Why does DBG allows NC's terrible low win rate?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Humoreske, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Lamat

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  2. Rydenan

    Agreed, when I play NC I basically just expect to never win. NC weapons, especially LMGs, are statistically inferior to their TR/VS counterparts (lower DPS, longer TTK in 99.99% of scenarios, lower RoF, higher recoil, more CoF bloom, etc)

    50-50 fights are basically guaranteed losses for NC, even when there are no major outfits present. If the factions were balanced, a 50-50 fight should be a coin toss or a stalemate. But instead, it's basically a guaranteed defeat for NC, in my experience.
  3. adamts01

    Firstly, I main TR. But what really gets me is TR and VS players thinking everything is great with ISO and alerts and grinding for their character. When TR or VS win, it's due to an over-pop or some personal squad leader grudge. NC wins are purely down to a fluke of no one caring that day. Everything is ****** up with balance, absolutely everything. Daybreak needs to take a step back, create NC characters and play nothing but them for a month, and then reevaluate the situation.
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  4. FLHuk

    I bet if K/D was removed...... ;)
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  5. adamts01

    **** Daybreak. They have a teamwork oriented game with solo objectives. **** the CoD kids and their KD, let Planetside be more than than ******** mess.
  6. FateJH

    You guys keep talking about weapons but there's no excuse for such ongoing playerbase deficiency to the level of a meme. It's something that seems to pass from player to player like a virus, turnover after turnover, and I still see the same self-defeating institutional rot. The failures of the NC that I see, from server to server, are always situations where even fantastic weapons would never save them. When with something that performs exceptional by comparison, personal scoring does trend higher, but the faction continues to crawl along. I've seen sufficiently advanced (battle rank) individuals continue doggedly make basic mistakes, often the same one as the last life, and be incapable of being dissuaded or advised.

    I can't believe that any infusion of "goodness" into the psyche of the NC could overcome whatever stigma holds the whole down anymore.
  7. Towie

    I'd say that the platoons on Cobalt now have a good understanding of the new alert system.

    The result ? As soon as one faction triggers an alert they are double-teamed by the others - to the point that actually winning an alert that you've triggered seems a virtual impossibility. I'm not sure this constitutes 'fun'.

    (NC did very well last night too)
  8. Lamat

    If you really believe that then you have nothing to lose in supporting that the devs look into making the NC faction more competitive.
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  9. Demigan

    The question here is: if the NC is equally skilled in firefights as the other 2 factions (and arguably better seeing some NS weapons), then how could the NC on 100% of the servers magically have a lower skill on other fronts? In fact, if they make the same mistakes over and over again, how would they be able to keep their NS weapon score equal to that of the other 2 factions? And how could they be in this exact situation since launch when this "mentality" you speak off couldnt have existed yet?

    The "deficiency" is not a cause, its a symptom. The higher rate of TK's is a sign of frustration where players blame their teammates for the failings of their equipment, causing the faction to kill more friendlies they deem the culprits. Just try to talk to any random teamkiller and with the exception of some of the 4rth factioners all of them are angry at their team for one reason or another.

    The "lack of coordination and teamplay" is another symptom, rather than a cause. First, the enemies beating themselves against the NC base is just as guilty of this "lack of coordination and teamplay", but they are less likely to get warpgated in the process because they have rivalling weapons against eachother.
    The NC has a choice: stick with that fight and have the compensation they need for their inferior weapons, or try to reorganize and win fight with inferior equipment, allowing them at best to keep the enemy somewhat away from the warpgate. Ofcourse you are going to stick with the fight where you actually have a chance of fighting an enemy in a more or less equal ground! Why defend an empire thats already a lost cause unless you outpop everyone?

    So no, the NC isnt attracting more newbs and the NC isnt magically having inferior teamplay compared to the others. The NC's arsenal is simply inferior, both in terms of defaults given as with the overall ES balance, not mentioning the occasional good weapon they have... All of which require either high-skill to get that power or dont use the NC ES traits...
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  10. Purp

    NC population continues to decline on Emerald. With the new alert system, there is real VALUE to winning the alerts, which means no one wants to play on the losing side.

    I think distributing the award should be based on time and effort on the map instead of just winning. That way it doesn't hurt so bad to lose all the time on the clearly underpowered faction.


    The faction with the smallest population on the alert map (at the start of the alert) gets an auto bonus of ISO-4. This would encourage people to switch to the underdog.
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  11. Xada

    Connery NC population is pretty low too, think china is the only thing keeping them afloat atm.
  12. Lamat

    They could also calculate your alert contribution with base captures and defenses participated in (with move value when fighting the alert initiator faction), sunderers destroyed, AMS support contributed etc

    Then as you say, use some kind of population based modifier to calculate the ISO-4 reward.
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  13. Bukoski

    I think the server sample size is too small and people shouldn't be jumping to conclusions. Outfit organization, having leaders, and population advantage are what make the difference both before and during alerts. It shifts naturally.

    Overtime winrates will oscillate in clusters as a result. Balance equipment on individual statistics, not win percentages.
  14. FateJH

    Amid the inanities, such as the one I have mentioned witnessing, the NC do very well when it comes to individual scoring. I am assuming that the kind of failure we are talking about thus far has been a failure of the faction brand, not their personal firefight-to-firefight capabilities. You are correct in that their weapon scores shouldn't be possible to keep pace with the other factions if they were truly bad each unto themselves. In the case of a massive population, which the NC used to have, sporadic faltering should be able to safely be consumed by the surefooting of the many. It's not unreasonable to think that these anecdotes are just that - one-off yet still outstanding misdemeanors. This should be true of both individual skirmishes and continent-wide campaigns. And, whether population is great or minor, individual NC soldier metrics remain solid, as expected, consuming all of our funny blueberry stories.

    That's why the answer has to be without their arsenal in my opinion, something more endemic to the NC experience that strikes them even before their deployment, or at least grows as one lost base leads to the next. It also has to be something that doesn't get in the way of their basic sharpshooting. It isn't unreasonable that a lot of individual prowess, which can be recorded in weapon metrics, when combined should be expected to snowball into larger and loftier fields of metrics such as on the continental arena, is it?

    The NC should be capturing more continents and taking home more Alert prizes; but, they're not. Assailing their weapons, to try and convince oneself of this, is striking is just doubling-down on something that is already successful. Unless you propose that the NC merely intoxicate themselves with their personal scores - and I know you're not - I can not see tghe flat suggestion of "buffing the NC" but having us end back up in a thread of this same constitution in the future still wondering what's wrong with the NC.
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  15. Bukoski

    If there is a problem with leadership or organization that you recognize, take action yourself to fix it. In the early morning, that one person who forms a platoon to organize a few randoms makes a huge difference. That one person who builds a base to make cortium so your faction has the alert when they finally have the territory control helps boost your chances. That air gank squad on discord who roam around insta-gibbing sundies flips a lot of fights.

    Given how few servers there are, cohesive actions like these when multiplied across several occurrences make a huge difference in winrates. Organization inspires more organization. A lack of effort inspires more lack of effort.
  16. Purp

    NC win rates have been steadily bad for a LONG time- they are underperforming as a whole. They did okay before the patch when they could overpop, but the new patch with population restrictions is making the imbalance in gear more evident.

    The faction as a whole is suffering, even though there are people that take full advantage of NC's arsenal and perform well individually.
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  17. Eternaloptimist

    I found NC infantry weapons harder to get the hang of until I learned to try to keep my distance a bit and to aim for the head more consciously. Now I am better at hipfire and head shots I do not find playing NC to be a drawback at closer range any more (and the Bandit/Anchor are beasts) .

    Plus you get options if you want closer RoF to other factions (GD7F, EM1, Gauss SPR, Desperado). If anything, I have more trouble playing VS well for some reason.

    IDK about tanks but most of them seem to be NS types on any faction (Harasser, Lightning, Sundy). The only thing I find a nuisance with playing NC is the rate of misfires and slowness of shooting on the Phoenix ESRL..................but then I do like spamming Striker/Lancer shots.

    I haven't played many alerts but the win rate between factions that I have been in has been roughly equal on the EU servers. If anything I would say that in general play I tend to find my NC fellow planetmans a little bit less focused and maybe more inclined to keep throwing themselves into a deadlocked battle of attrition than the other two factions - but the difference seems slight.
  18. Lamat

    Well the easiest non-weapon fix for NC I'd like to see to start, is removing bright yellow from all NC infantry and vehicles, and changing the tracer color to blue. Change all bright yellow on infantry/vehicles to a darker gold. No more bright khaki pants either.

    Let's just start with this change and see what happens:

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  19. FLHuk

    And drop the GD22 back to 250 certs!
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  20. Hegeteus

    It's not DBG who allows it, it's NC who allows it