Why is VS so much easier?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SolemnSeraph, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. HantuDuppy

    Eazy-mode weapons. Mobility while firing means they are hit less, accuracy means they hit more. The small reduction in damage doesn't offset how often they hit. The weapons are effective at all ranges, so they are able to strike targets more often. The heat mechanic is amplified by their ability to take effective ranged pot-shots which aren't just a waste of ammo. They imagine themselves to be better players and more organized because everyone needs self respect, and admitting their advantage would be a blow to their self worth. Anyone who plays all three factions knows that VS isn't any more organized that the other factions.

    That head shot advantage for the NC makes sense: the high vertical recoil means shots that are aimed at the chest, (or even the feet with the gauss saw) end up at the head.
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  2. Scorponok

    yea the conclusion is NC has the best weapons yet they fail the most...only 1 thing can be the cause...NC suffers the worst player base in the world.
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  3. ATRA_Wampa-One

    You left out of course the VS has lower than average damage per magazine which punishes misses even more than NC since they at least have higher than average damage. The VS also has the highest average FSRM which almost completely negates our "Eazy-mode weapons" as the follow up shots will be wildly off the mark of your first shot until you learn to adapt to that recoil. This is why on average the VS has only a 1-2% higher accuracy than TR or NC weapons.

    It's cool though, talk up all of the VS's advantages while totally dismissing our drawbacks.
  4. haniblecter

    FSRMuliplier is only a mupliple, and when the mupliplier is very low, it means nothing.

    Lowest damage per mag, but when you have no recoil, ammo restriction, or bullet drop....
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  5. Shiaari

    I think it's probably in your head. 36 kills and 12 deaths is just a 3 KDR. That's not very high for a session stat (what I mean is if that were a global stat from your entire course of play, 3 KDR would be damn high).

    It's entirely possible that the weapons themselves fit your play style. The "feel" of a weapon in an FPS is actually very important. The way it sounds, the way it moves on screen, the impact audio... you may simply play better with it.

    Statistically speaking Vanu weapons are identical to the other factions' weapons. Yes, many Vanu weapons lack drop, and that may also be a part of why you perform better. Some players actually do worse without drop, because drop is--by virtue of real physics--more intuitive. With a drop weapon you'll aim just at the top of their head in medium range. With a no drop weapon you need to aim lower, and then always a little more lower to account for recoil. Center of mass shots--with no drop--tend to kick more shots into the head than with drop.

    At any rate, there are plenty of players out there who report a vastly easier experience playing new factions other than Vanu. So I highly doubt that it is because Vanu weapons are just "better."
  6. omfgweeee

    Vanu definitely are easier if u have been playing NC before that like me. I create a Vanu alt before 2 days and i do VERY well maintaining 1.6+ KDA with playing stock LA and i have hard time to 1.5 KDA on my full certed NC LA ...

    Its either EU players are better than US or Vanu are just easy mode!
  7. MorganM

    Anyone who's played a year + and played all 3 factions for more than 50 BRs can confirm this is true... it's really an illusion. I played TR till BR 57 then switched to VS and was like "OMG EASY MODE! TR SUX!" Played VS till BR 54 and went back to TR because some old friends were playing; started a new character because my old name was ... questionable. Same feeling... "OMG EASY MODE! Why did I ever doubt you TR?!" and played to about BR 56 again. All those TR nerds quit again so I gave NC a try up to BR 58 "OMG EASY MODE! NC MASTER RACE!" but eventually went back to TR until BR 97 and finally I'm on VS up to 85... it felt like easy mode all over again every time... just like FnkyTwn explains here... this is why.

    TR: BR 97
    TR: BR 57
    VS: BR 85
    NC: BR 58

    To the OP:
    Play VS to at LEAST BR 40 then go back to TR. Don't ping pong back and forth... dedicate... go all in. Because you start to really see the subtle nuances then. The shininess wears off and eventually the honeymoon is over and the Orion becomes the most overrated gun that everyone wont shut up about. After the 500th time getting tore up by a damn Vulcan harasser, 'sniped' by an AP Prowler + reload speed anchored 600m on a hill, or the 1,000th time you die cuz you had to reload and the TR guy just keep spraying bullets... VS starts to feel like that same old faction.... THEN switch again. You'll see what we mean. You'll go back and be like "Oh man... Jag / Lynx ... how I missed thee" *SMOOCH SMOOCH* ... "Vulcan how did we ever part ways?! Never again my love!" .... "Large magazines I'll never doubt you again!"
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  8. Noktaj

    So much this.
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  9. MorganM

    It's noted in forums as hearsay... if you look at the accuracy numbers for all the guns you'll see VS does not have a disproportionate number of accurate guns. There are outliers on all sides; every faction has several guns that are very accurate.

    Every faction has good guns and bad guns... nobody has 'notable' advantage on accuracy, rate of fire, or damage. The only way people find those are when they compare individual guns or class of guns like LMGs or Cabines. That does not mean an entire faction has that advantage

    I think what helps perpetuate this myth is that the accurate guns for each faction are not the same class of weapons. For example people use the TR Trac-5 then go to the NC Mercenary and are like "ZOMG EASY MODE !" Ya; the Mercenary is awesome but if you went from the T9 CARV to the Gauss SAW most people hate it because it kicks like a mule and the RoF is terrible so who cares if it has high damage if you miss most your shots.

    Anyone who sicks with a faction for more than 30 BRs and has switched at least twice will know this is true. If you actually go and compare ALL the guns you can see it's true as well but it doesn't really hit home until you go use them on the battlefield. It's amazing how stats on paper can tell you one thing but use in the field will totally change your perception.
  10. The_Blazing

    It's not.

    What you are experiencing is almost certainly a placebo effect.

    If you look at the numbers, all guns of the same class in the game have similar TTKs. These can vary from 0.45 to 0.55 seconds, give or take, but as a general rule, if a weapon of one faction in a certain class has a certain TTK, the other two factions have a weapon with the same or nearly the same TTK somewhere in the same class.

    The Scythe is not the easiest fighter simply because all fighters are very similar. The main advantages of each fighter are: Mosquito is a bit faster, Reaver has a bit more vertical thrust and a bit more firepower, and the Scythe is a bit harder to hit. The flight model and most stats outside of those I mentioned, however, are exactly the same.
  11. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Four guns have no ammo restriction.
  12. Pat22

    Three of which require you to aurax 4-5 other guns to get, at that, with the no ammo restriction only really being useful to lone wolves who aren't near engineers at least once every 10 minutes in a game where there are engineers everywhere.

    And on another note-

    Anyone who plays all three factions regularly, and doesn't just make a BR1 other faction alt and immediately go "ZOMG WEAPONS OP" knows that all three factions are pretty much the same.
    As MorganM said, they all have advantages and disadvantages.
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  13. 00000000000000000000

    Another difference may be how many medics Vanu plays.

    All three factions seem to slightly favor Heavy Assault over the other four classes.

    ~BUT ignoring heavy assault~
    NC seems to have more engineers, not entirely sure why but they are everywhere.

    TR seem to have an even mix, at least I haven't noticed any specific class being more common (except of course, heavy assault)

    VS seem to have a LOT of medics, I constantly notice myself going to revive someone and 2-3 other medics are already on him, medics, while not OP on their own at all, are a force multiplier improving the survivability of all other classes, and if, as a medic, I revive 3-4 people on my way to the point, that is 5 people on the point instead of just 1.
  14. Shadownium

    In case you haven't noticed yet, the Magrider does not have a turret. This means that the gun will be facing whatever direction the vehicle is facing. Least recoil is not a myth, it is said in multiple official sources that due to the VS's advanced laser technology, their guns have no bullet drop, least recoil, fastest reload speed. And yes, no bullet drop is not that much of a big deal, but keep in mind that every bit counts. Another reason why VS is easy mode is that it has the best rocket launcher. The TR's faction specific launcher get nerfed, and the NC's faction specific rocket launcher prevents you from responding to situations when you are guiding the rocket. You are basically sitting duck. If you are at a relatively safe spot where people won't show up and shank you, then it means that you are an easy target for snipers since they will be at relatively safe spot to snipe you also. The VS's faction specific rocket launcher is the best imo.
  15. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, SAW is amazing... one of the better unique weapons in the game really

    but as a starter? It's ****.

    It takes 300cert investment to become usable, and then requires skill and knowledge how and when to use it.

    They NEED to replace the NC default LMG IMO. SAW might be iconic, but it's terrible as a starter.
  16. Shadownium

    Also, I'd like to point out that when the game first got launched, VS had the least population. This means that VS players leveled up the fastest, and when you are outnumbered you are likely to have more kills since there are more people to kill. This gave VS a reputation of being on easy mode.
  17. DashRendar

    Dude VS Carbines and ARs have .25 moving aimed accuracy. NO other faction has weapons with that stat. The closest anyone else gets to that is .30. There's a lot of them that have that stat VS side, it's not just like one weapon. In fact the only ones that don't are the ones with Adv Laser that you are meant to hipfire anyway. LMGs don't have this stat, but the SVA-88 is a very controllable LMG for what it is.

    Which brings me to point 2, "accuracy" isn't all about CoF numbers, it's about how many bullets the user can reliably put on target. Recoil factors into this as well, which is largely the reason why TR weapons have such low accuracy, even though their CoF numbers don't make them seem too inaccurate. VS have a high concentration of weapons with manageable recoil, which makes it easy to be accurate with them, this gels nicely with their accurate weapons.

    It was posted by a dev a long long time ago that the three factions are loosely balanced as such.

    TR - High Rate of Fire / Low Damage
    NC - High Damage / Bad Accuracy
    VS - High Accuracy / ???

    I honestly can't remember what the intended downside for VS faction was. I think maybe at the time it would have been bad range, but that's long since been changed. If someone remembers what I'm talking about, (not just theorizing or hearsay) please chime in, because I can't remember the original post right now. The TR upside may have actually been high capacity, or high volume of fire, and not rate of fire. NC is spot on though, that I definitely remember.
  18. ATRA_Wampa-One

    NS-11a, NS-11c, TORQ-9, and LYNX all have 0.25 moving ADS accuracy.

    And VS's Carbine and AR drawback is our very low DPM which is on all but 2 of our Carbine's and AR's while that 0.25 moving ADS accuracy is only on our sub 1663 DPS Carbines and AR's.
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  19. DashRendar

    Good call, I missed the LYNX and TORQ. Though the NS guns I don't really count since they're pretty crap and very low DPS. The VS ES weapons with that high accuracy stat are actually good weapons, and not gimped just because they have an above average stat.
  20. ATRA_Wampa-One


    You do realize that the NS-11a is an upgrade to the CME... our second best AR right?
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