Which are the best Outfits?

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  1. FieldMarshall

    (Only get to play like a few days at a time every 4-5 months but here goes)

    NC: Mercs
    TR: INI, BRTD, (Tram)
    VS: No idea...
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  2. Van Dax

    Ohhh ****ttttt, here come the DIGTacticool Paratroopers![IMG]
    U wot mate? my flash'll **** you up swear on me mum.
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  3. GeneralSunTzu

    Thanks for the tip of the outfits, I really appriciate it. As a ex-member of the "The Enclave" I'm looking for a outfit in that caliber in EU without the bad reputation/renegade clan etc. I wonder if anyone could help me with that or if the clans you mentioned above is one of them? Prefferebly someone with that kind of organised, structurized outfits. Clan leaders who are looking for for recruits are welcome to try too persuade me.

    Just checked Mercs and INI outfits. Although you guys looked very promising, however in order too join you need to have Battlerank 50 respective 60?!
    How many members do you have, like 12? Are you guys out of your minds!?
    Maybe I've been gone for way too long and leveling up Battleranks are so much easier or if you just have to play a certain way too power level but still I'm very suprised.
    If anyone from these outfits could explain why they've such high requirements or if it's even a high requirement anymore please enlighten me.

    Looks like I'm about to join BRTD (Better red then dead) since I do fit their requirements, although I don't understand their Social Media Policy, "don't use our name without permission when streaming etc"...got it.

    /Best regards
    General Sun Tzu - Author of The Art of War
  4. dnaRIP

  5. Dominus

    In anything that requires teamwork, virtual or real, it can be very frustrating when others aren't as dedicated as you are. It's fine to be a casual player, and there's plenty of outfits that cater for that. Equally we feel that if you put time into something you enjoy and spend work at becoming good at it, it's only right to expect the others around you to do the same - INI are the answer to that.

    The BR requirement for INI Elite is 40 which these days need not take more than a week or too as a new character. We offer some flexibility provided you have the required certs (a fully maxed class, according to our spec). Most important is you get on with us and enjoy the way we play, and that you keep on trying to become a better player. We have 68 members with 82% being active in the last 7 days. We've had plenty of guys remake characters and level to 40 to join us, although they've been welcome to squad up till then.
  6. YamiNoTenshi

    Doesn't really take that long to get to BR50 if you've got boost.
  7. Ruvan

    Yes. Elite outfits requiring B R50 is not unreasonable. At the end of the day they're not outfits for green newbies; they want higher end tactical players that know the game.

    BR 50 is only 15% of the way to BR 100. That takes roughly 10 days play time @ 200 SPM. If you play 18 - 19h a week you can achieve that in 3 months.
  8. GeneralSunTzu

    I see, fair enough. Thank you for answering, Altough what is SPM now again? Is it some kind of boost?
    Update: Oh it's the new system for ranking instead of K/D? ok.

    I understand. In The Enclave sometimes rookies started too drive the big dropships just when they got in.

    In the specific daggers (squad) just for beginners a conversation could go like this.

    Squadleader:All right we got orders from the Commander Buzz too go too Indar and attack *this position* ASAP.
    GeneralSunTzu + some in squad: Roger that!
    Squadleader: Anyone new here?
    Rookie: Me sir.
    (When all the servers was much more populated and The Enclave made somewhat a name for themselves we got new members pouring in every week, being the largest clan in all servers, larger then certain zerg clans (which invites everyone randomly) like BONK.)
    Squadleader: Alright you drive the dropship.
    Rookie: It's my first time sir.
    Squadleader: You're still gonna do it. Here's how you going to do it. *Gives instructions too rookie*.
    CommanderBuzz: Hey, dagger 7 hurry up! What's taking you so long?
    Squadleader: Commander we're on our way! Ok rookie go!
    *Rookies drive the dropship and crashes inside the terminal*
    Squadmembers: WTH MAN!? WTF?
    Rookie: :(
    GeneralSunTzu: Don't worry rookie, I did the same mistake when they asked me too drive. Just learn from your mistakes and move forward.
  9. AquaKiller

    Before you do anything harsh I suggest you consider outfits outside of TR. I know it's tempting to go the easy way out, but NC would suit you best - a little challenge is what you're looking for perhaps?

    WASP is a combined arms outfit where we strictly work together between infantry, armour and close air support. We run a number of different sessions, ranging from survivalistic 'last man standing' (dropping a squad of infantry on a point behind enemy lines to attract as much enemy attention as possible - with NO respawns only medic revives) to a themed OPs like 'biolab madness'. We offer mature leadership, tactical approach with in-depth strategies, feedback-friendly community and this special feeling when you're just an engineer doing his job but at the same time seeing entire platoon working efficiently to vanquish its enemies.

    But if you stick to TR you probably couldnt find a better outfit than BRTD.
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  10. Redzy

    Miller TR is full of really great outfits, but personally I went for Woodman TR, as Miller has enough TR to count on (with people from the other two factions switching, as well).

    As of today, NC needs the most players on Miller. VS seems to be growing to the point they often have the overpop at night.

    As for TR, go with INI if you're dedicated and hope to make a serious impact in competitions, but go for BRTD if you're casual and still want to have a go at certain competitions.

    Both are outfits you can count on being active and participating in events.
  11. GeneralSunTzu

    I don't mind diffrent factions. However do you have a updated video from November or October on WASP gameplay?
    Ok that sounds very nice for me and new players reading this thread. Thank you very much :).

    / General Sun Tzu
  12. Redzy

    I don't know much about WASP, my NC outfit is 252nd Spec Ops (if I have to describe it it's a semi-casual outfit that doesn't refuse a challenge) and I would personally recommend it. We sometimes run open platoons and have ops on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

    All I know about WASP is that they appear to be quite organized and I've had a good experience with their players. They are comparable to BRTD in terms of goals and vision. Just as MCY is comparable to INI in that regard, as they have a more dedicated and competitive approach.
  13. Bvenged

    General Sun Tzu (that sounds so cool),

    WASP's playstyle has become stricter and more focused than in the past, yet in the past we were one of the more disciplined outfits on the server.

    Operation BioLab Madness is a nice view of how we operate today, but it is a bit dated and we're bigger now than we were back then. Of course, things like lattice and WDS or Alerts have forced us to do fewer "themed" operations as the game is too dynamic to assume the fights you're after are in large quantities that night, for example Alerts cause large shifts in the flow of battle in this game, but we do have very competent, proficient (and even competitive) leaders in place and we always set off with a strategic objective in mind.

    At the end of the day, WASP doesn't have a BR requirement because of our heavy focus on teamwork and organised play (combined arms, fireteams, adaptive, squads-squadlead-platoonlead-command, etc) essentially de-weeds those who are less-able anyway. If they can't keep up, they fail, so having a low-BR means very little when it's your frame of mind and play-mentality we're after to begin with.

    I have an in-house video of WASP, that was meant to be a laugh, jacked from an operation of ours a month ago. If you listen closely you'll hear our squad and squad-leader communications. Normal squad members don't usually hear these comm's, but then again this video's audio is tapped into the WASP command channel from the perspective of Adaptive Alpha-Bravo Fireteam Lead (me). Hopefully it give a little more insight as to how we play today.

    Alternatively, we do offer a probation period that lets you try out our playstyle for yourself.
  14. dnaRIP

    Here is WASP vs BRTD on the Nexus from a couple of weekends ago:

  15. EvilJollyT

    [quote="GeneralSunTzu, post: 2240873, member: 166103"]
    Just checked Mercs and INI outfits. Although you guys looked very promising, however in order too join you need to have Battlerank 50 respective 60?!
    How many members do you have, like 12? Are you guys out of your minds!?
    Maybe I've been gone for way too long and leveling up Battleranks are so much easier or if you just have to play a certain way too power level but still I'm very suprised.
    If anyone from these outfits could explain why they've such high requirements or if it's even a high requirement anymore please enlighten me[/quote]

    EvilJollyT here, MCY leader. You asked for an explaination, so I thought I'd respond.

    The entry requirements for MCY in this context are to quote them "have at least one BR50 or above", meaning that a BR50 on another faction or server is perfectly acceptable. The reason for this is we are not an outfit to hold your hand or to help you learn the game or to tutor you into being a better player. We expect our members to know the game and already be pretty good at it before they come knocking on the door and we consider BR50 an appropriate level to set based on this expectation. If people aren't up to speed then things happen slowly for the whole group and any outfit is only as fast as their slowest player.

    Secondly, we're looking for people that are remotely committed to the game. We look for players to expand our community, not just for people passing through the game.

    Hope this helps.
  16. Mastachief

    Dominus hit on a lot of what i would have posted as the MCY response (but for INI).

    Our Br50 requirement is there as part of a number of requirements:
    • New members must understand the game completely.
    • Minimum of a hook into actually playing the game. (Make sure we are not recruiting people that disappear after 5minutes never to be seen again)
    • Activity, we don't want members that play once a week or less (we have a cap of 80 members tops)
    • Skill. Contentious but experience factors into effectiveness/skill
    • Representative K/D (we don't just look at the number but also how they got it)
    • Teamspeak. Must use a mic.
    • No racists
    • 18+

    We as a small be very effective outfit have to maintain the level we have set our selves BR50 helps us do that.

    Have we recruited sub BR50? yup recruited a couple of br15's but made them level to 35 with us before inviting them to trial with the outfit.

    In short if people want it they will put the effort in (we've had BR100's on the other EU servers jump over and start a fresh to join us and still they need to satisfy the requirements) and if you cannot understand why outfits like ours have such high (really not that high) standards then you probably are not at the level (game skill/understanding/thinking) we are looking for. We are looking towards maintaining a 10year reputation as one of the best EU outfits in planetside and entering into the competitive scene as it develops.

    Thanks again to DWG

    This is not a hostile post merely an explanation.
  17. Pella

    Feel free to come play with us if you want to see what it's all about. And if your interested, And we like you. Then a trial will be offered.

    As the others have said. We only accept people into the outfit on a BR40 level. Not to bump stats. But your representing us an outfit and having idiots running around dieing in stupid places with [INI] tags don't look good. And to put it blunt attracts competent players that know what they are doing.

    We scrim at least once a week on the test server. And 2 times a week internally. So all members are striving for there place in that 24. And while we are active. If your not active or on the ball you wont be picked and eventually removed.

    Harsh/Elitist what ever people call it these days. We are here to win. As winning makes people happy and enjoy the game. instead of getting battered every night on live.
  18. EvilJollyT

    I'm always drunk..........
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  19. Xasapis

    Not really. While both NC and VS have considerably less people than TR, most of the time, VS are the most underpopulated faction on the server on a consistent basis for the past 10 or so months. Here's a screenshot from past week:
  20. Bvenged

    WASP has a Battle Rank requirement of BR1, because we want to make sure that you have a character and play the game.

    We choose this because organised outfits need members to actually play the game. We let our application process and probation period root out the weeds, and we help improve the knowledge base and player ability to those newer to the game but with the drive or potential to do good.

    We get a number of the good players early this way. We aren't casual or relaxed so we attract those with enthusiasm for this game and those who put in the effort to play as a team with tactical squad play, with one of the best synergistic combined arms outfit's in the game.