Why be a NC?

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  1. Machine Spirit

    haha, what's up, mad? maybe you NC should do this ''Less QQ more Pew Pew''
  2. Torok

    Let‘s start a war!
  3. Cyridius

    I know very well what statistics are. Go look at the CARV, then look at the Orion.

    Literally, the only place the CARV is superior in is the 50 more rounds in a clip. The Orion has better stats in almost every other area. Consider having double the rounds is balanced out by the Orion having half the reload, yes, the Orion is superior. If you are ever in a situation where you needed to spray more than 50 rounds, you're probably going to lose.

    I'm not a humble person, as you can see. All forums are is "opinion".

    Let the forums stay as they are. I'm talking about direct feedback. Forums are still good aggregators for ideas from players of all skill levels, that is the point of it.
    I don't trust them to be objective, but I trust them to know more about what they are talking about.
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  4. Cyridius

    Because TR wasn't fourth faction. People who play TR will stay with TR because they didn't join because TR was OP. TR was 4th faction for about a week when the Prowler was ridiculous.

    Where did I admit to being OP? Nowhere. TR weapons suck and you don't understand what makes good weapon design. Simple as that. TR weapons are easy to use but have no skill cap. There's a reason good players play better on NC. The average NC player is worse with their weapon than the average TR player. You're trying to balance to the lowest common denominator, a trialed and failed method across many games.

    Stop interpreting a single statistics as gospel. It's a supplement. You use to add to a well thought out and well constructed argument. When you can come to me, with a well constructed argument on how the Terran Republic is overpowered, what specific weapons make us overpowered and how, and provide some useful information that I do not already know(Highly unlikely) then you can use these statistics to try and add some extra support to your argument.

    TR has had the lowest characters made consistently since launch, except for a brief period when the Magrider was nerfed.

    The difference is that players made VS characters, got nerfed, went to NC, now VS is buffed again and they're all going back. Hence the dozens of <BR15 players running around in ZOE MAX suits. If the VS having only .5% less characters made than NC, whilst currently having <32% of the population is not enough evidence of such an occurrence, then you are blind.
  5. DramaticExit

    It'd suggest the TR have the best area denial AV capacity...
  6. Roarboar

    Most people play NC because they are ludicrously overpowered. However if you want a challenge, try TR or VS.
  7. Lyel

    NC did kinda get the runt of the litter when it comes to MAX abilities.

    But ill tell you why you feel like you're underpowered, and it's this--


    That GODAM CORNER!!!

    You've literally got the lowground, in a canyon, right next to an enemy faction. You don't have open ground (VS and TR do), you have MANY hexes that need to be taken first before you can get some territory (VS and TR dont), this one place made TR feel UP, it made VS feel UP, and now it's making NC feel UP again. ugh, i hate that place....
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  8. Cyridius

    I'd definitely state we have the best Anti-Air in the game, but the best area-denial AV..? I would put us all pretty equal on that one.
  9. Cyridius

    I wouldn't be one of those chosen few, I don't think. I do think I know whats up, but most people think they do. Developers should be taking serious feedback from leaders of large outfits, players who have demonstrated high levels of knowledge in specific areas, and those who are capable of providing huge levels of constructive, analyitical feedback.
  10. TeknoBug

    LOL population dropping? Is that a concern? NC has had the highest per server population for a good while now.

    Yes I like the Reaper DMR and am liking the Razer GD-23 which performs well both as a close range and mid-long range weapon.
  11. Mindjacker

    Not mad just laughing at the noob vs that come here to pretend they are sooo up - looooooll. vs are proof that crying does get you whatever you want and then you can carry on being skilless noobs and still own as dev's have a hardon for vs
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  12. HMR85

    I don't run with the loyal soldier tag on. I would say my years of service is enough. Besides I like a smaller name tag. I feel like I don't stand out as much. :D

    Also, I do wear the camo that with the bundle as I happen to think it looks great!!
  13. Mindjacker

    LMFAO " the average nc player is....... " Yeah right you are soooo good lol the average idiot thinks along the lines you do so take what you want from that.
    When did the vs get nerfed ? 1 mag nerf is all they had everything else has been a buff ! you really have a different game in mind don't you ?
    As for lowest char's made - who wants to be a fascist ? you are like the idiots that run around with ss uniforms on pretending to be ***** and then wondering why people ban them from shops etc. worst idea for a faction ever (besides being a religion obsessed tranny clone maybe)
  14. Mindjacker

    Well done you get the award for the biggest pile of garbage posted in 1 post ever
  15. TsubasaKuroi

    1. No clue, as I don't primarily play as NC enough to know.
    2. Phoenix Launcher, GD-7F, NC1 Gauss Rifle
  16. Ganelon

    VS are massively overpowered, even moreso than NC at the moment. My server is filled to the brim with Magriders and Harassers equipped with the Saron complimented by zergling hordes of ZOE MAXes.

    It's insanity.
  17. Cyridius

    Who the hell would report this ****?

    wp SOE
  18. Mindjacker

    lol just lololol get a clue
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  19. Phrygen

    i can agree with some of this.... but max shotguns and tank shields are still awesome. Max your vanguard shield before you speak ill of it.
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  20. Quite Spiffing

    "vs are proof that crying does get you whetever you want" Give me at least five examples, because since the start it's been primarily NC "crying" about the Vanu hovertank. Vanu has been nerfed into the ground, I cannot imagine that VS want that.