter and eased them into the game like they did for the VS HA
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  3. axiom537

    Some things are easier some things aren't it's pretty much the same for all factions...Each faction has a weapon or two that really shine and each faction also has some abilities that really compliment certain play styles. So it's not so much the VS, TR or NC are OP across the board, they each have areas where they excel and if you only focus on those areas and compare each faction on those particular areas, then yes they look OP or easy in that narrow comparison.
  4. MikeyGeeMan

    Either that or they like creepy papa vanu whispering in their ears.
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  5. \m/SLAYER\m/

    with same reason VS wins most alerts
  6. NinjaTurtle

    Because NC are too busy killing each other as opposed to the enemy
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  7. Caydn

    The game used to have listed somewhere skill level recommendations
    Vanu easy mode
    TR moderate mode
    NC hard mode
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  8. FnkyTwn

    No, that was a graphic some regular player made because they were unable to control the recoil on NC guns. The game has never had skill levels based on faction.
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  9. MikeyGeeMan

    Thats just a running joke among veterans

    Contrary to popular belief the vs guns do have recoil and a lot of the guns have this weird wobble when you fire.
    The NC have less of a kick on the first shot but each successive shot has large recoil.
    The tr have less recoil per shot after the initial shot

    My opinion from using the weapons. I find with NC weapons you need to get the first shot in to be really effective. And trigger discipline is a must.
    Vs weapons have that wobble and a odd jump after the first shot in sustained fire mode. But if you are on, you are on. Tr seem to be able to shoot longer bursts without the bloom getting out of control.

    So if anything ezmode really depends on what you fancy in a gun.

    Remember this is supposed to be a game of paper Rock scissor. For every strength there is a weakness.
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  10. 00000000000000000000

    +1 for the vanu players just knowing what they are doing. and its much easier to go 36-13 or whatever when you have allies who can back you up.

    Good example: Was driving my vanguard the other day in some valley on amerish, popping forward taking a few shots then popping back when I took some damage. Friendly AMS comes up and deploys behind me when I'm forward, removing my ability to retreat safely and almost getting me killed. (I pulled forward then retreated around him) He then undeploys (since hes now taking fire) backs up and deploys again. I return to what I was doing and next time I try to retreat HES DEPLOYED BEHIND ME AGAIN.

    This type of **** doesn't seem to happen >as often< on Vanu, people check their fire, they back you up, we have a good amount of medics (kinda low on the engineers honestly, always looking for batteries). Not saying TR and NC cant be like this but you need to find a good outfit for it, while Vanu seems to do it naturally.
  11. Madrey

    There's your answer OP, all weapons are design differently to create different play styles. It has nothing to do with who you're shooting at because the would only affect your successful 1v1's. I don't know why people get upset when someone says one faction is easier than another when they themselves didn't create the game.

    Let's take one stat that the VS have that is better than the other two factions and how it would affect gameplay style. Reload Speed, on average VS have shorter reload speeds which mean lower down time which means the player has last restraints on the number of choices he has available to him at a given time. This means that a VS player could take out two players if he's a good shot and reload his weapon in time to deal with anyone that might come towards the area he is currently in responding to the gunfire noise. While an NC player would have to seek cover or some other course of action.

    Different weapon stats create different playstyles because it's all about problem solving.
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  12. Ballto21

    Honestly? Really nothing. for the most part our weapons are reskins of the TR with 10 fewer bullets, or slightly altered NC models.

    As for the scythe its best in A2G or dogifghting hovering, it comes with better airbrakes and hover, other than that its really not special. It also has the biggest top down frame.

    The NC also have some really, really bad players. Not in the sense as they dont get the game, they dont get teamwork. Its why i quit playing NC on my old characters and havnt really bothered on my new ones.

    The TR (on emerald at least) are dragged down by AOD and 382. They have really ****** leadership and just zerg around bases, if they cant overzerg they just redeploy out
  13. Ballto21

    Yeah, i find it weird that the techophiles have so few technicians. I see a LOT more friendly fire on my TR than my VS, and more engineers and MAXes/Heavies on the TR when we have endless squads of medics
  14. Ballto21

    Actually our horizontal jitter is the same or worse than the TR, few exceptions being our burst weapons and some SMGs. I think the Zenith might be more accurate too im not sure.
  15. \m/SLAYER\m/

    well, if you ever played NC, you know that every time you trying to shoot enemy, there another NC will run in front of you..
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  16. Shockwave44

    And yours sounds like the grass is greener. Stop complaining. It's gotten old a long time ago.
  17. FocusLight

    VS is objectively the most forgiving faction to play given their arsenal. Because of this they have slowly retained a larger number of players who have stuck around longer. This leads to more veterans over time. This leads to more players who want to win more and more palyers who want more team-work joining, thus increasing the number of players who are retained. And this increase their impression of superiority, thus making the issue even worse. It's a self-reinforcing negative cycle.

    Today as a result we have VS retaining the largest number of veteran players, followed by TR and then NC. VS has more retention, TR and NC has more flow-through as players join, grow bored and quit the game - or end up joining VS. This has also noticeably happened to many prominent players.
  18. Mustarde

    Honestly the easiest faction to play right off the bat is TR because 40 round carbine/AR's and the T9-Carv for default favor player with inferior aim who need a little extra damage per magazine to get a kill.

    The Solstice VE3 is a very balanced carbine between ROF, accuracy and reload speed, but the 30 round magazine means you cannot spray and pray against HA's or else you will be forced to reload while dying.

    Anyone with serious experience in this game knows the OP is talking out of his ***, but for the sake of those being misled, no VS is not the easy faction. TR is more user friendly but at higher skill level it is less rewarding due to lower skill ceilings (i.e. you cannot compensate for horizontal recoil). NC probably is most rewarding at high skill level (high skill ceilings) due to how powerful they are if you can hit heads. It is also the least new-player friendly unless you sit in a max suit all day.

    VS falls somewhere in the middle - accurate but requires good aim, not particularly friendly to new players. At higher skill levels they fall between the NC and TR. The only thing currently that makes the turbospergs crazy for VS is the battlegoose, which lets the HA hold a lane indefinitely
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  19. NinjaTurtle

    Not as bad as when playing VS. Whenever you are in a Mag they jump in front of a tank it isn't exactly hard to see.... I mean how did they think they were going to win? Puff out their chest and watch it bounce off... I mean I know the physics in this game are questionable but that was a bit ambitious
  20. ColonelChingles

    That's an interesting theory.

    For example, let's consider NS weapons accuracy. For the NS-11A, the VS are actually the least accurate, at least when it comes to making headshots. The TR are the highest with a 0.2 ratio, followed by the NC at 0.199 and the VS at 0.198. Though this isn't saying that the VS are bad or anything because the margins are so slim, but the takeaway is that the VS aren't magically better at shooting or something. The "good player" theory is demonstrably false.

    When you compare this to the average headshot % for the most popular non-default assault rifles, you see the faction flavor start to come out. The VS H-V45 leads with 0.194, the NC are average at 0.192 with the Carnage, and the TR are last with the Cycler coming in at 0.184.

    So it does seem to back up the fact that all players are roughly of the same skill when given the same weapons, just that faction flavor seems to shake that up. And the VS do seem, at least looking at assault rifles, to have the more accurate weapons (even if they are not the more accurate shooters).
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