Why be a NC?

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  1. TintaBux

    Main crying is from TR/VS, unless something is crazy op like the mag and now the new busters, then NC come out. The difference is TR/VS cry anyway to get buffs even when they not needed. Now we have crazy balance , everyone is crying the same.
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  2. Bankrotas

    Sigh... Cause it's not easy being blue.
    I play NC since their weapons feel best, and not GD-7F, non of that knock off crap. That weapon feels bad.
    I like their artstyle more than TR/VS, I found people who enjoy NC and are interesting to play with.
  3. Machine Spirit

    your only proving my point.
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  4. Quite Spiffing

    Unless you give me five examples of this happening, I will not bother agreeing with the point.
  5. Machine Spirit

    he doesn't have any, as you and I know, significant nerfs have only hit the VS.
  6. TintaBux

    Example is on this forum, its all over, look through all threads time line and who posted them, simple, its just the way it happened/happens, nothing to disagree on when thats how it is.
  7. Wulfen109

    I love NC. And im pretty sure our GD-7F carbine is the envy of the other two factions
  8. Xae

    When your only argument is "Well, the best people just play my faction" I read it as "I know I'm overpowered. I just want to try to ******** the devs so I can stay overpowered. I can't actually think of any possible excuse so I'm just going to make **** up".

    It doesn't matter what you're talking about. It is always true. It was true for Bright Wizards in WAR, it was true for Tactical Officers in STO, it was true for WoW, it was true for Planetside 1. It is true for Planetside 2.

    Characters made is a utterly trash metric. I made 3 characters just for VR testing. Look at hours played, not characters created. The number of characters created tells you NOTHING about who is switching. I have 3 character from launch. I could switch factions and not show up on your trash metric.
  9. Rhapsody

    Again, have you actually USED it or are you just playing with data taken from the game? I am going to assume you havnt actualy played with the SAW so do so now. Make a lvl 1 NC, play it for about 30 mins. Get the advanced forgrip, compensator + whatever sight tickles your fancy. Then try to use the SAW. It is anything but 0 COF and 0 ADS cof.
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  10. Quite Spiffing

    So true, I have a BR 52 TR, BR 12 NC, and a BR 3 VS. Guess what faction I play most. :p
  11. JHordwell

    I said most of this in my earlier post.

    In modern FPS games; Generally speaking, when it comes to full-auto guns, players typically avoid NC-style weapons (higher damage at the expense of slow ROF and higher recoil). Whether the recoil is controllable or not is moot. For example, most of the great BF3 players aren't using the G3A3 regardless of all the in theory comments like "In a skilled players hands it can be lethal". They all much prefer AR's like the M16A3, AEK, F2000 which spam more bullets.

    Have you played BO2? How often is the Scar the most productive weapon on anyone's combat record? Hardly ever. Whether the player is good or bad they typically stay away from it even though it has a nice damage profile because it's fire rate sucks and it has more recoil than the other full autos AR's.

    Slow ROF sucks. That's what I've concluded over the past 7 years of playing shooters.
  12. Quite Spiffing

    I do have to say though, NC FEELS real easy, not saying it's "easy mode", but their weapons certainly were a lot easier to use than my TR stuff.
  13. Quite Spiffing

    In quotations please. Or links, that's cool too.
  14. Quite Spiffing

    It's not sarcasm though. I had no hard time at all when I was gunning down TR as NC.
  15. Mindjacker

    magrider mobility buffed back to pre-nerf
    bullet dmg degradation removed
    max overbuffed to ridiculous level on more than 1 attribute
    Saron changed within 2 days of release of a new model that was a change from the old one through the crying on here (what we on now ? Mk4 or Mk5 saron and still you are not happy with it :().

    Taking the Saron as Mk4 would mean 8 changes not 5 and i could put a whole lot more than that down but meh! cba now sick of vanu opnesswhilst crying nerf all the time - grow up

    oh and it wasn't just NC that stated mag was OP the forums had just as many TR posting/agreeing and even a couple of vanu (but they are rare indeed)
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  16. MikeyGeeMan

    Why would anyone want to be nc with the nc smack talking their own weapons.

    If you don't like nc then pick another faction.

    And you wonder why numbers on some servers are so bad.

    Have some pride.
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  17. llPendragon

    NC didn't come in first in any category except the MAX, and I think we all know that ZOE has that title now.
    NC MAX has been nerfed several times in a row. VS had their ranged damage increased.
    The NC ESRL and ES MAX abilities, while cool, distinctly lack the ability to actually defeat the enemy. Combine this with ESF and MBTs that are already below average in this ability, and NC has fallen solidly into 3rd out of 3.

    I am completely certain that SOE is using this to balance the faction population. This means that either we need to take the hint and change faction, or SOE will continue to make sure NC players are not able to compete.

    Do what you want, but NC is not going to get better any time soon.
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  18. Bape

    +1 our max feels complete crap compared to TR/VS maxes now.
  19. iller

    Crap, I just remembered Bob Hope... and now I'm :( too

    It's not really the same see-saw anymore... most of the 4th faction is going VS now.
  20. Mindjacker

    Then we will leave simple as that and they can have their balance with 2 faction servers, tbh i am not spending any more money on this game from this u/date and after looking forward to this game for years and playing ps1 for years i am so disappointed and let down by sony. so free gaming till i get bored then will move on and will never buy a sony product of any kind again. LOL i work for a major company in computing and our clients will not get offered sony products ever.