Why is VS so much easier?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SolemnSeraph, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. MikeyGeeMan

    Like the vx67, and serpent, high fire rates but more damage .

    Trying to rectify this


    Which doesn't fly with what your saying. Serpent and gd7f should be using same model of damage. Based on what I see there the vs serpent outclasses the lynx and gd7f. Where both weapons have less very recoil and 10 extra meters of range in the long range.

    Again showing vs weapons are op compared to other faction equivalents....

    Now we can go through a complete weapon comparison and this also goes along with a post I tried to look at previously where based on weapon stats and weapon performance a weighted index is created to show which faction has the higher index value.

    Not easy to do but would be very telling. Take away those weapons and i bet that loud mouth on emerald who does yells berating the other factions would shut his or her trap.
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  2. Mongychops

    TR have 7 different carbines, only one of them has the 125 damage tier, and the Lynx is actually quite a good carbine.

    One VS carbine has the 143x845 RPM model, as does one NC carbine, the TR is unique in getting a 845 RPM AR instead which the other factions do not get. Oh, and the Lynx does have a higher fire rate 125x909 RPM, more damage per magazine than the Serpent and GD7-F and only drops 2 tiers instead of 3.

    The Eridani and the Hailstorm are fundamentally different weapons. Of the first gen SMGs, the Eridani has the lowest damage per magazine and the longest TTK. Yes, it sucks that the TR Hailstorm is the weakest of the three 2nd gen SMGs, since the extra 10 bullets are less valuable than the extra RPM on the Sirius and the Blitz, but that is a separate argument. This is an issue of the TR SMGs design being flawed, rather than VS SMGs being OP.

    The VS carbine RPMs are on average lower than the TR's. Most TR carbines have a higher RPM than most VS carbines. If you want an accurate fact, how about every single TR carbine has a equal or higher damage per magazine than every VS carbines (the only equal is 40x125 Lynx and 30x167 Pulsar C), however, this fact does not matter because the factions weapons are supposed to have different strengths and weaknesses, the balance is not perfect, but that is why there are ongoing balance changes.

    So, you are nearly 100% wrong on every point, but since you don't have any factual arguments, you are just going to state VS weapons are OP as an article of faith? You really aren't helping your case.
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  3. DashRendar

    I know what the gun stats are lol. The recoil on those VS weapons with high DPS is in fact very high, I've said this before. This is contrasting with the TR 125 dmg weapons which are very controllable. So you take a small hit on straight DPS, but you gain a huge amount of accuracy and controllability. For me? I'd much rather have controllability than a spraygun.
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  4. Caydn

    Skill ?
    You dont need skill for vanu weapons a blind drunk monkey can use them
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  5. nehylen

    I don't know how you're reading the spreadsheet, but the GD-7F is actually slightly superior to the Serpent, as shown by the numbers on that very spreadsheet; both these guns have considerable horizontal recoil, high horizontal arc (relation between tolerance and horizontal recoil) and a rather varying and high bias to vertical recoil, unlike the Lynx.
    The GD7-F has slightly longer effective range than the Serpent (milder first shot recoil+20% more velocity), and the same effectiveness in CQC.

    Also it's not because Lynx and TORQ share a damage model with some SMGs that this defines them as SMGs, and the Eridani and Cyclone aren't carbines or ARs due to their damage model either.
    SMG features are: best hipfire of all primaries, low vertical recoil, highest horizontal instability (except NS), considerable damage tier drops over range (except NS), lowest velocity.

    While Lynx does indeed offer less dps (compensated somewhat by higher damage per mag AND sensibly shorter short reload, which matters at such high rpm), assymetrical balance makes the TRV available to the Terran medic. VS/NC have no direct equivalent to it, and that's quite fine in itself.
  6. qquqq

    You taught a monkey to play planet side 2?

    I'm not sure if you expected a serious response from the 0.01seconds of thought in your post,,,,,
  7. MikeyGeeMan

    Your not reading the sheet. Please explain the gd7f and serpent . Both are technically better and have high rofs....the problem was tr were too good with the lynx so it was needed to make it so everyone cam have a fast firing carbine....and the vs weapons need to be balanced accordingly due to high ldr ratios...

    Thank you for helping me prove my point...vs op.

  8. RadarX Moderator

    We're going to to ahead and wrap this one up. We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for their empire and feedback on balance.
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