[Suggestion] TR is in desperate need of a .75 ADS LMG...

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by IberianHusky, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. BobSanders123

    We need a gun that has a magazine size of 600. .75 ads speed are for people who think they have pro skills.
  2. Bankrotas

    That said, Carv needs a tolerance buff and EM6.
  3. Obuw

    I'm surprised noone mentioned that the NS-15M has a 0.75x ADS move speed.

    It's my new goto weapon on my TR HA.
  4. GreatWolf

    Just to clarify, regarding the horizontal recoil the Orion has better horizontal recoil than MSW-R, the Orion horizontal recoil is 0.2/0.225, 0 deg. recoil angle and the MSW-R horizontal recoil is 0.225/0.225, 17/20 deg. angle. There is no balance issue having the 0.75x ADS move speed on the MSW-R.
  5. ATRA_Wampa-One

    To clarify, Nekar isn't talking about horizontal recoil, he's talking about horizontal tolerances. It's a different (and actually better) stat when factoring how accurate a weapon really is.
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  6. Erendil

    Can you elaborate on your SVA vs LSW opinion a bit? I'm working on Aurax'ing the LSW right now and although I do find it a little bit easier to control than the SVA by virtue of its lower Horiz/Vert recoil and Tolerance, it doesn't really seem to be much more accurate, esp if you put a compensator on the SVA. And I really miss the .75x ADS multiplier whenever I pick up the LSW. The SVA might be harder to use but I still find it superior to the LSW overall.

    But then the SVA has been my #2 most used weapon since game launch and I have about 25x more kills w/ it than the LSW, so I might be a little biased... :p
  7. Posse

    I found it a bit less reliable when trying to get the beetlejuice last month


    It's not that big of a difference in performance KDR/KPM and it could very well fall into the std deviation, but still, before the nerf, the SVA was miles better than the LSW and this wouldn't have happened.

    Aside from the numbers anyway, it's how it's just how I felt using the weapon, I found the LSW much more accurate.
  8. Erendil

    Yeah I looked up your performance on them before I posted which confused me even more since they're very very close to each other. In fact your HSR is higher on the now-less-accurate weapon (SVA). :confused::p But then, I have no idea when you got those kills, which could make all the difference esp if you Aurax'd the SVA pre-PU02....

    I miss the old SVA. It was my go-to LMG for a lonnnnnng time. I even used to use it for counter-sniping the first few months post-launch back when its recoil recovery was 15 and 6x scopes had no sway... :cool: I've used it regularly since launch and have tried my best to acclimate to the changes as they've come in. Maybe that's why I don't notice the nerfs as starkly since my playstyle has no doubt changed along the way with each nerf.
  9. S0LAR15

    Actually the Orion and MSW bloom faster than the Anchor, the 143/0.05 bloom and 167/0.06 rates are balanced with each other at 698 rpm and 600 rpm, respectively, so anmy 700 rpm + 143 blooms faster than all 167's guns in the game, bar the bandit.
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  10. Posse

    Idk about HSR to be honest, I don't really aim to the head unless I'm in a situation where I know it's that or dying, most of my headshots are actually random, especially at longer ranges. Which makes it funny because everyone told me "if you don't aim to the head with the NS-15 you're screwed" and it has the worst HSR of all of them while being my top performer :D
  11. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I've found that when I actually aim for the head with the NS-15M, it's quite the Stellar performer, but it requires me to be exceptionally clear-headed at that, the same situations I actually managy to not oversample semiautomatics and burstfire in hectic CQC engagements. It's not every day that happens, and not for long each day. :p
  12. Pineapple Pizza!

    How exactly do you fight a VS heavy head-to-head as TR / NC? Do you just stand in place and bob up-and-down with crouch, and try to make up for being utterly motionless by firing longer bursts than the orion guy? I keep losing fights where my enemy has about 200 / 300 life left, and it bugs the hell out of me. I don't think strafing / dodging with 0.5 ads guns (especially as a heavy) does anything for you against people who don't have parkinsons.
  13. Xasapis

    What's your frame rate? I find that my usual 60fps have dropped below 30 after extensive amount of time, making really hard (if not impossible) to follow those guys (not just HA, but any class that has fast ADAD weapons).
  14. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    You can hipfire.
    You can use the NS-15M and still die to his dps.
    you can shoot first, 0.02 seconds is all it takes, and just hold down on him; standing still means better accuracy.
    The Orion is a close range weapon with obnoxious shake and high tolerance (There's way worse weapons out there, however), so keeping your distance might also work.
  15. drzerg

    i pray gods to have LMG version of medics TORQ. even exact copy will be fine. ADS is not important.
  16. Covah

    0.75 ads speed multiplier on LMG is VS specific and i think it should stay that way.

    That's what makes the Orion and SVA-88 really awesome weapons and empires need to have their own niche.

    A 125 dmg / 800+ rof lmg for the TR would be nice, i think TR don't have a really specific LMG because we only have a 143/750 with more rounds than the orion and terrible hipfire : the CARV.

    Something like the Torq would be cool.

    NC already have their 200 dmg model so i don't know....maybe a 200 dmg model / 550 rof for close range that would replace the anchor.
  17. Nakar

    TR: MSW-R and get into an ADS match, as long as you account for the other guy's faster movement you should be able to have a good shot as your gun has the same DPS and better handling in exchange for worse mobility. Or MCG and get the drop, or use the Bull or NS-15M or whatever and start engaging them at further and further distances (the Orion's advantages begin to decline over distance, though a good player can still hit you just fine). Aim for the head because a good Orion player is likely to be doing the same.

    NC: Jackhammer. Or more seriously, you can try to essentially invert his mobility advantage over you if you're using something like the SAW by surprise-crouching and utilizing your better standing COF. This is something I am not good at because I hate not moving but it's a strategy that I have seen NC HAs use effectively against higher-DPS weapons. Knowing when to duck (not right away, not too late) can cause a person to miss you because they're making fine adjustments to stay on target and you suddenly drop out of their reticle. But as I said, takes practice and you have to know the person's general aim tendency (if they're shooting mid-chest then ducking will just hand them free headshots).

    Alternatively: Battle Rifle. Trust me.
  18. Gazatron

    I disagree that the NC should not get a 0.75 LMG due to their damage model

    TR on the other hand...Yes they should.

    Why? Well let's look at the MSWR and Orion.

    Both 143 dmg
    Both 50 rounds
    Both 750 rpm

    Where they differ?

    MSWR - softpoint ammo
    Orion - 0.75 ms

    I don't have the gritty differences such as COF bloom etc but I'm pretty sure the Orion would be lower as that thing can put its first 8 rounds into the same spot with virtually no spread. At least in my experience of using it.

    Yet clearly the Orion outperforms it? Why? Ok maybe the more "pro" players play VS, maybe more people play VS overall. I don't know but ultimately it is the best performing LMG. Infact I used it last night after a scrim and well let's just say I was playing very well.

    Honestly when I use the Orion I kind of just laugh when I see other heavies. In fact I killed an outfit friend of mine so fast with it last night he said it felt like a one shot kill.

    Anecdotes out of the way.

    I like to play on the competitive side of ps2 and a 143 dmg, 750rpm, 0.75ms LMG would be very nice to have. Heck remove soft point of from the MSWR and give it 0.75 ms and it would do. TR heavies leave much to be desired compared to the anchor or Orion.

    Ultimate give us one. See how it compares to the Orion if it is truely OP (I look to the honest players here) the. Nerf. But maybe it would just show VS heavies what it is like to fight an Orion lol
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  19. Kociboss

    I rerolled 2 VS characters (US and EU) for both Orion and SVA and it's awesome!

    Nothing comes close. Working on Betelgeuse now.
  20. ATRA_Wampa-One

    I like the Flare better for CQC since the 143 weapons aren't that good for headshot prone people and also because that extra 5m of maximum damage is huge.

    Really though, since the nerf to 0.75 weapons they went from "best stat in the game" to "stat you give up way to much to get".