Why be a NC?

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    Bear in mind, these stats are not indigitive of anything, there's also a skillset involved. you can talk about a set DPS when you can land ALL shots on the same hitbox(either torso or head). NC has the highest damage per bullet, this is countered with having a bigger vertical recoil, which can be negated with proper compensation. TR weapons have more spray, in the sense that a lot of their weapons bloom out really fast. The Mini-Chaingun for instance, I've got 200 bullets per drum on that thing, this is mostly to compensate for the shots I'm garanteed to miss. If I were to find myself at the range I can land all shots on an NC, I'll be dead by either Piston, Gauss, or GD-22.

    One more thing, when you're doing stats, make sure to do it right. you name two NC weapons and one VS and TR weapon, you are, as I stated before, assuming that every shot fired lands on exactly the same hitbox isn't really going to happen. That, and I think I read somewhere that every class apart from the MAX and Infiltrator have 1000 total HP (500Shields, 500Health), if we were to follow your calculations, that would mean that the T9-Carv kills someone on the half second mark, which I have never seen happen when I used any TR weapon.
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    Hahahah I just realised how offtopic my thought process had been pushed by the stupidity of some of the first few pages!!
    Why I play NC? I like the style as well as the fact that regardless of funding they symbolise the only faction which allows freedom of choice. Also I feel the TR are irrationally attached to tradition and the past while Vany are irrationally regecting of all human cultural heritage hence both frustrate me. TR is far too conservative in a bad way and VS too liberal and gross. TR are homophobic, VS are pro abortion... in essence.