Why be a NC?

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  1. JokeForgrim

    Hey McBeefy I've seen you around on NC Briggs.

    So Heres my theory... We had 57% pop for a month or so, but if you look at the last 2 weeks.

    1st week 69% TR every alert. Im guessing that had to do with them thinking lockdown would be better than it was and were trying to cert up in prepation, or it could be to do with Fracture being BS good.

    This week 57% VS every alert. Guessing that has to do with the ZOE and everyone thinking its "OP"

    Its just the 4th faction on Briggs running between "OP things" also might be the "north indar warpgate" crowd jumping around.

    This is gonna start a flame war, But i think the reason we are warpgated 90% of the time is because NC have the highest ammount of lvl 10 and under characters who play a week then leave. Seriously every day since launch some lvl 1-10 TK's me and doesnt know how to press V then 8.

    So we have an artificial pop boost. It happens to all 3 faction but it seems NC gets the dumbest. So no.1 would be No. We just have more useless people and lone wolves.

    No.2 is there a weapon that makes you want to play NC? Gauss S compact with light assault. Max Level Max sheild with Dual Grinders/ext mags and slugs or Falcons.

    I actually only play NC because of my friends. We are the only platoon on nearly every alert.

    Everyone else in NC seems to Avoid 69% TR or VS and Zerg the other 2 continents, We frontline the Alert and hold them as long as we can with 100% exp. We have stopped heaps of dominating victories just because we show up and fight (unlike most Platoons).

    Maybe once a week, The other NC outfits get online and fight in and alert and we get a domination. Like tonight on Esamir.

    So yeah I think its artificial atm. It seems worse than it is because we have heaps of Noobs and gutless cert farmers.
  2. Mindjacker

    I think they are there just got other things to do as well
  3. Mindjacker

    So we have an artificial pop boost. It happens to all 3 faction but it seems NC gets the dumbest

    Don't think we get the dumbest - thats just silly talk like saying ALL the vs are liers and cryers - it's more like they play NC and think f@@k that, that was hardmode i'll try something easier, then guess where they go ? (and stay)
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  4. Vandraad

    What weapon or class is overpowered or underpowered is no no concern to me. If something were truly overpowered, everyone would be using it. As it stands, you see just 3 or 4 of these allegedly overpowered classes/weapons/abilities in a big fight.

    Where I get frustrated is with the NC players as they are proving to be quite a frustrating faction. If it weren't for my friends who play in the NC I'd definitely switch to someone else. The NC shows no strategic thinking, no planning or even much coordination. On Waterson they rarely, if ever, leave Amerish and even when they have 80% population they will lose the entire continent because they will focus on just 1 base for hours (farming certs probably) while everything else burns.
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  5. iller

    NC being "hardmode" is exactly why I play them.

    What I DON'T appreciate about hardmode however, is the Artificial-Difficulty being tacked on by so many more Botters going VS now because they realized they have the perfect "hitscan weapons" with a higher ROF than most of ours. This translates directly into a LOT more Damage at a majority of ranges ...even when half their shots miss b/c we're using tricks of our own to glitch up their Bots. I'd be fine with the stats we have right now on NC IF we had more ways to spectate and get real info back from the GMs on what's holding up their Bans... Or if the GM's atleast took our reports SERIOUSLY even when they can't actually Memory-Hook-Detect all those script Kids. (b/c the cheaters are not using the Free hacks, they're using the Subscription ones that use an automatic patching system exactly like Steam uses to update their Hook address every couple days just to avoid being detected).

    We don't need Wellfare like the other factions got. We just need a clean playing field and GM's who are actually willing to take a hard line against anyone who snaps between targets and has unusually precise hipfiring aim. And if they won't do it then we need our own "council" of counter hackers who will hunt those skriptkids down and make their lives the same rotten hell they're creating for most new NC players. Balance is one thing. Ridiculously stacked odds on top of that and an "enternal newbies" syndrome is just plain bad for the Game's player retention in general and we have to fix it somehow otherwise there won't even BE a game in a few years time.
  6. Quite Spiffing

    NC weapons are not objectively hard to handle, its entirely subjective, as you said, I (and many folks within IR I might add) find those weapons easier to use.

    Here's the reason: We are used to big magazines, high rof weapons, our recoil may not be as high, but our weapons still bounce around the longest. With smaller mags the NC has we do not have to compensate all that much. our Mini-Chaingun has the highest mag (100, 200 w/extended Mag), rpm of 800, now you might think that is amazing, but that weapon turns into a wide COF real fast, for a medium range weapon it isn't really all that good, when it becomes effective (to the point you can almost land all bullets) you are at the effective range of a shotgun or gauss, which make short work of the heavy with the mini-chaingun.
  7. DramaticExit

    Yeah, the V in AV was rather generally refering to vehicles and included air. Given the three factions are more or less equal in terms of their ability to blow up tanks (with the exception that the Vanguard underperforms in a fairly significant way), the way in which the TR have better AV capability in in their ability to make flying stuff become burning/falling stuff.
  8. NietCheese

    That's it. The Vanu on Briggs usually push a lot of air in. They can do that against the NC because Scythes dominate Reavers. But when they try to do it against TR the Strikers and Lockdown AA dominate them.

    So Vanu push NC and so does the TR. They go for the weakest faction first, it's pretty simple. NC was always the weakest but with recent changes it's worse than ever and the population will continue plummeting and players will continue to leave the game.

    It just befuddles me why TR have the striker, lockdown and fractures. They continue to get the strongest items, NC continue to get the gimmick/joke items and Vanu "usually" get something middle of the road. Why does SOE want TR to be easy mode?
  9. Xada

    This thread is stupid, it's just a bunch of people spewing their bias all over the forums.
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  10. NietCheese

    Yup Vanguards rock. The main problem on Briggs is that VS and TR always dominate the air, so the Vanguards tend to get owned by ESFs or Liberators. We are forced to constantly run 2-3 AA Maxes or get farmed by aircraft, and then you come to the forums and see pilots crying out for AA Max nerfs so they can resume business as usual hoverspamming..
  11. Quite Spiffing

    Welcome to Forums in general.
  12. Roll Fizzlebeef

    I have no idea what you're implying or are trying to say.
  13. Epic High Five

    A lot of our stuff is **** and we're being taken in a horrible direction (shotguns and shields in a mobility heavy, low TTK game in which all sides have tons of shotguns) but we have the Gauss SAW and because of that I'd never play anything else. All other factions take too damned long to kill people with their useless peashooters.

    Gauss SAW and slug mattocks as a ****** cosmos equivalent, and our default carbine and AR are the best defaults of all sides.
  14. y3ivan

    NC won Esamir last night due to over pop and very poor support from both TR and VS.

    Usually, NC will be warpgated in 1hr into the Alert

    1. good players leave
    2. more new/bad players join
  15. Klyka

    I was really surprised when I logged in yesterday and NC had a 44% pop.
    There were TONS of low BR NC running around.
  16. SgtBreastroker

    Give him reasons instead of just telling him to look at the forums.

    No one can take you seriously if you can't back up your points.
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  17. SgtBreastroker

    If this is Briggs it is actually because TROL purposely join alerts for the sole purpose of stopping NC from winning. Hence why we push straight for the warpgate while TR cheekily capture around us.
  18. MrK

    That guy speaks the truth imho.

    We have GAUSS FFS!

    honestly, better infantry at range, tanky Anti-Armor Vanguard, Sneaky Pheonix once your VG have hit the bastards enough, and ScatMax as soon as you are indoor. Plenty of tools.
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  19. NietCheese

    Actually they severely nerfed it in GU 08. It's a pretty crappy gun right now.
  20. SgtBreastroker

    I'd take a VS Serpent over the GD-7F any day.