Why does DBG allows NC's terrible low win rate?

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  1. FLHuk

    When I play NC I say repeatedly "I'm just as good as my VS, I'm just as good as my VS" like some pro league Kabaddi player!
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  2. Halkesh

    I like Lamat's suggestion to remove yellow from default camo and tracers.

    Isn't better to make GD22S the default LMG with Gauss Saw unlocked for 325 certs ?
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  3. FLHuk

    Yes it really would be but that's been a suggestion for a LONG time. The reply was to raise the cost of the GD22S.....

    So rather than keep banging our heads against that wall ;)
  4. Halkesh

    Hey, sometime it pay : old ZOE was nerfed after 1 year of crying. :p
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  5. Lamat

    For comparison, sorry couldn't get full size images for some:
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  6. Rydenan

    I think those have been edited a bit to make the NC character brighter. However, it sparked my curiosity, and I put together my own (completely un-edited) comparison, using images from the official site:
    Still incredibly jarring.

    I also made a darkened version:
    Those yellow highlights and khakis really are death for NC at night.
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  7. Demigan

    Well here's something interesting then:
    In the early days, when NC's sporadic faltering would be safely consumed by the surefooting of the many, right? But in the early days NC lost a lot more than in the later years of the game, according to Oracle of Death when it was still alive. This can ofcourse be attributed to mayor weapons like the old PPA, ZOE, Anchor mode etc being reduced in their effectiveness and making the deficiencies of the Vanguard less pronounced in comparison.
    So NC's population isn't getting worse despite the population getting smaller and the individual funny blueberry stories becoming more impactful.

    One thing I can't explain though, is how the NC actually does remain equal to the other two factions with the NS weapons. If the faction is losing so much and anyone with an NS weapon is being supported by inferior ES weapons, then those people carrying the NS weapons would have to pull more weight to get ahead. Possibly it's because they are doing a killstealing action, taking down the enemies that the ES weapons couldn't simply by virtue of not being inferior weaponry. But it's not a wonderful explanation.

    Perhaps you are looking at the wrong arsenal. Between bases there's a very small vehicular combat phase that people often overlook. During this phase the defenders have a small window to retaliate. The people who win this vehicular battle are the one's who become the attackers.
    Since the NC Vanguard is inferior to the other two tanks in most stats and pulls equal in MBT killing power, it is obvious that the NC has a harder time taking the field with vehicles, doesn't matter if it's a fair battle or a desperate defense to stop the incoming vehicles. This snowballs into more bases lost even if the infantry arsenal would be equal to the other factions.

    How come the NC "should" be taking more continents? Everything that we can find leads back to one cause: The NC arsenal.

    As for buffing the NC. "buff" does not necessarily mean just boosting the stats of the NC weapons. We can also look at the faction traits. Rather than keeping the NC a "hurr-durr firepower" faction that ultimately deals the same DPS and just has a higher punishment for misses, we could make the NC a proper rebellion faction. Mashed together weapons (like the MAX which was originally a repurposed heavylifter mining suit before the TR and VS started building their own), gadgets and dangerous experimental technology. Add special gun shooting patterns such as 3 bullets in a tight shotgun burst (possibly as an ability to finish a fight), add new ammo types the NC can switch to possibly during combat, Add versatility in their weapons by allowing weapons to change their fire rate and firepower when necessary (They are Gauss weapons after all with potentially variable energy settings), the list of possibilities is incredible and could give the NC that edge it needs to be both unique and still equal to the other two factions.
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  8. Demigan

    Can anyone find those pictures of the green-armor NC? Those were awesome...

    Edit: Thanks Pikachu! Still a lot of bright yellow though...
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  9. Lamat

    Definitely not edited by me, those images are linked from: http://planetside.wikia.com/wiki/Engineer

    Here are camo covered Heavy Assaults: (also not edited by me, these are from an older forum thread)

    Old thread dedicated to the subject: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...-nc-uniform-color-from-yellow-to-gray.199229/
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  10. Skooma Lord

    I think one of the reasons why the NC under-preform is because the game encourages close quarters fast paced run and gun play-styles. Unfortunately much of the N.C. arsenal is slow firing and effective at medium range. Other than that, the weapons are outmatched by the T.R. and V.S. in close quarters much of the time and have the same difficulty as the T.R. and V.S. at getting longer range kills because of bloom and slow velocities.
    Just my opinion.
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  11. Lamat

    Present bright "shoot me" yellow:

    Example: Simple toned down to a yellowy brown:
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  12. LordKrelas

    NC has a yellow brighter than the yellow on any Building.
    And Lamat shows in a picture, even with Camo, the brighest combo of colors... still is standing out across every major body part.
    VS is nearly the camo perfect.
    TR has some red parts, but a darker red.
    NC has the entire color-scheme with bright yellow on every limb & chest area.

    Even that would work perfectly...
    As my gods, It's near reflective!
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  13. FateJH

    Shatter MAX, best MAX
  14. Lamat

    Dead Max, he was already C4ed before you posted that.
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  15. DIGGSAN0

    Now you guys put it on the color? Come on.....there is a preview before creating a new character.
    NC lacks in Teamplay....it is statisticly prooven that NC kill themselves the most...

    I am litteraly flloded with answers why NC doesn't win...and none of them seems go be the color.
  16. LordKrelas

    Well it's one of the factors of the whole, being discussed.

    So the preview should say "Don't play NC, as you are the most visible"?
    As otherwise, you apparently would have Zero NC, since the preview shows how visible it is?
    Who in hell goes "Character preview image, so should expect the entire faction to always light up even through Camo"?

    NC has the most team-kills... with accuracy-demanding weapons that have horrid accuracy, and tons of RNG shotguns.
    You wonder how it has the most team-kills?
    The side with the shotguns up the ***.

    Actually, color is one of the things making NC easiest to see.
    The killing bit is the rest, made easier by it.
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  17. Demigan

    As much as I love to have those colors diminished or changed, you have to ask yourself... How can the color be a major thing, if the NC still manages to pull even with the NS weapons? They would die far more often even with an NS weapon, skewing the stats out of favor for the NC.
    The only answers I can think off: The NC now avoids more open field battles during the dark, similar to how the NC MAX's avoid open area's due to their much more limited range. The people that do die due to their visibility are a small portion that quickly changes their tactics, meaning a quicker loss for any open field night battle while there's only a relatively few extra deaths added.

    You are literally flooded with symptoms. You always have to ask yourself: Why would the NC have a higher TK ratio? Why would the NC have "less teamplay", which actually still has to be proven. And especially: Why would this happen across all servers.
    And the answers are ofcourse extremely simple: The TK ratio is higher due to frustration. Someone with an inferior weapon is going to encounter more frustration, frustrated players are the #1 reason for them to blame teammates and kill them (except for the VS with their hovering TK machine). So logically the NC would have a higher TK rate. This is the only valid explanation why the NC would have a higher TK rate along all servers across multiple continents despite differences in game culture and playstyles. We even see this in one of the servers, where the TK rates are 2x higher for all 3 factions, but proportionately. So even with a vastly different culture where TK's are much easier to execute (hah) the NC still pulls ahead... That can't be a simple matter of "gee it's the people joining the NC", especially not since the VS and TR are also offering vastly different background, color schemes and weapon models and still pull relatively equal. If the NC shows such vast differences, the VS and TR should show similar differences in attracting their playerbase. But since they don't, it must be a specific coded element within the NC. What could be coded different in the NC? Their arsenal!
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  18. FLHuk

    Did you not switch from VS main to TR main?

    I've gone from NC main to VS main while dabbling with TR.

    I've found less teamwork on VS while listening to you in yell screaming about how stupid VS are ;)
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  19. DIGGSAN0

    I do not switch mains ;) i play TR so i can see differences.
    I think it would do good for everyone complaining about one faction to see the other two.

    There are Times i cursed VS but times where i enjoyed them.
    After 3 years i still want to play PS2 but on another faction.
  20. FLHuk

    Sorry, could have sworn I'd read you say you'd switched somewhere recently.

    My own experiences of you on VS during teamwork are coloured by your "unhappy" moments I would guess ;)

    My point remains. Finding teamwork on all three factions has been a similar experience. There's nothing automatically teamworky about VS over NC or indeed TR.

    Yes certain outfits on VS will suck in as many randoms as they can and herd them into an area towards an end goal. But then there are those outfits on NC/TR too... Most are heavily criticised for their efforts.

    I've joined several highly motivated groups on VS trying to teach teamwork and teamplay. I've done this on TR and NC too....

    If you hunt for it you'll find it on all three factions. Yes, it's slightly different but then it's run by different humans.
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