Why does DBG allows NC's terrible low win rate?

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    The problem here is that you just see the one Side of the Coin-> yell chat. Which i could swear that i didn't insult anyone within 4months+

    The other side where i defended VS against bad critism (if you could call that...it is more like insults) you can't see, such as teaching newer people how to play in the VR. Heck, there was a time i was on VR nearly every day and showed people how they could improve^^.

    If you want I could link you a thread where i showed such social defending behavior towards VS ;)

    Thus i think every faction has it's up and downs.

    Back to the Topic:
    I think NC has a strong Vehicle such as Aircraft game.
    There are really really good Weapons on the side of NC which are not shotguns. And even if you are not satisfied with them, there will be good NS alternatives.

    And the argument with color just doesn't make sense since there are Beautyful cosmetic options for the NC.
  2. FLHuk

    Fair enough.

    I've been in platoons with you quite a bit but you're right. It is only part of the picture :)

    I think it's fair to say that nearly all the older players have at some point tried to help newer players teamwork. Sadly the game then shows them lone wolfing and farming to be far more rewarding.

    Which for my part I've found to be far more rewarding on VS.
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  3. DemonicTreerat


    Yes you are. Look up the thread where someone actually crunched the numbers and discovered that the amount of TKing on each side was within a few fractions of a percent of each other. So in other words math - that which does not lie - says your dead wrong. Yet you apparently ignored that in favor of "gut instinct". So I'll put this in a way your tiny little mind can comprehend that doesn't involve that nasty little thing called hard evidence.

    When I'm on my NC - either server - if I get TKed I actually get irritated and if its deliberate I'll be angry enough to hunt down the character and return the favor with extreme violence. TR and VS? It happens so much, for no reason at all, and so often deliberately that I stopped bothering to even say something snarky and just keep going because I know that even if I beat the stupid out of that one there are dozens more TR and VS who don't understand the concept of "check your target THEN shoot".

    In other words, TR and VS are as if not more prone to TKing than the NC.
  4. Purp

    Alert wins for Monday 10/17 and Tuesday 10/18 on Emerald:

    VS 10, TR 7, NC 1
    VS 55%, TR 39%, NC 6%
  5. Purp

    From 10/13 (double XP weekend) till today on Miller and Cobalt:

    VS 19, TR 19, NC 8
    VS 41%, TR 41%, NC 18%

    VS 30, TR 17, NC 6
    VS 57%, TR 32%, NC 11%

    It's Schroedinger's Faction:
    Complains about beeing too visible and recognisable, yet manages to Teamkill themselves the most xD
  7. Lamat

    I never said it was a huge thing, I chose it because it's a small thing that I don't think any reasonable person would object to the change. I find both Sony/DBG have often made huge sweeping changes in the past often over nerfing/buffing things. It's better to make small incremental changes over time. This is a small and easy to implement change, and has no baring on most gameplay except making NC not the "Easy to Spot" faction.

    Once you know where the enemy is coming from faction colors shouldn't matter much, so I imagine it wouldn't affect large battles much. Where it would affect NC is in small battles, flanking, night fighting situations, and those suicide C4 runs through groups of enemies in buildings.
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  8. csvfr

    Some teamkills I've done were when the friendly triangle indicator - which is light blueish - blended perfectly with the sky. This disadvantage is not as pronounced with the other factions.
  9. Lamat

    Change it to yellow and you won't miss it ;)
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  10. DIGGSAN0

    Hey you random Planetman! Yes you! You can change the color of the Triangle (it is called Dorito btw)

    Just push ESC, go to settings and set the color. ;)
  11. Halkesh

    I never met this problem, and I play on "red enemy, blue ally" color.
    But sometime the dorito doesn't appear at all.
  12. TR5L4Y3R

    so are you saying that the nc's overall arsenal is inferior or that it has bad default weapons ... because at least from my experience the only difficult weapon (though considering the general most played class that uses it) is the gausssaw which should rather have been either the gd 22s or em 1

    other than lackluster shotgunmaxes i personaly don't find nc infantryweaponry lacking at all
  13. Lamat

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  14. Demigan

    It is both inferior and has the worst default weapon (Gauss Saw, Carbine is pretty good). The problem is that even when it is statistically equal (mechanically, not kill statistics), a lot of the arsenal has a higher damage per bullet and lower ROF, giving it a higher punishment for misses for essentially the same accuracy/DPS per damage point.
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  15. Bukoski

    The perception of NC being the teamkill faction (assuming it is statistically correct) is more likely the result of their weapons having higher damage per shot on average.

    As a result, accidental headshots make oopsies all the more likely.
  16. TR5L4Y3R

    I can't speak much for assaultrifles as i am not much of a medicplayer but from what i hear the nc default assault rifle seems to be good as well .. .. so i have to assume that the primary problem when it comes to arsenal and factionwide performance seems to be on the gausssaw and the relative numbers in use of the HA class ... i think that even though it might be a drastic and likely quite risky change that dbg should indeed go and make either the gd 22s or em 1 as the default lmg and refund the certs used to unlock them or to deck the gaussaw in attachments ... at the very least i imagine that this should raise the factions overall performance in battle even if it requires for some to learn or relearn the new default weapon and i imagine for those who played long enough it shouldn't be much of a hassle/annoyance to just reinvest into the gauss if they liked playing with it ...

    i would be intrested in dbg maybe allowing to trial both weapons for a week or so and then compare the factionperformance to what it was before ... and pick the new default weapon accordingly ...
  17. TR5L4Y3R

    While that is true the lower dmg range weapons doesn't seem to be too far off in rof compared to the other factions weapons ...
  18. adamts01

    When engagements are so short, little differences really matter. High rof weapons are just easier to use, and if you consider the average skill of players, and especially new players, that puts NC at a disadvantage (however slight) to the other factions. So yeah, they might not be "too far off", but NC is statistically the worst performing faction across the board, so these little differences are obviously adding up. I look at the Vortek vs TR Rotary as a perfect example. Sure, the Vortek has a much higher potential, but if you miss even a few bullets you're ******. The Mossy lets you just hose your enemy, find your lead, and keep holding down the trigger till you 1-clip the guy. The vast majority of players in this game would do better with the Mossy's rotary, it's just easier to use, same with TR's infantry weapons. And VS is in that sweet spot. Almost as much dps as NC with plenty of bullets per mag to not punish missed shots in an easy to use weapon. Win, win, win, and stats show it.
  19. TR5L4Y3R

    yea but what do you want to do then? increase rof and lower damage per shot across the board to get it closer to the other facrtions ? By that point factiondiversaty whatever is left of it just further gets thrown out the window ... and VS is already said to be more tr with just slower bulletdmgfalloff (?) for the advantage of no bulletgravity falloff were the differences between those to are very minimal ...

    how significant are
    carbine differences in performance
    or how significant are the assaultrifle differences in performance accross the factions? That nc got the short end on competitive default lmg's that is long known and definitively needs to change but carbines, assaultrifles .. oh and smg's as well?
  20. csvfr

    Both the GD22S and the EM1 are inferior to the gauss saw again in DPS, so this change you are imagining would for all intent and purpose lower the factions performance. What they should do is to increase the ROF of the EM1 to 750 from its current 659 to give the NC an equal footing with the other factions when it comes to high DPS lmgs.

    I actually think the gauss saw is a good lmg for engagements at 30-40 meters and beyond, having the trait that at any distance a hit will do at least as much damage as a 'high DMG' (167) hit up close. When you are good it becomes possible to kill enemies at 50 meters in one burst if the conditions are right, something that cannot be done by any other lmgs. The downside is that on this range you would really be as good or even better off with as an infil with a sniper rifle. Carrying the Gauss Saw, you can't really venture into buildings to seize capture points or clear them, you will generally be screwed if enemies close the distance on you, and can't follow enemies who got away to finish the job without taking a huge risk to yourself.

    Its not ''just about default-carrying randoms'' either, think about the veterans who have some influences not only in battles but also in alerts. What do they get as an auraxium LMG? Well, with the TR you get a 769 ROF, 143 DMG, 150 MAGSIZE lmg that truly is the highest DPS lmg in the game for engagements upto ~25 meters (anyone done the calculations?). Reloads are no longer any concern with such a large magazine size, but if you prefer to never get killed reloading again, the VS gives an auraxium lmg with infinite ammo and a cooldown mechanic firing 750 RPM at 143 DMG.

    What does NC vets get? Someone might call the GODSAW a straight downgrade to the default one, trading a useless secondary firing mode for a smaller magazine size. What DBG ought to do is to buff this, say to either incorporate the AOE bullets the archer now has as well as some greater effectiveness against vehicles, or to drop it altogether and make it a "close-range" firing mode increasing its ROF to 750 but bullets having only 143 DMG. At least this way the people who prefer to play HA heavy can use its auraxium lmg without always being butchered in cqc.
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