Why is the NS-15M not being touched in the LMG changes?

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  1. LordAnnihilator

    You're right, we don't want a fourth faction of demons in planetside (although that would solve our population problem...)
    But for the record, I'm learning to utilise a PC FPS setup and am improving all the time. I do not particularly want to spend time practicing mouse movement, I'd like to get into the game. I just don't happen to prefer a front-line position most times.
  2. Scr1nRusher

    This thread needs to get back on Topic.
  3. CapEnTrade

    I disagree, more discussing about meaningless buffs and nerfs or the lack thereof is meaningless.
    What needs to be discussed is real change, or this whole boat will sink.
  4. Scr1nRusher

    The Ignore function is amazing.(Ignoring the guy spamming in bright green colors)
  5. LordAnnihilator

    If you wish to discuss that, make another thread for it.

    Based on what I've read here (I took a look back more in depth), I'd say the 15M is fine as it is. The ADS speed is what, post update, gives it it's niche as a fast moving, all around LMG. The only issue is the apparent number of skins it has. According to Wrels video, the reward for the Bounty tree is another 15M skin, of which there are too many already. Give us something new, like a Commissioner skin, confound it!
  6. CapEnTrade

  7. Scr1nRusher

    But there is a few problems.

    1) The NS-15M suffers from DPS issues due to the ROF being how it is because of balance with 0.75 ADS.

    2) The HA's LMG's wouldn't be completely "free" of 0.75 ADS.
  8. LordAnnihilator

    Wouldn't be completely free? What LMGs would still have 0.75 ADS then?
    Hmm, what would you change the DPS to then?
  9. Iridar51

    Uh, no. I don't care what newbies get to use. I do have a problem with everyone and their dog switching to VS to play orion HA. When whole alts are created, and farm 5 auraxiums just to play with one gun, clearly there's a problem.

    75% ADS on some weapons is not an issue. 75% ADS on LMGs in its interaction with HA shield - is.

    On another note, this video just turned my life around. If some geek can fire an LMG at full auto without hitting the sky with his 5th shot, maybe it is possible for a future soldier to run wildly and throw bullets all around without ever slowing down...
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  10. Scr1nRusher

    None, especially after the LMG changes on the PTS hit live.

    As I've already said. Increasing the RPM from 625 to 652 after removing 0.75 ADS.

    Really simple.
  11. JojoTheSlayer

    Nope, because if you corner and put on the shield at the same time as another person you will NOT be that hard to hit.
    Because while you still have slightly more movement. The OverShield speed reduction is large enough to make that difference have no PRACTICAL use and in that scenario you will die to a higher damage output 0,5ADS weapon.

    0,75ADS are best used at medium range with OShield off.

    As an actual military trained and qualified MG-3 instructor, just dont try to bring reality into this. Its irrelevant.
  12. ColonelChingles

    I think though the difference is that you can also phrase it this way:

    ADS advantage negates the downside of the HA Shield.

    In other words, if you have two HAs but only one of them is equipped with a 0.75x weapon, then the one with the ADS advantage will still be able to move faster than that other HA.
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  13. Iridar51

    Who said anything about peaking corners?
    It's 1 minute into losing argument and you already bring qualities into it? Harder is harder.

    "NOT that hard", what an awesome phrase. Slap it on top of everything and look cool.
    "Killing 12 MAXes as an infiltrator is NOT that hard."
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  14. JojoTheSlayer

    Driving at 15km vs 17km is PRACTICALLY no difference even if there is one.
    Clearly you didnt understand the context of the whole text and instead just attached your focus on one "out of context" aspect like a simpleton.

    What if one person has a LMG and the other person has a shotgun?
    You see, some weapons have an advantage in some circumstance and others in other.
    The same thing goes for the NS-15M vs other LMGs.

    The NS-15M, with its lower damage output, is NOT a ideal LMG vs LMG in close fights because you need the OShield faster and once that is on your strafing is nerfed to impracticable. You wont avoid the enemies aim at that point. You wont be hard to track etc... and since you are then also facing a weapon that has a lower TKK, compared to the NS-15M, you will die vs an equally skilled person. Gain vs Con. Its just a weapon variant people can choose to get.

    The same reason some people bring a shotgun. Con at long range, gain at short range.
    A aspect all of these irrational 0,75ADS hater seem to not get or down right ignore.


    The reason most dont like that the default VS Orion has it is because it gives a Empire benefit overall because of noobs.
    The same reason the NC Saw gets a con because their higher recoil weapon is overall harder to use. A proficient person will do well with it, but most noobs will not.

    If TR and NC had default 0,75ADS access as well it wouldnt be an issue. But because they dont some of them facing 0,75ADS weapon talk about them like it gains them Unreal Tournament like strafing speed or something. Which is down right BS.
  15. Iridar51

    No, but moving at 1.64 m/s vs 1.09 is a huge one.
    I wonder what unrelated reference you're gonna bring in your reply. Will it be cacti agronomics? Baking cookies? Oh I hope it's baking cookies. Can hardly wait.
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  16. JojoTheSlayer

    Make a animation of an infantry at 3m that goes to the left and right and let people track it with their mouse.
    I bet most will have no issues following both and that is what matters when the two LMGs in that scenario dont have the same TTK.
    The NS-15M will then lose...

    Its only at medium range without Oshield on where the NS-15M really shines compared to other LMGs.
  17. Iridar51

    Oh, so it's 3m now? Are we still peeking corners, or we're gonna leave that in previous post that didn't make any sense?

    You know, there's this feeling when I kill a ~BR2 guy. Almost sorry and feeling bad about killing that poor guy who can't make heads or tails of the game.

    You are that feeling right now. I'd proclaim my win, but you say such utter nonsense that a win over you is hardly an achievement.
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  18. Foxirus

    Why do you need to remove its ADS modifier? The weapon can be used by everyone...

    As for the LMG change.. I can't wait! My polaris finally gets a damn flash suppressor........
  19. Joexer

    Its based on an assault rifle. Heck. It is an assult rifle with an extended magazine. Nothing to get all upset about here. Also 625-652 is nowhere near a big enough modification to makeup for .75 ads speed.

    Another option is to make another mobility tier like .625 Ads speed. Specific to a few lmgs, assault rifles and carbines.
  20. Scr1nRusher

    Because its still a LMG with 0.75 ADS & because of 0.75 ADS it lacks in some primary areas(Such as & mainly RPM)