Why be a NC?

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  1. BundyMcBeefy

    Hi PS2 Community,

    Just a couple of questions for the Masses

    1. Is your NC population dropping?
    2. Is there a weapon that "makes you want to play" NC?
    I've noticed on Briggs the NC population on Briggs is dying a horrible death & more often than not we are warped gated on all 3 maps because of it.
    TR has Strikers. (Flares only remove first missile, last 4 hit)
    VS has ZOE Maxes (Moves insanely fast, does most damage)
    VS has Magriders (Slides sidways, boosts & shoots straight)
    NC has.....?
    Pheonix's? Weaker, Shoots around rocks, but leaves you open to sniper attack & has a silly screen flash at the end.
    Tank Shield? Last for a few seconds then has a cooldown
    Max Shield? Makes you walk slower & people can still shoot around the shield.
    Max Shotguns? AWESOME weapon for Biolabs.... but has no distance. Infact, the the max has only 1 distance weapon and it's not crash hot on infantry.
    Should NC get a weapon that makes you want to play it??
    Whatever happens, the Basterds will be here.
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  2. ComradeHavoc

    Welcome to the NC, you's gona die!
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  3. sindz

    "moves insanly fast"
    "does the most dmg"

    Moves the same speed as shield HA. Nice try tho.
    1 less bullet at 2000 cert what an insane advantage

    NC are ********
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  4. DashRendar

    I want an NC Max Machine gun. Something with ridiculous slow rate of fire that sounds like a 1700s era steam powered machine and great ranged accuracy at the cost of close range effectiveness. NC Max and his ability would make so much more sense then.
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  5. Loegi

    NC has the most on Woodman. And yes, the SAW/GD-7F/HackMAX/Vanguard's strong *** cannon/Phoenix which seems fun/Standard bolt-action all made me consider playing it.

    I'd never join NC though.
  6. sam38

    1. striker yes its op against air everyone already knows that. and apparently ur not cool unless u carry a striker.
    2. ZOE maxes. they really don't do that much more damage and move a little faster than they probably should but hey really aren't that bad and are pretty easy to drop due to their weakened armor
    3. Magrider. L2AIM they are like paper compared to a vanguard with a shield and AP. if you are using heat you are doing it wrong.
    4. Phoenix. it is not a weak gun it actually does a substantial amount of damage not to mention fun as heck to use. I do still prefer the deci tho.
    5. Max shield. all I can really say about that is its "interesting". it has its purposes when used with squad tactics although I still prefer max dash.
    6. Max Shotguns. they are glorious and suited for close quarters dominance. yes its unfortunate NC do not have a medium ranged alternative but hey you cant have everything now can you.
    7. NC weapons in general. they are not noob friendly so if ur bad go vs or tr their weapons are much more suited for the less skilled FPS player. Besides if you are bad the NC don't want you anyways!

    Conclusion. Factions aren't for everyone maybe you should have picked a different faction.
  7. Bill Hicks

    Play NC if you want to be in dumbest and most brave faction there is.
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  8. anaverageguy

    Have you fought against the "whistling"? Try it. It's reason enough for people that can't take it.
  9. Purg

    The TR population came flooding back the day after they got the north Warpgate back. Coincidence? You decide.
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  10. BlueSkies

    Really love playing my NC... though that may have to do with NC having less derp outfits than TR
  11. RHINO_Mk.II

    Because they have hands down the most awesome ESF and MBT models. Also because blue is awesome. Finally, because NC6 is a beast that other puny weapons can only hope to imitate.

    That is all.
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  12. Rhiaci

    Because you really like the colours blue and yellow?
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  13. NietCheese

    The combination of Striker + AV Turret + Fracmaxes + Lockdown AA Maxes means the the TR can deal with enemy air and armor far more easily. The Vanu are more powerful than the NC, but only by a small amount, the TR are so far beyond us now that people are leaving in frustration.

    Either they leave the faction or leave the game. For whatever reason Sony want the TR to play a different game to the rest of the factions, an easier version.

    On Briggs you rarely see NC air. The only time you do is when it's accompanying a zerg or you are at the warpgate.
    Strikers + AA Maxes have done this. Without air it means that NC armor is constantly harassed by Scythes and Mosquitos.

    They may be trying to balance population issues, to make more people flock to the "easy" faction, but all they are doing is making people quit the game in frustration.
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  14. ArmedGoose

    Because some like playing as the bad guys.
  15. zib1911

    If you choose your faction because they have the strongest weapons , then you are a 4th faction tool. Pick a faction and stick it out for the good times and the bad and stop playing flavor of the month. The game is only fun if you invest in it. Honestly it sounds like you need to make a character on VS and TR in about 2 weeks you'll stop crying on the forums and realize that you just have a case of the Grass is always greener.
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  16. randalthorr

    Really guys?? How many times have you been killed by a Phoenix?? Stop spouting the name 'Phoenix' without a clue as to how threatening it really is. I am yet to witness a Phoenix user since the seven hours I played yesterday.
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  17. rickampf

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  18. Mr.39foreskin30k

    Fourth faction ftw! :p
  19. Vashyo

    Or the heroic freedom fighters =)
  20. GoldenDeath

    Originally (PS1) because they were weak...... Now? loyalty I suppose, though some consider the former to be true now, its fairly balanced, and anything else is up for interpretation.