Why is VS so much easier?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SolemnSeraph, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. SolemnSeraph

    What makes the VS guns so easy to use? And what makes the Scythe so easy too?
    I started a VS toon tonight and started off as an LA and by the time I got bored I had 36 kills and only 12 deaths. That's much better than I ever do as an LA. I figured I'd go get back on my TR and do LA, thinking I would still have fun. Nope. TTK on TR carbines is so much higher than VS. In fact, The TTK on VS LMG's seems much higher than that of NC LMG's. Not calling for a nerf or nothing. Just asking. Is this designed this way? Like, is VS supposed to be easy-mode?
  2. gigastar

    Playing VS is easier because youre not playing against the competent players.
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  3. FateJH

    It's the spandex.
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  4. SolemnSeraph

    Sounds more like the self-vindicating deviation of a narcissist than a plausible explanation.
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  5. Xind

    VS has had the most retention of skilled/long term players. It's a demonstrable part of what makes them seem morbidly overpowered, aside from their OP guns.
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  6. SolemnSeraph

    That's a more reasonable explanation. I know that Emerald VS has a high concentration of experienced players, and I'm sure that contributes, but it wasn't the whole story. Gigastar indicated that the only reason VS is easier is that the skilled players are carrying everybody else. Which of course is simply ludicrous. And I understand that the VS has weapons that perform exceptionally well. However, I do not understand as to what the origin of this firepower advantage is. I am asking about it so that I can try to determine if it will be subject to balancing. I was trying to avoid doing this bluntly to avoid creating a thread of pro-nerf vs anti-nerf arguments.
    So do you have any insight?
  7. Sulsa

    I spent a year + on VS and got to BR 62. Their tech is fine. I didn't know any different. Just was loving PS2 in general.
    Then I tried NC and hated it. Their tech, sounds etc. Ugh.
    Now I'm TR and absolutely loving the feel of their tech.

    My point:
    TR to me seems the easiest because the 'feel' happens to be, for me, perfect.
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  8. The Red One

    VS have least recoil and best accuracy therefore they have the easiest guns and can be used at almost any range
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  9. SolemnSeraph

    I find this particularly interesting. Do you happen to play primarily as a heavy on your TR? Because I do feel TR has LMG's that are competetive with VS. But AR's and carbines don't seem to compare.
  10. Shadowomega

    Gigastar pretty much said what I was going to say. VS have always had the higher player retention rate as due to the nature of the people who started as VS, whom cultivated a more team focused environment for players. Likely due to alot of the players being older and more mature on average, one of the old stats though out a few months after released had TR Average age was 17, NC was 16, VS was 21. Not to mention more PS1 VS veterans returning were coming back along side outfits they have stuck with for the last 10 years. Example of this on Mattherson/Emerald GOTR, AT, Vindicators, DT, etc. Mattherson also had TEST which formed in beta and worked along side these outfits in beta and came along with them.

    If that wasn't evident enough compare TK rates with small arms of the NC and TR to the VS.
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  11. Xind

    Well, until the Carv was recently buffed to have better maximum Horizontal recoil than the Orion which has better minimum, it was a pretty much straight inferior weapon. I don't want to get into a huge debate over guns, but .75 ADS is a large factor why VS Heavies perform so much better. Combat is a moving, fluid action. People who crouch or stand still get gunned down mercilessly in part due to how hit registration works.

    In my opinion, the carbine game is actually very close. As is Assault rifles. Even though people will generally agree TR has the best ARs, it's purely because of the bigger mags, not because of better gun handling. Someone might sight the Cycler TRV as a unique and powerful weapon, but unlike it's sister weapons the Serpent and GD-7F, it's not on an ambush class and it doesn't shine as hard because of that.

    So if I would pick one factor, it would be .75 ADS because a large majority of players pick HA and this factor comes up in combat literally constantly even if people want to downplay it's value.
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  12. Pat22

    Unless you got the time to unlock the Serpent in the time it took you to make those 36 kills ( which is unlikely ) then almost all TR carbines have better TTKs than the VS carbine you were using.

    NC LMGs, and most of their high-damage weapons in general are known to have a slightly longer TTK on body shots but slightly shorter on headshots.

    That's a load of crap you pulled out of your utility pouch. The VE3 has lower recoil than the Trac-5, yes, but that's one gun. It gains that accuracy because it has neither the DPS or DPM of the Trac-5. If you go through the whole VS arsenal you'll find many weapons have some strong horizontal recoils, including the Sirius SMG which has the worst horizontal recoil in the game.
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  13. Littleman

    I prefer TR weapons, even if they have some horrid recoil and those long reloads.

    But one dude with a machine gun can only do so much.

    (On Emerald) I enjoy playing on the VS the most because these guys know how to check roof tops, check corners, react to sound cues, seem to have some understanding that there's a mini-map and what the red dots are, they're quick to counter-snipe snipers, and basically have at least a basic semblance of situational awareness.

    Mostly, I can trust my back with them most of the time. The only times the VS (on Emerald) get stomped with 1:1 odds is when the other team seems to have an unnervingly high head shot accuracy. Like, peek out and die instantly to the sound of a baseball bat slamming a bucket as fast as it can unnerving.

    Either way, they're not frustrating because they're not incompetent.

    For all the years I've played (read: dabbled as a) VS, medics seem to always be in short supply. Ironic considering the VS success rate.

    Oh... and I don't have to put up with the VS tech. Everything the TR and NC have is effectively "more of the same." VS special weapons tend to actually do something different and in the most annoying way imaginable. I don't want to be on the receiving end of a lasher ever again.
  14. Maelthra

    VS being easy is just something the NC and TR tell themselves so they don't feel so bad when they lose to the spandex.
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  15. zombielores

    Their not.

    Grass Is Greener Syndrome.

    If you really think their so good then go play it for an extended period of time and you'll realize each empire have their very own problem.
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  16. DashRendar

    Accuracy. The VS have a noted advantage in the realm of infantry accuracy. Just like NC have a noted advantage in damage, and TR have a noted advantage in RoF (although more "meh" than the other two IMO). I don't think this is a bad thing, if you are a very accurrate shooter like me, you will probably benefit from using VS. However, VS vehicles are fine. Powerful, but balanced by key aspects.
  17. dngray

    OP, the VS is not easier. The devs make it a priority to ensure the game is balanced. Why would they make a lopsided game?
  18. MikeyGeeMan

    Its a trap luke.

    After the server merges the vs and NC were left with much higher active players with high br

    The vs also have some really good and impressive high battle rank outfits. Now be alone doesn't mean jack, but with outfiuts like goku and da, they pretty much run the server when they want.

    The facts behind this are the frza tr weekends. Which I love guys, thanks. When they come on they really help tr roll on this Saturdays.

    Just look at the dasanfall stats page for the different factions.


    Also the stats for the vs on emerald are through the roof. It would be op weapons if this was the trend across all servers but its not.

    On the flip side this whole situation is exacerbated by the fact that emerald NC and tr have lots of zergfits. Outfits that lead the sheep so to speak. Basically at times its like being an animal led to slaughter.

    That all being said, I don't know if its player retention or skill but its the right mixture to make it look super easy...well vs is easy mode but that is beside the point.

    I do know that vs in emerald are able to move 150+ people from point to point. And the NC and tr don't effectively use their numbers the same way...
  19. FnkyTwn

    People usually learn to play one faction a bit before venturing off to try something else, and in the process they learn the basics on their first character, so that second and third character are noticeably 'easier', because there isn't a learning curve to stumble over. There's also a natural amount of confirmation bias that occurs because your mind is looking for excuses on why you suck so much.

    Guns and how they feel, operate and even sound are all important individual factors. Some people simply do better with certain guns, or sights and even sounds. I had a unique bug at one point where I couldn't hear my own gun firing. I could hear all the other game sounds just fine, but for some reason, my guns were mute. It completely threw my game play off. I had no idea it was such an important factor in how I play, so it stands to reason it's probably a factor in how others play.

    Personally, I do better with NC Carbines, the AC-X11 and Razor are simply amazing for me, and for my play style, the TMG-50 is the best gun in the game, followed by the Gauss SAW S and then Ursa. But until you play all the factions, and try all the guns, and realize that it's more your play style than it is the actual faction, then the grass will sometimes seem greener, even though it's technically not.
  20. NinjaTurtle

    Probably the promise of 13 male virgins
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