[Suggestion] TR is in desperate need of a .75 ADS LMG...

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by IberianHusky, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. IrishPride

    Nope,nope and nope learn to position yourself as a heavy, TR lmg weapons are just fine it does suck not being able to ADS and shoot on the fly but our weapons are nothing but High RPM's and pretty accurate at medium range. Try laser sights at close range and at medium range let horizontal recoil to the moving while ADS'ing.
  2. jiggu

    OP implies a loyal TR soldier needs to use this thing called "strafing" to win. OP does not understand the concept of TR tactics.
    Shoot some more
    Shoot even more
    Point at new target
    Shoot again

    For all I care they can give us a 0.1x multiplier on all TR guns, wouldn't matter, we'd still win.
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  3. TheBloodEagle

    Bull should have it to make it worth it.
  4. Posse

    .75 ADS on LMGs is so overrated...
  5. LibertyRevolution

    but, but, ADADA...
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  6. Littleman

    I'd agree...

    If I wasn't melting faces with my Orion. Mind I melt faces with an MSW-R and NS-15m, but not nearly as hard. It's the combination of .75x AND over 1666 dps that makes the Orion a PITA to face and a bliss to use. It supposedly got a recoil nerf... only if you're standing still. If you're strafing while ADS, it might as well pull in the direction you're moving, which means it actually gets MORE accurate if you're strafing (and any good at recoil compensation,) sans the CoF.

    On that note, the Anchor gets the shaft as far as CQC LMGs go. It has only 1666 dps, .5x movement, and it blooms more per shot while starting a the same CoF as the 143 LMGs while ADS and moving. Yeah, the Orion and MSW-R fire faster, but they still don't bloom as fast as the Anchor, which means they can put more rounds on target before needing to reset their CoF. Really, the Anchor is the red headed step child in this family of weapons. All it has going for it is the highest damage potential per magazine, which means jack all in a CQC blitz encounter where you need burst potential in a frame of time, not damage potential per magazine.
  7. asdfPanda

    You're forgetting four crucial advantages of the Anchor: shorter headshot time-to-kill, soft-point ammuntion, 167 damage bracket, and advanced laser sight.

    First of all, DPS is deceptively meaningless when it comes to close-quarters infantry firefights; TTK is the actual stat that matters. Assuming the first shot is almost instantaneous, no nanoweave armor, no HA shield, and all body shots land, TTK comes out as:

    Anchor: 0.5s
    Orion/MSW-R: 0.48s

    As you can see, the difference is very minimal. However, when it comes out to headshot TTKs, the anchor actually comes out on top:

    Anchor: 0.2s
    Orion/MSW-R: 0.24s

    I can give you the TTK calculations if necessary.

    Therefore, the Anchor has a higher skillcap in close quarters, as a shorter TTK is achieved if going for headshots.

    Secondly, the Anchor has soft point ammo, which extends it's 3 shot headshot/6 shot bodyshot TTK out to 15 meters, which is advantageous over the Orion.

    Also, the Anchor has access to the Advanced Laser Sight, which means that the Anchor can be competitive from the hip as well as ADS. Mobility is retained at near point blank, but the Anchor is not penalized while aiming down sights because of it's competitive TTK.

    Finally, the 167 damage bracket allows it to excel at medium ranges. You bring up the Anchors cof increase, but with proper bursting, the Anchor can outdo the MSW-R and Orion at range. Actually Anchor's starting COF is superior to that of the Orion and MSW-R's. Bursting is easier with the Anchor, as its first shot recoil multiplier, as well as it's horizontal recoil are both lower than the Orion and MSW-R's. Couple that with the higher damage per magazine you bring up, the Anchor has better sustained fire capabilities in a pinch because of it's lower rate of fire.

    It is then, my opinion that the Anchor is the best CQC-mid range LMG.
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  8. Posse

    The thing is, the Orion would still be the best LMG for VS even without the .75 ADS. Last month, when I was doing the LMG directives, I found the Pulsar LSW to be much better than the SVA-88, because the overall stats of that weapon are just better, the .75 ADS on the SVA-88 wasn't enough to change this.
  9. Littleman

    Best LMG for VS isn't necessarily a BAD thing. It's how powerful it is compared the NC and TR options it is. I'd argue about it being the best LMG regardless though. To me, yeah, it's the go to. Someone else will prefer the smooth firing, 75-100 round mag of another LMG. Taste.
  10. Littleman

    I'd argue Orion or MSW-R. Mathematics on paper are one thing. Personal experience tells me which guns I'm effortlessly killing with are better. Well, more effortlessly. Anchor is at the bottom of these big three for me. I'd have to see hard data on usage, total kills and K/Ds to really make a sound judgement that isn't gut feeling. You know... like with PPA being balanced on paper when it clearly is not in practice.

    Technically the Polaris is supposed to fit the CQC place of the Orion, but we all should know why it doesn't.
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  11. DatVanuMan

    You sir, are an amazing individual. Macadamia, or chocolate chip?
  12. vanu123

    Same reason VS have never had a decent pistol.
  13. Littleman

    Hah, yeah. TR emperor > VS beamer, if only because the emperor has 4 more rounds.

    Inquisitor owns all though. It's a freaking semi-automatic rifle.
  14. Posse

    Yes, what I'm saying is that the .75 ADS is just a small bonus, it doesn't make or break the weapon.
  15. minhalexus

    Regardless so, whenever I'm playing heavy assault on VS, I feel addicted to it solely because of the .75 ADS on the Orion.

    When I switch to any other class, and find that it does not have .75 ADS, I decide to switch back to the Heavy.
    I'm an ADS guy, and the .75 is addicting even if not OP.
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  16. Posse

    It's more an issue of muscle memory imo, when I was auraxiuming all the LMGs to get the Beetlejuice, I felt really uncomfortable with the Polaris (that weapon is crap also) because of that, but I got used to it, after that I did the Pulsar, and when I went to the SVA, I felt uncomfortable with the .75 ADS at the beginning until I got used to it again.
  17. Littleman

    I wouldn't call it a small bonus. It's pretty noticeable actually, especially for evading incoming head shots. The dudes going for the body though, they won't have to work too much harder to hit the .75 ADS guy at shorter ranges. Normal strafing is already mostly dependent on lag exaggerating strafe warping (some do warp, some don't warp, all about their and your ping.) Over longer distances, it's partly harder to aim a .75x guy, and partly CoF that negates the need to at all if the shooter isn't the single shot/short burst type.
  18. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Not only that, but the VS were never given any 0.35 ADS+moving COF guns to replace the two that were nerfed. So much like the no bullet drop shotgun slug nerf, SOE just nerfed it and called it a day, only they actually fixed out shotgun velocity in the next patch.
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  19. Call-Me-Kenneth

    both the TR and NC have guns already that could easily get changed to .75 like the anchor on NC.

    why not doing it? idk. balance cant be the problem. i guess its just to late to introduce them now, specially because most people already make an habit of recommending that horrible NS gun to all the newbies.
  20. Nakar

    Balance actually is the issue on those; if they added 75% ADS to the MSW-R and Anchor, they'd have to nerf their horizontal tolerance by a lot (Orion's one of the worst for it, MSW-R one of the best, and Anchor actually is the best). Worth the trade? I don't personally believe so.