Which are the best Outfits?

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Incendio, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. ARIES666

    Zerg Outfit does not mean that this outfit is the best :D
  2. Yetteh

    I really recommend WASP.
  3. LordMondando

    WASP has a requirement of being able to ******* handle it.
  4. Reagerrr

    SCEV best TR outfit, mmkay
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  5. Bvenged

    There is no best outfit.

    Each to their own is what I say as every seasoned outfit has a solid core of players, dedicated leadership who know what they're doing, and a signature style and play philosophy that appeals to a number of like-minded people.

    Outfits that regularly change their play style; maintain poor gameplay motivation, reputation or ethics; don't have a niche style; fail to provide renewable entertainment; lack consistent aim, purpose or direction ... those outfits usually fade away with time.

    So at the end of the day, if an outfit is 6 months old and still standing with a healthy rate of attendance, they must be doing something right in PlanetSide 2.

    Either that, or they're a warpgate recruiting zergfit :p
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  6. Arch

    The best outfit is the one you join and enjoy enough to stay with.

    Me, im MoX for life.
  7. YamiNoTenshi

    The best outfit is the one Bvenged is wearing, who can say no to buttles cardboard pants?
  8. Arquin

    All of them are flyswat compared to the glory of the SCEV
  9. Arch

    Meh they are old news now, hardly see them anymore. Shame really, now we have no one to blame for the stupidity of some of TR.
  10. JesNC

    There's always AZON...
  11. Arch

    I'll just blame the nameless TR zerg camping in a biolab cut off for 3 hours ;)
  12. Linus

    The only thing i am sure about, is that the Vanu do need absolutely some new good and specialized outfits on Miller...
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  13. GeneralSunTzu

    Ok I think it's time too resurrect this thread for the new people joining Planetside 2 on EU looking for a good Outfit. Last time I posted here was almost 1 year ago. So Ladies and Gentlemen, convince the new and old people watching this thread why they should join your or anyone else's clan.

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  14. Tarsus

    Trying to define what 'best' means to the community as a whole makes me grin :), speaking for someone else, let alone thousands of someone else's is futile.

    All we can really say is what we each look for, here is what I would look for:

    Those that run open platoons alongside their regulars and help organise people. Even if it's just beside squads or platoons of regulars, to help out, I appreciate that being outfitless and have had lots of fun dropping in different ones. Suits me fine often running a skyguard or support class like an engy, to be doing just that, supporting an outfit somewhere that will help them. However please remember running zergs, randoms or new players is not the same as running tight outfit or squad, give them more loose general orders, or just an overall goal. Protect here, take that, stop them, push etc.

    Those that don't mind dying or getting tk'd to take a point, and can laugh about it.

    Those that do mini events, just hopped in an outfit’s parade that just cruised through and behind enemy lines in formation, that was fun.

    Those that allow me at least 2 roles, I like to heavy chaingun going for cap points, skyguard to protect sundies, or engy usually.

    However the reason I don't join fully is sometimes I am stubborn, and if there is no urgent need for me, I occasionally get the urge to go move somewhere if we've just been beaten back, finding a spot to really do some damage. Driving a lightening or especially a skyguard, it's only when you get out manoeuvred, c4'd (or rammed into the enemy) that you die usually.
  15. Loui5D

    Nice necro..
  16. Tarsus

    I assume you mean the guy above me, if so did you read what he/she was trying to do?
  17. Praiseworthy Tunes

    :( R.I.P. NCTO :(

    Miller's history, best history.
    (NCTO, TRAM, Vanu Accord - Foundation of Miller's Community.)

  18. Shalalala

    Well now we got ANCO ;) This was not the end of Miller NC's story, just the end of one chapter.
  19. Praiseworthy Tunes

    Yeah, you're right and also, we still have the good, old ATRA around.
    It's still just as active as it always have been since it was founded! :)
  20. Mrrobinator