Why is the NS-15M not being touched in the LMG changes?

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    Well what they could do is up the TTK by upping the RPM(to 652) after removing 0.75 ADS.

    Which really begs a question......

    Why the heck does the HA class have SMG access then?
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  2. Deffington

    Now that's a good question.
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  3. Crayv

    SMGs have poor effectiveness at range so the HA has to get in close. HA's lack of mobility and tools for closing in makes it much higher risk than it is for an Infil or LA. So it mostly balances out (which is why you don't see many HAs with SMGs).

    An LMG has good to decent range even if it more of a close range weapon (the poor hipfire though forces the HA to ADS much more than other classes). The greater ADS speed gives them better ability to avoid shots in close to close-mid range while they can still win at longer range engagements thanks to the fact they are still using an LMG.

    It's okay for a HA to have an advantage over other class in close engagements but not range or vice-versa but it is not good for them to have an advantage in both situations.

    Note: I personally think SMGs (especially when compared to shotguns) are a little bit too good.
  4. Scr1nRusher

    See how 0.75 ADS being on a LMG is wonky?

    Then you should be on the side of people that want to get SMG's off the HA class.
  5. Crayv

    SMGs just need a minor nerf overall. They have a large advantage over shotguns due to effective range and headshot viability (and being way better against HA). While also having much better advantages than close range carbines due to better hipfire while the carbines have to resort to ADS at a much closer range, once you get to where both have to ADS neither of them are really good.

    That or shotguns get a small buff and close range carbines get a retuning.
  6. Vurvu

    I've seen a hundred changes in a hundred different games; it goes on for years and years and years.
    The threads go on and on and on.

    And the game is the same thing with a slightly better proportion for accessibility to no one and everything.
    Then these games collapse into a heap of nothingness.
    Yesterday's big thing.

    You're not dealing with bugs. You're dealing with perfectionism. Perfectionism is a terrible thing, no matter what it is that is receiving its application.
    It's the imperfection in games that make them last. It's the glaring faults that make them unexplainably playable.

    The only thing that really impresses players are content, saddled with all the imperfections and annoyances a game can muster.
    But it's playable.
  7. CapEnTrade

    Suck it up.
  8. LordAnnihilator

    All I've gotten out of this thread is "NS-15M is outclassed by MSW-R for my Playstyle". Thanks, now I won't waste 1000 Certs! I may just get it anyway when I get into the higher levels of the LMG directive.
    Also, if LMGs are so OP on certain factions, why is it we still get even population/alert victory ratios?

    Look, one thing might bother you, but this is an MMO. The gatekeeper being OP means nothing if Vanguards are on that Harassers ***. It's the teamwork that defines a win or not. A Harasser gang can devastate if led properly. Not everyone will run HA. Someone needs to play medic to heal them, and engineers are needed to resupply them. These "issues" have minimal impact on gameplay unless large squads are using them. And a 0.75 movement multiplier doesn't mean anything against a number of engineer turrets, and a well placed frag will murderise any unfortunate squad that doesn't space out enough. It's all subjective, really.
  9. CapEnTrade

    Anyone who's not a dunce and know's how to aim values the NS-15m for its rewarding accuracy, low downtime, and mobility.
  10. LordAnnihilator

    Well I am sorry sir, but I am not one who happens to have an "accurate" aim. I personally prefer the capability to remove stuff that is in my face and will kill me in the next few seconds unless I murder it NOW. Plus, compared to the MSW-R, the NS-15M is hella expensive. Way out of my budget at present.
  11. CapEnTrade

    Players like you have no skill, you just plow, there is not art or pleasure with plowing, you obviously lack the sense of accomplishment when you land precisely landed headshots, because you are incapable. Lean to play, and FORGET YOUR BUDGET! I own all the TR weapons and I paid for 0 of them, learn to aim and use that to grind with pleasure and ease.
  12. Scr1nRusher

    You are going full crazy with your comments.
  13. CapEnTrade

  14. Scr1nRusher

    Chill out.
  15. LordAnnihilator

    Well, I'm sorry if I'm not used to using a mouse to shoot yet! I only recently migrated to PC gaming, and it's hard to adapt!
    I happen to derive satisfaction from support roles. For one thing, it earns me the Certs I need to get by. I happen to know how to aim, and I personally do not enjoy grinding for a weapon which, whilst good in its own right, does not fit my playstyle over another, much cheaper weapon. Weapons are sidegrades primarily, and I wish to sidegrade into a more CQC oriented weapon.
    As much as I would like to land constant head shots, that only really has the "punch" you describe at range, in particular with snipers, and I do not personally like the infiltrator. Also grinding is not fun if you're just running about trying to be a one man army. True Cert farming is a team effort.
  16. CapEnTrade

    Well then adapt to your handicap, use weapons that take no aim skill like shotguns or the chaingun but still deliver satisfaction due to fast seemingly unfair kills. Then learn how to use your mouse in practice sessions.
  17. Scr1nRusher

    Gentleman please decrease the estrogen levels.

    I do not want this thread opening a portal to the Warp energies.
  18. CapEnTrade

    I don't want to state the obvious (aka I do and will) But it's called testosterone, bub. You need to learn the difference in gender here.
  19. SQPD

    TTK doesn't necessarily define a weapon's killing potential. NS weapons emphasize their accuracy to get kills. An effective strategy is to aim for the head. A 167 damage model firing at 652 RPM sounds somewhat insane, to be a common pool weapon. The NC has the Bandit, a 167 damage model carbine firing at 632 RPM. Now to put a 167 damage model on an accuracy built weapon like the NS-11/15 series would be a folly.
  20. CapEnTrade