Why is VS so much easier?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SolemnSeraph, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. DashRendar

    I meant the weapons are more accurate, not the players, lol.
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  2. ColonelChingles

    Well yea, that's what I was getting at.

    Some people say, "Oh, the VS are just better. Not that our equipment is more accurate, just that we're better or more experienced players."

    And I think we're both trying to say that's false. I'm just bringing in actual evidence that when VS, NC, and TR soldiers are given the same equipment, they have about the same accuracy. There is no innate difference in skill.
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  3. HadesR

    I think you will find it was made back in the days of the atrocious flinch mechanics which really gave NC the short end of the stick ..

    Doesn't matter how accurate a weapon is if it has extremely low damage. And also I find TR easier than the VS since I do a lot better on TR.
  5. HadesR

    TBH I found the same .. I found the Carv an Angel of delight compared to the Orion ...
  6. qquqq

    I switched from vs to nc and doubled my k/d.
    I think its because im a better player now than when i started, and the weapons are better suited to my playstyle,
  7. Sulsa

    It says I play Heavy the most, but I think that's because I changed up my play style on purpose in the beginning just to add some spice. It is interesting to me that different sounds, different looks and different weapon characteristics make it 'feel' easier, even though by my score, it's not necessarily different.
  8. SolemnSeraph

    Thanks for all of the theories and replies guys. Gave me a lot of insight, and I think I understand the clockworks a little better now.
  9. Selrahc4040

    Not posting this to prove a point, just providing some extra info.

    Out of the top 100 players on Emerald, 47 are Vanu.
  10. BIllyGG

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  11. Ballto21

    how many of those have br 80-100 on all three factions?
  12. Lord_Avatar

    Which OP guns?
  13. Ballto21

    VS have 10 of the highest KPU weaons in the game across all fields.

    6 if you dont include Directive weapons

    NC have 4, 3 if you dont include directive weapons

    TR have 8, 7 if you dont include directive weapons

    VS have 8 of the lowest KPU weapons. 7 if you dont count directive weapons, TR have 6, nc have 8

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  14. Atorum

    Its simple, because its OP.
    To make the matter worse best players/outfits will always flock to easy mode in this case VS, same thing happens in every game, it gives the the illusion of skill, same like British defeating spear wearing tribes and calling it an Empire.
    There was a noob Xisapis (something like that) on Miller that has 3 chars of all factions on the same server, he sux at TR the most.
    TR has the worst tank, worst infantry weapons, worst ESF and worst default camo, of course everyone will avoid it. everyone wants the feeling of being good at something and thats why the choose VS or in some cases NC but mostly VS.
    In the end its just poor game balance and thats why PS2 will never be a top FPS, unfortunately.
  15. JonboyX

    Can you link that stat? Most people I've played PS2 with have been 25+ ; though admittedly PS1 vets. I'd be especially interested to see how the average then gets down to sixteen years old given anyone returning from PS1 must be roughly 25+.

    @OP Probably worth playing a bit longer with VS and then seeing if you think they're overpowered. I'm sure you're aware of the limitations of making calls on your play time "sample size" too ;) The only real advantage I can see is that their default camo works a lot better at night, but even that is nullified by the purchasable ones.
  16. 0fly0

    The only reason i switch to vanu wasn't the gun at all, it's the faction where i'm getting the less tk, starting a game session with nc or tr and getting tk 10 time in 3 min gameplay make me tired of playing.
    Maybe vanu is much easier because you don't start a fight with half the mag of your teamate in the ***...
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  17. GHostmarine101

    Low recoil, no bullet drop and their guns don't do as much damage so people are able to realise that they should stop holding down the trigger before they kill a friendly
  18. Ballto21

    Worst tank? Im so sorry for your 8 second TTK with HEAT rounds compared to the titan and magriders 14 second plus.
    http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=vKPU&weapon1=4008&weapon2=3460&weapon3=3730 similar to FPC with FPC spikes and advantage, fair enough in VKPU

    AP round infantry KPU FPC and Prowler are similat with P2 spikes and TR advantage http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=4008&weapon2=3460&weapon3=3730

    Vanguard lead in AKPU http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=aKPU&weapon1=4008&weapon2=3460&weapon3=3730

    Lets look at starters

    http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=29000&weapon2=28000&weapon3=27000 NC Cyclone lead in T1 SMGs with occasional Eridani spikes

    http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=28001&weapon2=27001&weapon3=29001 almost the same with all three spiking on T2 SMGs

    http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=78&weapon2=79&weapon3=80 orion lead by far but the CARV is by far outperforming the SAW in LMGs

    http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=14&weapon2=20&weapon3=4 Pulsar VS1 lowest performing AR, T1 Cycler highest

    http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=3&weapon2=43&weapon3=44 Solstice VE3 and TRAC-5 working similarly with occasional VS spike but overall TR lead

    Semi auto scout rifles are a jumble of all three spiking with no real leader and the automatics are carbon copies http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=24007&weapon2=25007&weapon3=26007

    TR has the highest performing ES HA weapon with jackhammer spikes. Lasher firm last. http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=7528&weapon2=7533&weapon3=7540

    TR claymores best landmine http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=kpu&weapon1=1045&weapon2=429&weapon3=1044

    Almost the same across all three for AV harasser weapons http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=vKPU&weapon1=6121&weapon2=6123&weapon3=6126

    Needler from TR best ESF starter in AKPU http://ps2oraclestats.com/?stat=aKPU&weapon1=4302&weapon2=4900&weapon3=4600 with occasional NC spikes.

    This is TR camo on a LA. Grey blends in nicely everywhere at night, no exceptions, and pretty decently during the day. The white trim provides decent blanding with pretty much all of indar and esamir, looking like darkish patches of sand rock and ice. The red parts are accents too small to see at ranges a camo would make a difference on any faction (about 30 meters or more)

    This is a VS in VR at 40m. You wouldnt see him if it werent for the triangle, yes but lets look at a tr

    40m out, just as hard to see. Your camo argument is invalid. There is also significantly more lighting over here which does provide more of an outline, but if he were against a rock like the VS he would blend in perfectly.
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  19. maxkeiser

    It's a complete nonsense, of course, that Vanu are any easier to play. From my experience NC would by much easier - their weapons pack a huge punch and the vanguard is devastating when used correctly.

    I do think there is something in the idea that vanu attracts an older, more team-play orientated audience. I also think the Vanu keep their long-term players more. Outfits like KOTV have the largest proportion of BF100 and very high BR players. KOTV crusade platoons routinely have a a very high number of players who've been in game since launch (2+yrs). They are not (neccessarily) better players, but they understand the game, teamwork and what is required to win.

    For instance, in the Esamir alert on Sunday, the KOTV Crusade redeployed to WG for gal drops for probably 90% of the bases we attacked. The reploy on each occasion was virtually seemless - with 4+ galaxies fully loaded attacking the target to order.

    The experienced players just follow orders and 'get' how the games works, and as far as I'm aware Vanu has more high BR players and better rention. This combined with a higher average age and possibly more mature players leads to a propensity for team work.

    And PS2 is ALL ABOUT TEAMWORK/LOGISTICS. This not an arena shooter - it's about getting men to where you want at the right time. And high BR players understand this very well.
  20. Unsp0kn

    Like PHX? They have many good players but pretty much do the same thing. Sometimes I have a good time with 382, but I mostly run solo or join smaller outfits that do a better job communicating, like LUXE. I've had some great runs with them and I seem to play much better with better players.

    I haven't played my VS toon at all besides the VR Training, just to check out the different weapons early on.
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