Why is VS so much easier?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SolemnSeraph, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. Ballto21

    pretty much. i think the main emerald VS benefit is during alerts we have clear command comms unless someone is asking for reinforcements and we have multiple outfits in their own platoons platoons working on different bases instead of just trying to maximum overzerg one base, even DAPP has less members than AOD, (DAPP is at 2200, AOD is over 8300)
  2. MikeyGeeMan

    real reason?

    vs is able to zerg up 100+ br80+ and then zerg you till your dead.

    on the flip side, once theymax crash, no one has the cojones to max crash back.

    who do you have to defend against that with that many numbers?

    aod? Phx?

    they have the numbers but not the twinked out high be with battlegeese.

    the only peeps I have seen that have countered that is frza... well cause they are goku but on tr. Which by the way, I appreciate even though the retreads in command chat can't recognize it.

    fact is the vs have had the more experienced people, and I love it, cause then I can test my skills.

    seeing da or goku tags in my kill screen nake me fight even harder.

    maybe if the tr and NC weren't such a bunch of egotistical command chat brats, maybe, just maybe ypu would have a fighting chance.

    if they send 100, you send 200. If they zerg, you need to zerg back harder.

    right now all I hear is wah they maxed us and we can't fight back...

    suck I up soldiers and learn to do it better than the enemy.
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  3. Selrahc4040

    No idea, and I don't think I have the know-how to check that.
  4. ATRA_Wampa-One

    What's hilarious is that GOKU was on NC sunday's prime time alert for the first time in months.


    AOD had almost 160 members to throw at fights yet they were totally ineffective which is why the TR ended up with only 5% territory, VS with only 33%.

    It's the VS that's OP though, not coordination.

    Also, the average BR of GOKU's NC altfit is 35 and not a single one of us have a BR 100 on NC.
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  5. Ballto21


    i kind of want to join goku
  6. ATRA_Wampa-One

  7. Ballto21

  8. ATRA_Wampa-One


    a. Consume an 8oz jar of mayonnaise in its entirety. This must be recorded and submitted to the Goku Council Of Leadership Leaders for review.
    b. Write a 1,000 word essay on Dragon Ball Z. We check for plagiarism.
    c. Post a photo college of you killing former DA member Giggily 100 times with a sniper rifle.
    d. Record yourself performing the fusion dance. This must be submitted to the Goku Council of Leadership Leaders for review.
  9. MikeyGeeMan

    well that's kinda what happens when a whole bunch of noobs and a pub outfit try to take on a private outfit with well drilled players.

    you should hear people in the platoons.

    oh well we got bounced by goku, lets go somewhere else.

    if they were smart they would zerg back.

    now if it was me in charge, i would say to heck with the alert.

    create a 200 man zerg and chase down goku wherever they go. They fight the NC, we fly in and make them lose the fight. We lose territory who cares, just keep pounding up against their best till they decide to leave the server.

    but then again, I am cut from a different cloth.
  10. Ballto21

    Got it.


    I do not own a sniper rifle. Lets go with that one.

    Am i in yet?
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  11. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Well he's got us there. Our privates are very well drilled.

  12. Foxirus

    Actually, We don't have the least recoil in the slightest. You are forgetting guns have TWO types of recoil. Horizontal and Vertical.

    What our guns lack in Vertical Recoil, We are given double in Horizontal Recoil to make our No Bullet Drop trait ineffective. As you may or may not know, Horizontal recoil can NOT be accounted for by the player, You MUST use a grip. Our guns are no different from yours. Don't believe me, Go in and check the stats.
  13. omfgweeee

    Crazy? T1 Cycler is provably the strongest AR in the game and favorite for PS2 best weapon ever existed..
  14. wrenched

    When you combine the statistics from all servers (http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/), this is what you find:

    Highest kill to death ratio: Vanu +6%
    Highest vehicle kills: Vanu +8%
    Highest assists: Vanu +12%
    Highest score per minute: Vanu +3%
    Highest accuracy: Vanu and TR +6%
    Highest head shot ratio: NC+12%
    Highest captures: Vanu +2%
    Highest defenses: Vanu +8%
    Highest average BR: Vanu and TR even +5%

    I think you can make some interesting conclusions here.
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  15. Shadownium

    Least recoil, least reload speed, no bullet drop, good dmg. No turret on the main tank. Yeah VS is easy mode. And VS has more good players.
  16. Veph

    We're mostly just 1 tier above ****** dmg... Bullet drop is an argument people like to parrot around for the sake of having ANY argument, because in the end this could go and not a thing would be different. Complaining about bullet drop just makes you look funny. Least recoil sounds like a myth.
    No turret on a magrider? What?
  17. Okjoek

    I love fighting in close quarters so I almost always play with a shotgun as an engineer.

    I'm not sure how much "skill" people will say I have, but I love positioning myself to get kills in 1-2 shots just by pointing in the enemy's general direction.
  18. Klabauter8

    VS is not easier at all. It has its strengths but also its weaknesses. In the end it just comes down to who has the most players on its team, and I think VS is just pretty popular. If you are outnumbered with VS you will most likely also have a rather frustrating time though.
  19. ATRA_Wampa-One

  20. johnway

    I don't think the VS weapons are OP, but then, i don't play this game extensively nor do i go up against the very best VS players who are in outfits, organised and dedicate large amount of their lives playing this game. Personally i find their weapons a bit on the weak side. Although i like their carbines.

    But i think it boils down to how organised the player base is. We've gone through a cycle, first the TR dominated and the NC were the poor faction. After a while it became VS (their ZOE was just brutal) after it got nerfed and after a while the NC are dominate and now we're at this point i see the NC and VS taking turns dominating. The TR hasn't done well in recent months and over time that leadership or organisation that got me hooked to the TR and the miller server disappeared. I guess the VS has the most organised and experienced members i suppose.
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