Why be a NC?

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  1. Mindjacker

    Sorry but just as many kills here in vannie and guess what - i agree with Helas the vannie is a craptastic tank out-performed in all areas by both other factions tanks - shield - lol - this is just another let them shoot me for longer ability to give the TR and vs more fun, yeah you run improved reverse for a reason - to **** when facing another tank, AP - goes without saying , Night vision - lmfao great range on that one m8 nicely done negating one of main andvantage of AP shell (increased velocity for better acc at range) and enforcer has been turned FROM a weapon that SUPPORTED the main gum to some ****e close range pathetic attempt at imitating the new saron (On a tank that has the hardest job hitting a target whilst moving of any of the 3.

    Oh and you missed out ZOE AV max that tears up vannies np when you can't hit them due to OP speed AND dmg buff
  2. CupBoy

    It's about as dumb as the "NC = Easymode" ********.
  3. Mindjacker

    lmfao if you are close enough to a max to get 1 shot buy it you are close enough for a fracture to do the same without it being dodged and all maxes ttk on inf are similar now EXCEPT the NC which have nothing past 10m to hit you with

    yeah cos he will only be on his own, ever, always and will never see you coming and take action, lmao you lame biased OP player

    Yeah right of course you did and you killed every TR/VS on your server with just half a clip, lmao lieing lame biased OP player

    People say NC is hard mode because it is
  4. Mindjacker

    No but you need to get a clue about NC
  5. CupBoy

    CARV, Lynx, Mosquito, Prowler, Striker...

    Am I doing this right?
  6. Cyridius

    Oh I dunno... playing the game?

    You know, play testers, high skill players to get specific feedback from, etc.
  7. Quite Spiffing

    I challenge you to play TR and VS for awhile, then come back and tell me what it felt like.
  8. Quite Spiffing

    I never said that. You're assuming that I am...
  9. TintaBux

    Feels like god mode.
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  10. Cyridius

    No. I hope you realize VS and NC have better alternatives to all of those.

    CARV < Orion. Statistical fact.

    Lynx < Jaguar < VX6-7 < GD-7F =< Serpent

    Prowler > Vanguard > Magrider when stock.

    Prowler < Magrider < Vanguard when with Empire Specific Secondaries being used

    Scythe < Mosquito < Reaver

    Where TR has supremacy is assault rifles. If people claim we are good anywhere else it's simple ignorance, lack of understanding of how weapons are designed, lack of knowledge of weapons specifications.

    The disconnect from reality that VS and NC players show on the forums is astounding. Especially VS. The NC just complain all their **** sucks, but the VS make the wildest claims about everything, and there tends to be the same pattern of arrogance. Talk about faction traits. It's amusing to read sometimes.
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  11. Torok

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  12. Izriul

    Love it! Absolutely love it. NC doing what they do best, making mountains out of molehills.

    It's funny, for many game updates you've had it very good, one update and a couple days later, you're all "the end is nigh!!"

    Why be NC?

    Easymode - There's a reason you've had such a MASSIVE population advantage for months. No, people don't go flocking to hard mode, they flock to easy mode. Yeah, it's been fun fighting against 80% NC in a zone, with up to 60% population, but finally it's evening out, and STILL you aren't underpopulated.

    Easymode weapons - The AV turret was extremely successful and easy to use, so they implement ravens. You think the strikers bad? Hell, I can break that lock on easy, try bringing tanks against NC who hide behind spawn doors with phoenix's, ravens and standard lock ons. Yeah, it's been a fun 6 months turning a corner and getting gibbed by a "skilled" NC max facing in your general direction and pressing LMB/RMB.

    The Vanguard, pretty boring tank, not that great at infantry farming, but the best at being a tank buster. Easiest to use due to it's high damage threshold (against a mag/prowler I have no issues taking them out before an engi can heal them) and it's not even the slowest of the tanks. Easiest to shoot due to it's high velocity and centered cannon (mag's too low, prowlers offset) easiest to take down ESF's with and only requires 1 shot. If the **** hits the fan, no prob, shield up, repair.

    200 damage weapons - You have some high RoF guns like TR/VS but TR/VS don't get any 200 damage weapons.

    Best stock sniper. Without a doubt, no argument.

    Best stock LMG. Suuuuuure, it needs a WHOLE 400 certs! Like that's an argument. Guns are balanced around end game, and they should be.

    After the constant nerf calls from NC, the absolutely insane amount of crying, you get no sympathy what so ever. Boo hoo, you didn't get something fun this update, now you know how the other 2 factions felt (except fractures, they were fun). Never seen such a self entitled faction in any other game in 30 years.
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  13. TintaBux

  14. Quite Spiffing

    Kudo's to you good Sir.
  15. TintaBux

    Probably the worse post seen on these forums for a while. How about your stop lieing and look at the reality, TR/VS consistently whined about how poor they are as a faction to get buffs, and nerfs to NC. Despite already being the two best factions. Now we got awful balance and NC crying all over now as well, worse balance the game has been yet.

    Your making no sense and are talking nothing but your personal opinion based on no reality of the actual situation.

    How about instead of talking nonsense you actually bring real data and real facts into it.
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  16. CupBoy

    I don't think "statistical fact" means what you think it means. In fact, I'm not sure you understand what statistics is at all.

    In your humble opinion, you mean.

    So basically ask a select group of people of their personal opinion? You'd trust a group of random gamers to be even slightly objective about anything in their video game of choice? You think these forums would be any different if you tested people's "skill" before letting them post?
  17. Ganelon

    NC world pop on Woodman dropped from 40% to 36%.

    The horror.
  18. Xae

    Even with fewer characters created, but still not outside of 30/35 range indicating with in varience, TR still has more active people.

    The idea that over 30k+ character all/most of the skilled people chose one faction is pure ********.

    When your argument is "All the skilled people just play my faction/class, all the scrubs play the other one(s)". You are admitting to being overpowered. It doesn't matter what game. It applies to every single game I have every played.
  19. CupBoy

    You do realize that overall, NC doesn't actually have any "population advantage", right?

    It was more a general comment, wasn't really directing it you. It seems that all the factions are either horribly underpowered or the most overpowered thing in history.
  20. Liquid23

    no no no

    this one is more accurate

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